A Bit of This and A Bit of That....and a lovely Giveaway!!

Isn't this the most gorgeous image? (I blame the super-hot weather in London right now for putting me in summer hols mode!) I'm dedicating this image to my lovely friend Melissa over here....not sure if it's Greece or not but those bright colours and that beautifully blue sky are sure making me think of it!

I have received a couple of lovely awards this last week....
...thank you to the lovely Trish at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
for this....

....and to Liz at Le Passion For Fashion


I have to tell you seven things about myself, that I haven't already shared....I shall give it some thought and share and also pass these awards on next week  :)

My newest blog advertisers are the lovely people at All Tea Towels. I did a feature on them and a Giveaway with them earlier this year which was a lot of fun....I will be featuring some of their lovely linens and other items next week. Do take a look for yourself though....
a huge variety of designs, great quality, international shipping (and free UK delivery) and excellent customer service....

In the meantime....my latest Giveaway will be one of their lovely strawberry print aprons....

...perfect for this Wimbledon fortnight!

I am also giving away one of these gorgeous notebooks from Mimi Charmante ....

....plus a couple of other summery items that I think you may like!
To win, you just need to follow my blog and just leave me a comment....I will draw the winner this Friday July 2....good luck!

And finally....

....over fifteen years ago, I left a very good job in London to go to work in the US for nine months over the summer....the job I left is actually still the best paid job I have ever had! Looking back sometimes I am amazed that I took that step....but it was 100% one of the best things I ever did....I knew at the time that if I didn't do it then, I never would - and I was right. It was the first time I had ever flown alone, my first time in the US and the first time I had ever been away alone and that far away for that long. It was a huge learning curve but I had a fabulous time, grew so much and my confidence soared....plus I got to live in NYC for a few months....it was one of the best decisions I ever made, I was a changed person when I returned.

I didn't really have any responsibilities then....no children or mortgage or relationship....so in some ways it was easier to go....but I can still remember my Dad watching me walk down to the departure lounge and knowing that it was some kind of turning point in my life....

....sometimes you just have to ask yourself what's the worst that can happen and just do it....

Happy Wednesday!

Beach Dreaming....

This is where I want to be today....
....43 days (and counting) and I will be at the beach....for almost three weeks....
....still time to find the perfect swimsuit...hopefully!

I am still having computer problems....almost fixed now thank goodness....
....thank you for all your lovely comments and emails....
....thank you to my guest-bloggers....you girls are truly fabulous....
....next week I hope to be back to normal....in the meantime I have a couple more guest-posts planned....

....photo by David Tsay....

....still another three weeks of school and preschool and not a day seems to pass without an end of term event to attend....or costume to make....or a cake to bake....
....when that last day of term arrives we will be happy :)

....I am missing all your blogs....it's hard reading blogs on an iPhone...and even harder commenting!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday Fabulousness ~ The Canadian Edition

Greetings from
across the pond

it's Lori from Wildflowers
stepping in to give you a little
Friday Fabulousness
this week.

I was given total artistic freedom
and although I know that Simone is the queen
I will try my best 
to at least be a princess...

So today
there will be  
a Canadian flavor...

Starting with some flowers

 our provincial flowers to be exact!
come along to Beautiful British Columbia
and the Pacific Dogwood

then on to Alberta
and the Wild Rose

next is Saskatchewan
and the Western Red Lily

and then Manitoba
Prairie Crocus

moving on to Ontario
and the Trillium

the Belle Province ~ Quebec
Blue Flag Iris

New Brunswick has
the Purple Violet

head on over to Anne's Island
Prince Edward Island
Lady Slipper

New Scotland
or Nova Scotia boasts
the Mayflower

heading on up to "The Rock"
Newfoundland & Labrador
the Picture Plant


Now I know Simone is a 

me ~ not so much
but I did some research
and found some Canadian designers
to hopefully "get your fix"

Mark Fast
 Adele Wechsler
Erdem Moralioglu

this was beautiful
by AM Studios
in Toronto

loving some Sarah McLachlan


We have our share of beauties too...

Emily Van Camp

the beautiful Evangeline Lilly

 Rachel McAdams

and our boys are pretty handsome too...

Ryan Reynolds

and it would not be Friday
without one of Simone's main squeezes
aka Kiefer Sutherland

so now I leave you with some pure
Canadian love

Niagara Falls, Ontario

some more flowers
Butchart Gardens
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

and breathtaking views
Lake Louise, Alberta

I want to send a big Thank you to Simone
as I was more than happy to step up
in her time of need

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end
full of sunshine and laughter!

Beauty worldwide

Hello friends. It's JennyMac from Let's Have A Cocktail. What a treat for me to be the guest blogger for Simone. As you know, Simone's blog is the epitome of beautiful images and thoughts which create a mini-vacation for all of us who visit. In keeping to her style, I am sharing images today offering a historical peek at my travels and my favorite places in the world. Enjoy this mini-vacation with me.



New York City


Seattle, WA


St. Bart

San Francisco, CA

Cabo San Lucas
(This is one of my faves. I shot this from the back of a boat and used color palette in Photoshop.)

And before I go, this is for you Simone. You bring such a ray of positive beauty and light to the blog world. I am so glad to call you a friend. 

Have a fantastic week. JennyMac

Guest Post...Lou, Boos and Shoes

Hello, happy Monday...it's Louise from Lou, Boos and Shoes! Your good friend and mine, Simone, is well and truly without computer at the moment! Dismay! So she has entrusted me, along with a couple of others, to swoop in this week as fairy blogmothers to deliver some 'fabulousness' to keep us all going!

This is an easy-breezy post...things (of beauty) that make me think of Simone and this lovely blog...

Beautiful faces...

Rumba pants - to bring a little smile... :-)

 Unexpected quirkiness adorned with pretty flowers...

Petals and shoes and whimsical loveliness...

via 100 Layer Cake
Dreamy images...

A few gems of wisdom...

How could I forget? Cupcakes...

And finally, a generous sprinkling of sparkle...

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