Emmys 2010....Top Ten Dresses....

Claire Danes in Armani Prive....best dressed of the night for me.....

Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta....not everyone loved it but I think she looks fabulous....

January Jones in Versace....this got her on both the Best and Worst Dressed lists....I love it although am not so keen on the black shoes....

Maria Menounous in Ralph + Russo....

Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriguez....

Jane Krakowski in

Jewel in Zuhair Murad....

Julia-Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez....great accessories too, love that colour....

Jessalyn Gilsig in Nicole Miller....

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera....not everyone could wear it but it works perfectly on her....

Lots of navy and black at the Emmys 2010....the above are my personal favourites of all the dresses....

Couple of the night....Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, both in Armani....
(photos via JustJared.....for the best Red Carpet coverage see Handbags and Handguns....)

Happy Tuesday!

French Connection Limited

Origins Online

Hello Again!

....after almost three blissful weeks in the beautiful south of France
I am back refreshed, relaxed and invigorated....
.....hello again :)

....our destination, Villefranche-sur-Mer....this is the old town where we stayed and this was our daily view from the beach....just look that beautiful clear water!

....our little street....

....I lost the job of "bread girl" pretty quickly to my daughter!

....Cap Ferrat as seen from Eze-sur-Mer....Villefranche is the other side of the bay....

....a boy and his boat....happy days....

....the famous Monte Carlo casino....and on the right the beautiful Hotel de Paris....

....Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap Ferrat....

(if you ever visit this part of France, you must visit this Villa, it is gorgeous!)

....we love this part of France.....the Cote d'Azur, the French Riviera....and have spent many summers there....it's our happy place....

There are the crowds, huge hotels and vast beaches of Cannes and Nice....and the glitz and glamour of Monaco....but there are also have the beautiful ports, private bays and raw landscapes of Villefranche, Cap Ferrat, Cap d'Ail and Eze....quiet, simple, stunning and oh, so French....

....we always spend a lot of time on the beach....just playing, swimming in the crystal clear waters, relaxing, reading (in the first 10 days I read 7 books!)....and eating delicious ice cream....

....we went on some wonderful walks, cruised on a boat along the coast and sailed into the harbour in Monaco, visited Monaco in the evening for two fantastic firework displays, cooked seafood fresh from the port and ate the most delicious food every day, went to Italy, visited the nearby Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, one of the most beautiful homes in the world with definitely the best views....

....it's a great location....so many other fabulous places nearby to visit....

....Eze-sur-Mer....reached by windy roads (and some nerve-wracking hairpin bends) on a small bus....the best views of the Mediterranean by far, just breathtaking....

Cap Ferrat....this has a simplicity that belies the fact that it is home to many of the rich, famous and titled....gorgeous secluded villas hidden behind wrought iron gates....and home to just one main cafe that serves wonderful sandwiches and ice cream desserts to die for....

Monaco....a really fun place to visit.....its harbour hosts some of the most fabulous multi-million pound super-yachts in the world.....it houses some amazing apartment blocks (many of which are barely lived in but just for tax purposes only, the actual population is pretty small)....the Monte Carlo Casino is a must-see as is the stunning Hotel de Paris.....and the views from the Royal Palace are excellent....I love to visit for the day, enjoy its energy and then return to my quiet beach!

Italy....only 35 mins away on a very picturesque train ride.....we went just for the morning and visited the fabulous food market there.....

the best parts of my holiday....

....my daughter going to the bakery every day and listening to her happily making friends on the beach....all in French
....sailing along the coast to Monaco....
....pizza and champagne on the beach on our last night....
.....reading to my heart's content....
....seeing my 4 year old son's swimming improve so much....
....the Spanish firework display in Monte Carlo....best display ever....

I have to say a huge thank you to my guest-bloggers....Nikki at BellaMumma, Dustjacket Attic, Mimi Charmante, Trish, Liz, Marsha Splenderosa, Melissa, ....I absolutely loved reading your posts, thank you so much for all agreeing to write something for me....they were all brilliant....thank you too for your kind words...you girls are wonderful!

The winner of Marsha's beautiful necklace is Loui from Mountain Mermaid....congratulations to you....please email me :)

I did miss writing on my blog every day....it's good to be back :)

What I Learned from Carrie Bradshaw

I stumbled across Simone's beautiful blog about a year ago. Her images of fashion and beaches and beautiful people were like a breath of fresh air. Her quotes inspired me. I immediately became addicted to The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. So I was quite honored when Simone asked me to guest post. I am much better with words than images, so I was a bit apprehensive that perhaps my blog style would not fit. Simone assured me to just "be myself" and so I decided that perhaps recycling one of my old posts...one inspired by a high-fashion beautiful woman might be the perfect fit. I wrote it the weekend of the big "SATC 2" movie opening.
Simone, thanks for letting me visit!
~Liz from ...but then I had kids
When it came to "Sex and the City," I was a late bloomer.
At the time, I didn't have HBO...
...or a life.
I was married to an incredibly repressive and dull man. I wore beige a lot. I didn't go out and I owned a couple of "proper" heels.
My friends at the time were rabid SATC fans (as were most women). I finally got tired of sitting with them at lunch and trying to figure out who this "Big" was and why he was, depending on the week, either an incredible asshole or the man of their dreams.
So, eventually, when the show was probably on Season 3 or 4 in "real time," I borrowed Season 1. And here is where the old cliche comes in: and the rest, as they say, is history.
Carrie Bradshaw instantly became My Favorite TV Character Ever. I loved her quirkiness, her honesty, her flaws. I loved the way she'd muss up her already unapologetically frizzy hair when she was getting ready to walk into a place. I loved that she was a writer...that she sat down every day to write something that was honest, funny, poignant, and completely irreverant within its significance. I loved the way she strutted down the street in her stilettos, fur coat hanging open over a perfectly mismatched over-the-top outfit, a seeming powerhouse of self-confidence, yet floundered every day as she tried to figure out who she loved and what she wanted.
Shortly after meeting Ms. Bradshaw, I found myself standing in a dressing room with my mother, trying on dresses for a very close friend's upcoming wedding. Everyone I knew socially and professionally would be there. I was trying to choose between two dresses: a lovely and safe little black number and a red, sparkly show-stopper.
They both looked good, but the red one..? It was like no dress I'd ever seen before. It was delicate, unfinished layers of tulle and sequins and hand-beaded flowers. When I put it on, I felt like a cross between a ballerina and a princess.
"I love this dress," I sighed longingly, trying it on for the third time.
"Why don't you get that one, then?" my mother asked.
"Because people will notice me when I walk in."
People will notice me when I walk in.
I didn't even think about it before I said it. It just came out.
My truth.
I didn't even know I felt that way.
And I knew, instantly, that I had to have the dress. I had to wear the dress. I knew it was something Carrie would wear.
That dress, that moment, was a turning point for me. And although I can happily say it is now 3 sizes too big, it still hangs in my closet. It still sparkles. It still makes me smile. It still makes me feel strong and pretty and confident. It still makes me want to be noticed.
But Carrie Bradshaw didn't just teach me how to rediscover my old self, the one who liked colorful clothes, big hair, and stand-out outfits. Fashion was definitely an important cast member of "Sex and the City," but the show was really about friendship. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha were four very different women. Whenever they sat down for breakfast at the diner or cocktails at the bar, they disagreed about a lot of things: Miranda's cynical practicality was a stark contrast to Charlotte's idealistic optimism, which went totally against Samantha's independent promiscuity. Yet, through every situation, they supported, understood, accepted, and embraced. Each woman was who she was, unapologetically and elegantly. And that, in turn, is how their friendships were: unapologetic and elegant.
"Sex and the City" never celebrated the too-often seen and accepted bitchiness among women. The four of them respected each other...even when they were disagreeing or fighting (remember when Miranda found out Carrie was leaving NY to move to Paris with Aleksandr?! or when Charlotte initially refused to offer Carrie money to help her with her apartment?!?). They were honest, though. It was not simply acceptance with silence. It was acceptance with attempts to understand (or sometimes persuade in a different direction).
Women everywhere have watched this show and wanted to be like these four women. But it's easy to charge in the three digits for a pair of designer shoes, or to make plans to go out for Cosmos with three fabulously dressed friends. It is not so easy to truly be those women: strong, independent, supportive, loyal, honest, and respectful towards each other.
And, of course, in addition to the fashion and the friendship, there were the men. Every one of us who watched the show had a favorite. Personally, I was always more of an Aidan-kinda-girl. I have never been into men with Armani suits and perfectly coiffed hair. But in the end, even I had to admit that Big was the man for Carrie. No matter how nice (Aidan) or wordly (that hateful Aleksandr) the men were, she needed to be--as all of us should--with the one who understood her, who let her be Carrie, and who loved her for it.
"...the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous."
That man I used to be married to went out with the beige wardrobe. I am happy to say that I found my Big...although he owns one suit he'd rather not wear and his hair is more Aidan 1.0 than ever coiffed or cut, he loves the Me I love. And I know I could never have settled for less.
So yes, Carrie Bradshaw has been a fashion icon and a source of enormous entertainment for many of us. But for me, and I am sure for so many others, she (and the other characters on the show) taught us a lot about life, love, friendships, and ourselves. As I get ready to slip on my Jimmy Choos (still haven't managed to get a pair of Manolos...) and go have a Cosmopolitan before watching the SATC sequel, I think of all I have learned from this fictional character, and tonight, I will raise a toast to Carrie and her friends for having taught me about so much more than just great shoes.

Friday Fabulousness: Guest Post by Trish

Happy Friday, Dearest Readers!

I'm Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, bringing you Friday Fabulousness on behalf of Simone.  I am thrilled to be here, am grateful to be among so many talented ladies that have been guest posting here at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket! 

Simone and I have yet to meet in person,
(though I lived in London for a year while studying at the London College of Fashion)
but she and I share a passion for many of the same things in life...
Our beloved family and friends;
Fine wines, and cocktails shared with girlfriends;
All things feminine, ruffly, and sophisticated;

Beautiful photography;
A sunset shared with a loved one;
George Clooney;
and as much time on the beach as one can possibly spend! 

Here is my little tribute to Simone, and everything that is Fabulous this Friday...Enjoy!

I can't wait to hear about the exquisite things she's seen on her trip;
perhaps pails full of the most gorgeous roses, in bold and beautiful colors...

A lovely stroll through a garden,
and of course taking the opportunity to look for beauty in everything...

Time for a little dancing on the beach,
 feeling sand between her toes, and the gentle breeze in her hair...

Lounging poolside, with a big hat and a stack of books,
and preferably a handsome cabana boy to bring her the chilled beverage of her choice!

Magical sunsets surrounded by loved ones,

Perhaps a little overindulging in sweet treats,

And time for dressing up, and hitting the town for a day of shopping!

End your fabulous day with a little glamorous nightlife...
Cocktails and jazz; C'est parfait!

Simone, I hope you are enjoying every moment of your amazing trip to France.
We miss you very much and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!

Thanks again for having me today;
Wishing you each an absolutely lovely weekend ahead!

With love,

(Images via and via)

~ A Delicious Day ~

image via here

Bonjour all you lovelies, it's Simply Mel from Reverie!  I am beyond honored to be visiting Simone's beautiful world, and since I am quite a fan of her vacation spot, Villefranche, then I thought I would share a little secret with each of you.  One day (hopefully in the near future), we plan to meet Simone and her family while they are in this idyllic French Mediterranean village, and I've been daydreaming of our delicious day together!

images via here

We will begin our day with a bike ride to the markets gathering anything that happens to suit our fancy at that very moment!  

images via here

No doubt, all our senses will be tantalized by all the incredible array of delectable offerings.

images via here

Once we return to the apartment with all our divine selections, we will need to take a brief afternoon reprieve to recount all the lovely discoveries of the day.

images via here

And as the sun sets and our seasonal foods have been prepared to perfection, we will dine upon the terrace overlooking the glowing colors of Villefranche and indulging in the bliss of a delicious day with wonderful friends.

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