Vogue Italia - Gisele cover

Vogue Italia December issue photographed by Steven Meisel....stunning!

Little Cuties!

Yes, another cute baby.....couldn't resist this one!
Found here

via Buttons, Bows and Tiny Toes here

Love this print via NotOnTheHighStreet.com


And finally....

Vote Lou......please!!!! Thank you :)
Now through to Round 2, with your help she can go all the way!!
Just click on Lou, Boos and Shoes in the list above.

We have snow in London....off to dig out my snowboots!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, Monday....

I like Mondays.....it's the start of the new week, yes....

....but there is also that feeling about starting something on a Monday that makes you feel as though you are more likely to succeed at it....going to the gym, a diet or a new activity....don't they always start on Mondays!?

I am at present a full time stay at home mother and lucky enough to be able to manage my time....as well as being a slave to my children's school timetables too!

My son has only been at school since September and so I have had to find a new rhythm since then....every day is different which I like most of the time....

Sometimes I crave a routine and sometimes I just feel like a little spontaneity....I know I am fortunate that I can have a little of both.

Some weeks I get everything on my to-do list done....some weeks I don't get any of it done - and wonder what on earth I have been doing.

I am still trying to discover the perfect day, the perfect balance of fun and doing-the-everyday-stuff-that-must-be done-whether-we-like-it-or-not....

I'm still not sure what the perfect day consists of.
I have a to-do list that doesn't seem to get shorter, I don't go to the gym enough, I don't read enough, I still owe friends phone calls and I still haven't cooked all those new dishes I intended to cook with all my new "spare" time.

After working for years, I now have more "free" time at home than I have ever had....and now I am wondering if a return to work is in fact what would be the best thing for me!

I do have a pretty good balance in my life....

I have more than my fair share of really good friends who are always there for me....some days a quick morning coffee can be just the pick-me-up that we all need...time for listening or for sharing, for reassurance or just for time to laugh....

I do have more time to do the little things that so often get overlooked (bottom of the ironing basket anyone?),

I have more time to blog and write and I have a little more time to ponder and plan....

I believe that it's healthy to have a goal be it to read two more books per month or running a marathon....it's a rare person who doesn't seek to challenge themselves or to seek new projects.

Life is a funny thing isn't it....so often when you get to a specific time of your life, it's not always how you anticipated it would be....it's different, albeit good different.

When you arrive, you then immediately start to think "Right, what now?"

And I guess that's what makes life so exciting and puzzling all at the same time.

These days people rarely have a job for life anymore, you can start new things and take up new opportunities all the time - and at any age.

I've never been one of the those people who has a plan and a really clear idea of what their next move is....and actually I quite like that.
Sometimes though a signpost or a map might have been handy!

It's just a matter of deciding which road you are going to take next....

Happy Monday!

Great quotes via Bits of Truth ....

The Little White Company


Saturday Shopping : "An Awesome Book"


See here !! (You must take a look NOW!)
Great colours and illustrations plus a simple idea beautifully expressed.

For more about the very cool author see here ....

And for every book he sells, he also donates one copy....you can't get better than that!!
Off to add them to my ever-growing Amazon order!

Friday Fabulousness : Model Style....

Thank you so much for all your comments this week....it's going to be a week-end of Christmas shopping and childrens parties for me.....plus some TV catching up, some snuggling and some baking....the perfect winter week-end...it is bitterly cold here!

The Little White Company 


John Lewis Partnership PLC

Sweaty Betty

Happy Thankgiving Thursday!

Am having laptop issues so it's a very short post for now....

.....we awoke to thick frost on the cars today.....took some work to convince my son that it wasn't actually snow and definitely whatever it was, there wasn't enough to build a snowman before school! The week-end is supposed to bring snow so we'll see....

.....for many years I used to visit NYC every winter and a cold winter's day will still make me dream of the crowds on Fifth Avenue, huge sandwiches and the best cheesecake ever at Carnegie Deli, the ice skaters at Rockefeller Plaza, fabulous Christmas decorations, hot coffee and pretzel sellers on every corner....I do love NYC!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers!

A little thanks of my own for the American Male (apologies for the spacing).... 

Happy Thursday!

Bonnie & Clyde

I am totally in love with this stunning "Bonnie & Clyde" hoot by photographer Aram Bedrossian....


Beautiful clothes+Gorgeous models+Fabulous styling =

Photographer: Aram Bedrossian
Stylist: Carissa Cirino
Models: Ollie Edwards and Elise Digby
Shot on location in East Hampton
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