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Natalie Portman for V magazine by Mario Testino
(For Jeffrey - in case you are reading!)

I saw "Black Swan" on Tuesday night....it was quite an experience!

Natalie Portman was absolutely fantastic in the role and visually the film was stunning.....but oh my goodness, parts of it were terrifying, I literally had chills - and at certain points, actually had to cover my eyes!!

I think I was so fascinated by her and the beauty of the ballet that I had really overlooked the fact that the film is a psychological thriller which also deals with the supernatural....EEEEP!!!!

Definitely a must-see movie though....and wow, Natalie Portman is beautiful.


  1. So, it's not like Noel Stratfield's Ballet Shoes then? Did you ever read those charming books? I loved them when I was a ballet mad 12 year old!
    Still, sounds like a must for a grown up ballet fan. :)

  2. cant wait to watch "Black Swan"!!

  3. Dear Simone, love, love these shots. She looks amazing. I will jump too much in the cinema and I have a short attention span so I'll watch Black Swan on DVD when it comes out xx

  4. Thank you for the review of the film. I have been wanting to see it but was unsure. I will definitely make it to the theater soon though. Have a beautiful day my friend. XoXo


  5. Stunning photo's and I SO want to go and see this movie. Just need to secure a babysitter pronto! xxx

  6. I am seeing it today Simone! I love a good thriller and I love the ballet!

    Art by Karena

  7. Simone,
    It's on my list to see - I've always enjoyed the work of Natalie Portman.

    I've been catching up - loved your posts on the eyebrow threading and the fishy pedicure. And, Elie Saab's creative style is always so dreamy. As always, you give me lots to smile about when I visit. Have a wonderful weekend. Rita

  8. LOVE her! It is so funny, I actually had a dream last night that I shaved my head like her in V for Vendetta!

    xo M

  9. Natalie is gorgeous! My son had a mad crush on her when he was a teenager...haha! I heard the was very interesting! xxoo :)

  10. Wow, she looks gorgeous in these photos...I actually thinks she looks better than her "usual face."! The commercials have scared me for the flick...!


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