Friday Fabulousness....

Gertrud Hegelund
photographed by Andreas Ohlund

Diane Kruger at the Chanel show in Paris this week...her dress is beautiful but what I really love are her shoes....
photo via JustJared

Lots of dresses and an extra helping of girly stuff with the Paris couture shows this week so I thought we needed some manly handsomeness to balance things up a little....I give you Mr Paul Newman.....

So Friday at last...and today is the first day this week that I haven't had a sick child at home....I think the gods of motherhood must have been getting their revenge on me for gadding about from one beauty treatment to the next last week!!

One of my favourite things about this week has to be the Paris Couture Shows which were just breathtaking.....Chanel, Valentino, Elie Saab.....beautiful, wearable gowns which I am sure we will be seeing again on red carpets around the world.

I also - finally - joined Twitter this can follow me, should you wish to do so, at/on @ironingbasket :)

My husband is skiing in Austria on a "boys trip" as I this week-end, I will be catching up with all my favourite TV shows, luxuriating (hopefully) in the bliss of a whole bed to myself (little monkeys permitting)....and maybe doing a little retail therapy (little monkeys permitting once again).

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Thank you for all the lovely comments and support here once again,
have a wonderful week-end!

Elie Saab


  1. That photo of Mr Newman even made my manly self go "Oh my!". Have a great weekend!

  2. Diane Kruger never looks her style. And Paul Newman? Just one of the handsomest men ever to walk the earth. Sigh.

  3. ooh my that sounds like delightful weekend....stay warm!!

  4. Friday. Yay!
    Lovely images... so beautiful.

  5. Hi Simone, happy Friday!!! You know what, you are so right! Not only are the Elie Saab dresses so beautiful but they are also very wearable! That's even better! I love the flower photos in this post and Paul Newman too. I'm happy to hear your children are feeling better, and you made me laugh with your "gods of motherhood" statement! They just won't allow for any fun, will they...? :)

    Ummmm Simone can my husband join your husband on that boy's ski trip in Austria so that I can join you for some retail therapy in London?!?? Sounds amazing to me... ;) Oh and I'm on twitter too! Off to go follow you!


  6. Wonderful pictures as always but Paul Newman? I am now very happy. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Lovely photos. Enjoy your girl time. ~ xox Alexandra

  8. Oh Simone, I have just done a scroll of your entire page. You have picked the best of the best in the shows this week. I love the colour palette you have gone with.

    Retail therapy, your skin looking beautiful from all those beauty treatments...a bed to yourself...sounds like you have big plans this weekend. I hope your little one is well soon. I think she may have to share that bed with you!!

    Best wishes Simone :)

    Jeanne xxx

  9. Dear Simone, your weekend sounds perfect! Enjoy! xx

  10. Enjoy a little "Girl Time!"
    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  11. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend of doing all things girly!! Ah, that Paul Newman was such a handsome man - those eyes!! xxoo :)

  12. Yeah for no sick kids and some you time ~ once the kiddies go to bed of course! I love that quote Simone ~ and although the fashions and everything else is fabulous as per usual ~ the quote speaks to me today. xo

  13. Hooray for Friday Fabulousness, so glad the little ones are on the mend! Elie Saab's collection was absolutely gorgeous, I agree! Lots of pink and green too! ;) Hugs to you my sweet xoxo

  14. What a beautiful dress Diane has on!


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