So, tomorrow I leave for 5 days in Italy.....flying to Parma in northern Italy, to the mountains of Emilia-Romagna and the villages that my in-laws came from....

....I've known my husband for about seventeen years but it wasn't until two years ago (after both my in-laws had passed away here in London) that I finally got to visit this incredible area about which I had heard so much....

....I wrote about my journey here and it's no exaggeration to say that it was love at first sight. It was everything I expected and yet so much more....and so beautiful. The scenery is vast, the hills and mountains enormous....the people so warm and friendly by nature - and not just because you are generally related in some way to most of them!.

My husband spent years of happy holidays here and I love that my own children have so far had such a great time there....last time we were there it was summer and we were able to have the front door open the whole time as they played outside and explored from morning til night....such a different experience to London life.
One of the best things about being there is the feeling of space and the peace, it's incredibly therapeutic.

Although my husband likes to believe that everyone can trace their ancestry in some way back to Italy (that's Italians for you...I think he's only partly joking!!)....I think I am correct in saying that everyone who has our family name would originally have been from the village where my father in law grew up - the name has been there for 500 years and is still there....quite amazing. Many people of course moved to the cities - and further afield to America and Britain - for work.

It is only a short visit this time but we will be catching up with friends and family, drinking many coffees, eating, reading and relaxing and of course cooking....I made sure we arrived the day before market day...the local market is fantastic and I cannot wait, there is nothing quite like an Italian market for smells, tastes and overwhelming choices of fabulous produce :)

My husband's aunt and uncle ran the local osteria (restaurant/hotel) for years - a huge place that drew people in from miles around....
she is a wonderful cook....
last time she made a dessert which was so good I could have cried (dessert does tend to do that to me!) Tomorrow night we will be having dinner with them :)

See you very soon!! Ciao!!

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(My in-laws in 1960)


  1. Have a fabulous break sweet pea and we'll catch up when we are back. I love the wedding picture, my parents wed in 63 and mum's dress was very similar! Lou x

  2. Awww how exciting!!! I looove Italy and all the yummy food:-) We've been there 3 times . . . and back again in November to Milan!

    Enjoy and bring back lots of fun stories and pics!

  3. Oooo HAVE FUN!!! Italy is somewhere I HAVE To go one day! What a sweet photo of your in-laws!! I love her short wedding dress!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Have a simply fabulous time sweet girl and I will be here waiting to hear all about it. xo

  5. oh lucky girl! I'd love to spend some days on Italy's countryside. sounds SO fun! have a great time darling! xo

  6. Simone,

    So jealous...I have been Italy so many times I had to self impose a travel ban so I could see other parts of the world! Have a fabulous time and can't wait to see the pictures on you return.

  7. That's awesome - have a wonderful time! I'm visiting Italy for the first time this summer, and I truly can't wait. Enjoy!

  8. Dear Simone,
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful break, visiting friend's and family in my other favourite country of Italy.....I am so envious !!.....and please say 'hi' from Jackie in England to the more mature members of the village that I know you love talking to !!
    Please tell all when you return. Take care and have the most splendiferous time. XXXX

  9. Have an absolutely marvelous time my friend! May your trip be magical and wonderfully relaxing! Kisses to your darling sweet family,

  10. i am so jealous! have a wonderful trip! buon viaggio!

  11. Have a wonderful trip!

    And while you are there, please take a moment to reflect on your husbands parents and how much love the country gave to them that is now in your hearts as well.

    Loved their wedding photo.

  12. Have a wonderful holiday in the beautiful countryside, Simone, cara mia...

  13. We HAVE to catch up when you get back. I am in the middle of planning my Italy trip.

    Safe travels, Simone!

    xo M

  14. You will have such an amazing time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE la bella Italia. Veramente!!
    The cooking.. oh mamma mia, the cooking! Not only the deserts.. all of it, make me cry in happiness. It's just too divine and to be in the hands of former Osteria owners.. Lucky lucky you!

    Ok hun. Big baci to you.

    xx C

  15. I have many friends in Langhirano, on the hills around Parma! How nice to think you there.... I love Emilia, hope I can move there sooner or later xx

  16. Oh, how lovely that sounds!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky lucky girl! Enjoy!

  17. Simoney poo!! Have a marvelous time darling, not that you need me to tell you that!! I will be thinking of you and all of the fabulous fun you will be having. P.S. I adore that photo of your inlaws. How lovely is the brides dress?! Love you lots and lots xoxo

  18. The photo of your inlaws is just lovely. Have a wonderful time!

    Ciao Bella!

    Ali x

  19. It sounds like heaven, Simone! Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Ciao!! xxoo :)

  20. OH lucky you!!! I love the theory that everyone is Italian. I keep telling my family that ( a bunch of Smiths & Jones), I am somehow Italian! I feel homesick for Italy and I have been there but once! 2008 the trip of my life. The connection instant. Yes I am with your husband, I am ITALIAN....enjoy your time xx

  21. oh lovely gal...hope i have caught you....

    have a wonderful time...stay up late...walk the markets...
    listen to your bambinos speaking their fathers language...
    take photos...make memories...drink coffee...

    i will be thinking of you just enjoying those moments...

    melissa xx

  22. Ciao Bella - enjoy every moment!
    Millie x

  23. Oh it sounds just wonderful, have a gorgeous time my friend. A time of great memories I'm sure.
    xxx Deej

  24. How fabulous. I want to see lots of pictures of your trip, pleeease!! xx


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