Friday Fabulousness.....

Donna Karan Spring

....I want a meadow....

This has been a week of seeking comfort, staying calm and remembering to breathe for me....
thank goodness for beautifully sunny days all week so far....

Thank you for all the lovely comments - and emails - earlier this week.....
I wish you all a happy week-end....

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  1. Loving that quote from Pooh ~ the ruffles and the gorgeous picture of Liz. Have a good week-end sweet girl ~ thinking of you always. xo

  2. your blog is sooo lovely :)
    please check out mine

  3. Gorgeous pics, and the quote totally made my heart melt and my lips smile.

  4. Beautiful images to close the week with! I adore the Pooh quote, too—how sweet it is :) As for the dress/top in image no.4, I am so so curious!

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday, lovely lady,

  5. Hello Simone - was delighted to see you post today as I know you are not having the best of times. Some wonderful images here and of course Piglet - the font of all knowledge! That final picture of a gate is lovely - makes me want the summer even more. Today is sunny again - so maybe this will hold?! Big hugs, Lou x

  6. Adoro la Peonia è il mio fiore preferito. bella anche quell'abito a balze. Buona giornata

  7. That Winnie the Pooh quote is one of my favourites. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. That is so sweet from Winnie the Pooh and how true it is. Beautiful photos....enjoy your weekend!

  9. i want a meadow too...and lovely icon has passed into eternity...thanks for the loveliness.



  10. Sending warm hugs and my love your way, dear Simone...please take good care of yourself and definitely remember to take deep breaths. Love the Pooh quotes, aren't they the best! Happy weekend xxoo :)

  11. Happy friday Simone!
    Hope everything is going well for you :) and that you have a great weekend.
    Love the friday fabulousness as per usual. That Pooh and Piglet quote is just adorable. it made my heart swell. its just so cute.
    And that Donna Karen jumper is just beautiful, i neeed it haha!

  12. Dear Simone, gorgeous pictures. I love the frills but Elizabeth Taylor stands out. What a beautiful shot. Wasn't she amazing?

    This week has gone nowhere! I need more hours in the day! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  13. Hi Simone, this is one seriously breathtaking Friday Fabulousness. The first 2 photos were stunning and then the ruffles and flowers made me melt! Elizabeth Taylor was so stunning. I am glad to hear you got some sunshine this week and I am sending my love your way! Hope you have found a sense of calm and enormous amount of comfort my dear friend.

    Much Love always ♥

  14. Hi honey, I was so thrilled to hear from you. I know times are trying at the moment, do take care of yourself.

    love Deej

  15. You always choose such inspirational pictures...


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