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Photograph by Polly Wreford

Hello, hello. Happy Spring day! I am Lou from the blog Lou, Boos and Shoes. I have decided, resolutely, that it is Spring, even though the sun is threatening to retreat already and in the Southern hemisphere I am reliably informed that winter woolies will be making an appearance any time soon.

We know that our friend Simone has a few things to juggle in life at the moment, so she asked me to do a guest post so you don't get lonesome...

Simone and I always joke that we have parallel lives. We both have a girl and a boy of roughly the same age. Both enchanted with our bold, beautiful girls and our headstrong, curly-haired boys.  We are both married to men who cook. I have been struck as our friendship has developed over the past year or so, that there are many, quite frankly spooky similarities between us. However one stark difference; Simone lives in London and I live the country; we are, to all intents and purposes the town and country mouse of the fabled tale.

...from me to you Simone; photograph by Polly Wreford...
We both love pretty pictures, we both have more than a soft spot for earl grey tea. We both worry about things we probably shouldn't expend time worrying about. Love of shoes? Let's not even go there! Simone is my 'even keel' of the blogging world; we share emails where our little hearts are spilled (actually mainly mine; she is an awesome listener) and we each dispense advice accordingly. A wonder really - as we have never met.

...nice cuppa tea? Photograph by Polly Wreford
For Simone's town life of fabulous London parks, shops and museums, I have the opposite of the beach and a quaint market town. I long for her take-the-kids-with-me-to-central-London joie de vivre and she (I think) longs for the simple pleasure of walking by the shore line; toes in the sand. Of course the British weather hardly allows for such toe-dipping at the moment - but we have plans for the summer time!

...beautiful Welsh blankets...photograph by Polly Wreford...
Simone is one of the most grounded people I have come across; she has a wonderful no nonsense approach to life. I feel quite lucky to have found her. When I have a troubled time, her contact steadies me, much like when you hold someone's hand as they cross an icy patch. I know lots of you feel the same way; Simone is the fairy blogmother to many of us.  

So, wishing you all a happy day - whatever the weather!

Photograph by Polly Wreford

Lots of love...Lou xxx


  1. Fairy Blogmother - what a brilliant description! I haven't met Simone either, and I have none of those things in common with her that you mention - not even age. But I know we'd be the best of friends if we ever met. I liked your post LouBoo.

  2. Beautiful post, so lucky to have each other

  3. You two have never met??!! I - for some strange reason I can't remember anymore - was sure that you two were sisters in law. How funny is that?
    Lots of love to both of you,

  4. How wonderful I love all of the thoughts and images...really brighten my day!

    I have a new giveaway up I think you will love…from The Zhush!

    Art by Karena

  5. Great guest post Lou I have always thought that you and Simone must be on the same "wavelength" and you were the first two blogs I started following.

    Happy New Week xx

  6. What a beautiful post, Lou...I think we all are a bit in love in a friendship sort of way with the FABULOUS Simone! Wishing her alot of love, sunshine, smiles,deep breaths and a bit of magic today and always! And a George sighting would surely do her alot of good! xxoo :)

  7. Fairy Blogmother! Loving this! Have a fabulous Monday. Kori xoxo

  8. Beautiful post Lou on your friendship. You are both lucky to have this amazing connection and it is an extra bonus from the pleasure already received through blogging.

    I am amazed that there is so much love and mutual admiration between you and you have never met!! Unbelievable and very special.

  9. This is beautiful Lou ~ Simone is one of the sweetest people I know and that is 10 years now and counting. I cannot wait for the day that we actually get to meet in person because she is just like a sister to me. Hugs to you Simone ~ you sweet girls and mwah to you Lou for making me smile. xo

  10. Oh Lou that was just beautiful. I've loved getting to know the ever friendly Simone, she comes across so grounded, as you say.

    I'm so happy that you both share such a special bond.

    hugs to both of you, xxxDeej

  11. It is amazing and so cool that you've established such a beautiful friendship in this virtual world. I love reading about both of you!

  12. I LOVE this post, Lou!! How amazing and your similarities are! I love the town and country mouse analogy.

    xo Marcie

  13. What a lovely post! It's great you two have your friendship, you must meet up sometime. It's brilliant the people you meet through blogging.

    Sending love to you and Simone xx

  14. loulou you are a beautiful friend...
    one who can always so easily use the most wonderful words to express that...
    we are all blessed to have simone...& to have you too....
    sending simone all the things she needs from friendship this week more than ever...

    hoping you'll dip your toes in that sand and ocean soon...
    melissa xx

  15. I love both of your blogs so much. The end. :)

  16. You seem such a wonderful people. I want to meet you. :)


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