Here I am....
it's been quite a week...
and so long since I last blogged that I almost feel as though I have forgotten what to do....it's only about 10 days but I blog every day pretty much, I miss it!

Last time I blogged I was leaving for a long week-end in Rome with my daughter as part of her 10th birthday celebrations....

We went to Rome but had literally only been there a few hours when I had a call to say that my father was seriously ill in hospital....

As you know our week-end away was much anticipated so I had a real dilemma as to whether to fly home or to carry on and not tell my daughter anything. I chose to stay - which was the right decision - and we had a wonderful time, more of which on another day.

I talk a little about my family here on my blog, I have mentioned that my parents divorced when I was just 8 and that I have "challenging" relationships with both of them, for different reasons, they aren't always the easiest of people.
This week has thrown up all kinds of issues, with our immediate family and others slightly less close - as these things often do. It's been exhausting quite honestly!

I have seen my father several times this week, I saw him today...and he is stable - I think. My brothers and I have talked to doctors, tried not to think about the worst that could happen - but, on the other hand, can't ignore it....and we know, pending more tests to come this week, that we have a long and difficult road ahead of us.
We have found ourselves thrown into totally unfamiliar roles.
It feels very odd, almost surreal.

The other major event this week - at totally the other end of the emotional scale - was that my precious, beautiful and wonderful daughter was 10 years old yesterday.
Double digits. A whole decade!!

She loved Rome.
She took trays of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to school on Friday for her classmates - best birthday treat ever apparently!
She had a cake-decorating and drama party for 10 friends yesterday.
She got a much longed for hamster.
We had a fantastic day.

And today - unaware of exactly what is wrong with him and in a ward full of very poorly people - she sat doing crosswords with her grandfather, making him laugh and telling him that she loved him.
Making his day just like she makes my day every day....

And so, as I write,  I am in my pjs, eating chocolate caterpillar birthday cake, drinking tea, listening to music....and being entertained by Syrup the hamster who apparently thinks she is in the Hamster Wheel Olympics....wow, these little things can move!!

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me wondering where I am.
Rachel....I owe you an email and a huge apology for not catching up with you last week-end in Rome - my iPhone got left in the taxi on the way to the airport last week so I had no phone while I was there!! Thankfully the lovely taxi driver had delivered it to my house when I got home....phew!!!

I have a lot of catching up to do this week - blog writing & reading and emails etc....it will be a very welcome distraction from everything else going on to be honest and I shall try to ease myself back into it very gently as soon as possible. I've missed it....and all of you too :)


  1. Oh sounds like you really have had an emotional time all round. So happy your darling daughter had the most fabulous 10th birthday...memories to cherish for always.

    Thinking of you and your family with what has happened to your father...hugs and xxx Deej

  2. I know exactly what you mean about feeling surreal when a parent suddenly gets very ill - as if the ground under you is no longer as solid as you thought it was. How absolutely sweet of your daughter to spend time with your father and make him laugh...
    I remember very well how it felt to be in double digits - I really thought I'd "arrived".
    I hope you have a peaceful week.

  3. What a week of extreme emotions ~ the intense joy and the intense shock and anxiety ~ all rolled into together. I am glad that you had your daughter's happy spirit to make it all more balanced. Funny how a child can do that ~ but it is such a powerful thing.

  4. Oh Simone ~ what a time you have had. You scared me as you do not normally fall off the face of the earth like that unless your little man sabotages your computer. Big hugs from me to you ~ hugs to your sweet girl for 10 candles and a super duper hug to your father ~ hope we can "talk" soon. xo
    what a great cabbie to return your phone!

  5. Simone,
    Having been on break from blogging for a bit I am sorry to hear your father is ill and compounded with some awkward family moments.

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter and welcome to Syrup.

  6. I had been wondering where you dropped off too. Sorry to hear about your dad and I do hope that things work out or that you and your brothers figure something out. Keep me posted. I too am sitting in bed eating leftover chocolate birthday cake :)
    I cannot believe Olivia is 10! That means that 10 years ago this past weekend I found out I was pregnant with Sam, Ack!
    Much love to you sweetie and so glad to see you back.
    Ziz xoxo

  7. I am glad you and daughter had a good time in Rome. Hopefully your Dad will be Ok and I know how the family stuff can get to you. Have a good week.

  8. Sorry to hear about your dad! And I hear you on the family issues thing . . . I am one of 6 kids and my parents divorced after all of us . . . and we try to all be family and do things together, but there's always some kind of drama.

    Glad you guys stayed in Rome, one of our favorite cities!!!

  9. I'm glad you two were still able to have a wonderful trip. Krispy Kreme would make my birthday awesome too.

  10. So sorry to hear of your difficult time. I know sometimes it's hard to be the daughter and I'll be thinking of you. Happy Birthday to your wonderful, double-digit daughter and Syrup is a delightful name for a hamster!

  11. Hello sweet - ahh what a relief so see a post but I was saddened by some of its contents. I am so sorry your Dad is ill and I am so full of understanding and appreciation of how hard that is with the divorced family history. It feels reminiscent to me of when my stepmother became ill and suddenly I was required to drop everything and fly to Spain. It completely threw me; both that she was ill but also that I had to leave my family responsibilities behind for another family responsibility that had been formed many years ago.

    So - Happy Birthday your Boo and a hamster! WOW I best not tell my Boo as that would certainly bring pleas for the same!!

    I have missed you comments and your blog posts and so I am pleased you are back...even if its not 100%. Will revert to email for longer discussions.... Lou xx

  12. Did I mention I missed you?

  13. happy you are back!! hope your father get well very very soon!! happy birthday to your beautiful daugther!!

  14. Hope all is well with your father - mine was in hospital too last week, so I can totally feel for you.
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures this morning, there's something about them that lifted my spirits today.

  15. Blessings and love and prayers for you all
    Happy Birthday to your daughter♥

  16. Aww Simone no apologies needed, I'm so sorry to hear about your father!! That must have been so incredibly difficult for you to carry on with your trip and stay strong with your daughter! I'm glad that she loved Rome, and I'm glad to hear that you did get your iPhone back! Sending you big hugs and many prayers for your father's health, Simone. Perhaps we will plan a trip to London within the next few years and we can meet there instead! :)

    Tanti baci Bella ♥

  17. My Lord, what a week! You have been through the whole range of emotions. May God bless you all.

  18. Oh Simone, it is lovely to have you back, and wonderful to hear that you and your "Big" girl had a lovely time away. I understand the complexities you are facing, I too had parents divorcing when I was 11, since then my relationship with my Father has been "challenging" I do hope you enter a calmer phase soon.

    Love xxxx

  19. So much to tell. Your head must be buzzing! Wishing your father all the best. And belated Happy Birthday to your big girl.

  20. I am really sorry to hear about your father, prayers your way for his quick and full recovery. Happy birthday to your special 10 year old....sounds like she had a wonderful birthday surrounded my people that love her very much. And thats at the end of the day, the only thing that counts.

  21. oh you are back....i am so glad...
    i have missed you sweet friend...
    i am sooo sorry to hear that your dad is not well...it is so complicated...sickness and families...and the balance or lack of.

    on another note...happy birthday to your gorgeous gal...double figures deserves a trip to roma with her mama...
    i've been thinking of you two there all week...but was very happy to see you back today.

    will send you an email in a mo- just have to get a poorly big girl another bagel and fresh juice!

    melissa xox

  22. Simone! i am so so so happy you are back. i missed you so much. i am incredibly sorry to hear about your ill dad. that must be awful, but know that you have all your blogging fans here to support you! even George, who read this post and was saying "poor simone" over and over. he sends his love :)

    I am so glad your daughter had such a great time with you in Rome. it is the best birthday present everrr. and turning 10!! i remember my 10th birthday soo clearly, feels like it was not 11 years ago! crazzzy.

    love you lots and hope everything is going ok xxx

  23. My sweet friend! It seems you have been on quite the emotional roller coaster. I am so glad that you were able to share such a special time with your daughter for her birthday. She will look back on that trip and cherish the memories always. My memories of traveling with my mother are ones that I hold most dear. I will certainly put your family and your father in my prayers. Stay strong my friend and know that you are in the hearts of so many. XoXo

  24. Dear Simone, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing more about it. I hope you took some pictures.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he's better soon. How lovely that your daughter is keeping his spirits up.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, what a brilliant present, the trip and the hamster of course! xx

  25. Welcome Back Simone! You have truly been missed! So very sorry to hear about your father, sending love and prayers to you and your family. So excited that you and your double digit daughter had a fab time in Rome. A very belated birthday to her. The party sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear about your trip! Warm hugs and smiles to you! xxoo :)

  26. Oh Simone, you poor thing. I am thinking of you and hoping everything gets a bit better for you and your family. Happy Birthday to your princess too! Lots of love xo

  27. Simone
    So sorry to hear of your father being ill - it must be such a difficult time for you. I was wondering where you were and missing you on Twitter lots. I'm glad you decided to stay on and enjoy your weekend with your daughter and have just been catching up on your blog posts since.
    Sending love and hugs my lovely blog friend. xxxxx


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