Making Me Happy Today....

Making me happy today....

....a really good morning latte shared with a good friend....

....late afternoon sunshine streaming through my kitchen window after a blustery rainy day....

....planning an August getaway to France....

....spring-cleaning (always my feel-better stand-by!)....

....daffodils on my windowsill....

...buying the perfect gift for a friend.... train journey today where I read for almost 2 hours straight....

....making "tourist" plans to explore London for the upcoming Easter holidays....

....carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.... new watercolour of "Clover Fields" bought at the Country Living Spring Fair last week....

....finally finishing the season 7 boxset of "Grey's Anatomy"....I LOVE that show!! the gorgeous Monday post that my lovely friend LouBoo wrote...and all the lovely comments too, thank you so much....



The White Company


  1. Seeing London through tourists' eyes has always been one of my favourites. When little is a bit bigger, I want to take her on one of these bus tours. I love seeing my world from different perspectives. xx

  2. Now that sounds like a day to re-live over and over.

  3. So jealous about your trip to France!

    I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays. The new button is on my sidebar. I hope you'll join us and link up! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo

  4. The making tourist plans for London and sharing latte with a friend both sound extra good to me right about now!

  5. adore that list...lovely to see you here...
    wasn't loulou an angel...
    hope you smiling over that sounds perfect...

    melissa xxx

  6. Your list is making me extremely happy too!! Have a fabulous evening, my lovely friend! xxoo :)

  7. I am so glad that the sun made an appearance for you today ~ and 2 hours of straight reading ~ bliss along with a piece of that carrot cake ~ I want to be where you are. xo

  8. gorgeous happy things Simone :) daffodils and latte's are the best! and i love making "tourist" plans for london haha. i will be doing just that tomorrow because im going down for the weekend. can.not.wait!
    isnt Greys Anatomy the best show in all of the entire world? you must have just watched the shooting episodes? (did you mean season 6? because its only half way through season 7 at the moment haha thats how much of a Greys anatomy freak I am). but yes, back to how amazing that show is...i just cant even explain it! how incredible is mcdreamy. seriously sooo dreamy!! i love him! xx

  9. Dear Simone, what a lovely list. I love carrot cake and the one with licorice allorts looks great too.

    Hope all's well with you my friend, love, C xx

  10. Wow that sounds like a blessful day, hope it will last forever...

    Come check my lovely book giveaway! Hugs and kisses from Rio!

  11. That first photo literally took my breath away!

  12. beautiful photos.

    Helen, X

  13. That is such a good list! I need to get a list going myself!!!
    Have a pretty day!


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