Spring Sunshine.....

Beautiful blue skies in London.....bright yellow daffodils on my windowsill and in my garden.....
it's now officially Spring!!

From now on I am thinking good weather, sunshine and I'm looking forward to warmer days....I hope it's not tempting fate to pack away at least some of my winter scarves etc, there's no looking back now :)

It's amazing how good a sunny Monday morning can make you feel....
I'm definitely a "new start" kind of a girl.....
sunny Mondays..January 1..a new notebook with empty pages....
all make me feel so hopeful and energised to make new plans.
By the end of today, you can bet l will have browsed the flight schedules of one of the major airlines, I just can't help myself!!

So, windows at home all wide open, large cup of Earl Grey in hand, I'm off to start my week....

Happy Monday!!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!! Have a great start of the week!

  2. Simone, I bet London is just gorgeous with clear blue skies! I can only imagine! I'm just like you too, I'm also a "new start" kind of girl and I actually love Monday mornings. I feel so fresh and ready to start a new week. These photos are so beautiful...enjoy the sunshine!! (and guess what. . . supposed to be sunny all week in Rome:):)

    tanti baci bella!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous weather. Happy Spring Day!! xx

  4. We must have had the same weather. It does energize you. I could have laid in the sun all day, only I burn easily and hate sunblock. I am with you and hope that it stays Spring Time and we can put away the coats and gloves. Heidi

  5. Dear Simone, I'm so glad the sun's out! It makes a huge difference. I'm at The Actor's in Muswell Hill. Going for a late lunch in Banner's then home in a bit otherwise I'd see if you were free for a coffee.

    Have a great week xx

  6. & to you gorgeous friend...

    oh yes...blue skies & sunshine....
    this gal from down under is skipping through the village today!!

    bought myself two big bunches of daffys this morning....
    after three years here- they now sing spring to me too!!

    melissa xxx

  7. Hi Simone..
    no sunshine today..
    no daffy's either..
    it's snowing..
    but I do have a sunny song in my heart..
    and a smile on my face..
    next week I'll be home in Florida..
    toes buried in the sand, toasting the sunset!
    warmest sandy hugs..
    laughing smiles too!

  8. Darling, love the flower pic...those are my absolute favorites. What will you & children do today? I hope you get to meet up with Christina!


  9. Welcome home Simone.

    Gorgeous day here too, it really is food for the soul to see and feel the sun. Spring is here, I can't wait to ditch the opaque tights and get into my ballet pumps again.


  10. Simone...it was a great day, I know the feeling! The best part, it is 5:41pm and it is still light out...few more weeks and we are into daylight savings. March 27, nearly there :)

    Jeanne xx

  11. Your post made me feel very homesick. A wonderful reminder of just how gorgeous London is when the sun is shining. In fact it sounds like your weather is better than mine here in Spain! How's that for ironic ;-)

  12. Wow those pictures put me in such a good mood! The sun, the flowers omg those hydrangeas (my favorite flower) those baby chicks! All signs of the glory of spring!!
    Be sure to stop by me too...unless you already have, doing a great giveaway, a gorgeous pair of Murano handblown glass lamps...
    drawing is Friday!

  13. Hello there. It did feel positively Spring-like today and I spied quite a few daffodils which confirmed it. I just love them, and tulips, and hyacinths. All this Spring bloom makes a girl happy! It feels nice to be home and fabulous that (as Jeanne says) that it's still light outside until what...after 6pm tonight. What a treat. Husband is in San Francisco so he is whole 8 hours behind - but I am guessing his day will be nice too. Hurrah for changing seasons.... Lou x

  14. That first photo is how I am feeling today too! The weather here is gorgeous...am getting ready to shed my jackets and scarves too!! It is getting to be vacation planning time for me too...enjoy your week, Simone! xxoo :) P.S. I met the little man this week and he is so adorable!! xxoo :)

  15. I was in Hyde Park today and it was totally beautiful. A bit chilly but who cares when there is gorgeous sunshine!

  16. Have a great week, Simone :) We are heading into Autumn here but Summer is still clinging on a little, which makes me very happy. And I am totally with you on the "new start" thing!

  17. LOVED the pics!!!

    I feel free just looking at the woman running and jumping through the field.
    And the baby ducks so remind me of spring and innocence and nicer weather.

  18. Happy Monday and I love those sweet ducklings.

  19. Simone your spring joy is infectious! I love this sun.. long may it last! I think everyone is longing to be warmed by the sun's rays! Have a wonderful week! xxx

  20. Oh after the winter you guys have had you certainly deserve a beautiful spring. Sounds perfect!
    xxx Deej

  21. Yeah for sunshine and daffodils!! The sun is also shining here ~ the snow is melting and I am a happy girl :o)

  22. Oh how pretty!!! It makes me want to pack up my things and hit the warm weather as well!!!

  23. Wow Alexis Bledel looks so young! Happy Spring to you too darling xxx LondonZest

  24. lovely pictures

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  25. Beautiful photos. Here, spring came and went, but sure to return. :) xox Alexandra

  26. alexis bledel is absolutely gorgeous! i have loved her ever since the first episode of gilmore girls. my favourite show. well one of them, along with greys anatomy haha.
    I LOVE spring in england and i am so happy it is on its way. i spotted my first daffodil the other day and it made me so excited x

  27. Loving your images of spring. Have a wonderful time during your travels.

  28. Didn't realise you were away! I mentioned Vera Wang in my last post and I thought 'Simone will like this one', and then sulked till it dawned on me that you weren't around. When you're back and in your right mind, come over and shudder at the wedding dress story! Hope you're having a brilliant time.


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