Happy Royal Wedding Day!

I don't mind admitting that I am excited for the Royal Wedding tomorrow....I think Prince William and Kate (or Catherine as I know we should be calling her now) Middleton seem like a very well suited couple who have known each other a long time and who are in love.

I clearly remember Prince Charles marrying Lady Diana Spencer....it seemed very exciting back then and there were street parties all over London and great anticipation. Things seem slightly more calm this time around....I have friends who are getting up in the early hours to go and find a spot to watch and take in the atmosphere in central London and I have friends who won't even bother to watch it....things change I guess.

I will be glued to the television from first thing tomorrow morning and cannot wait to see THE DRESS....I think Kate is a beautiful girl and I am sure she will look elegant, stylish and stunning.

I do like Princes William and Harry.....I won't ever forget those days after their mother's death and their faces at her funeral. I am sure she would be extremely proud of them and be so happy that they are so close as brothers and have found happiness in their lives right now.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. They are such a perfect couple and always look so relaxed and happy!

    Carla xx.

  2. I am so excited too! I just blogged about walking around London yesterday, which you may enjoy :) XOL

  3. I totally agree. It's 4:30 a.m. - I'm up with my tea watching.

  4. It was so wonderful! I love Wills and Kate - they are truly in love and it shows in every gesture and look. Her dress was STUNNING and he looked so dashing. Cheers to the happy couple!!

  5. Well I felt like a proud parent watching the wedding at the wee hours this morning. I loved Kate's dress - very beautiful & elegant and it looked pretty comfortable too! They look like a fabulous couple who know each other very well and hopefully will live happily ever after! Alex and I were reminscing about all of the London sights that we recognized from our visit as we were watching the wedding coverage. Happy weekend, Simone! xxoo :)

  6. i have such a ridiculous new crush on them!
    i loved every moment...i can't wait to see more images!!

  7. I got really excited and totally swept up in it!

    Do we have to call her Catherine now? I know she's not Princess Catherine but should be referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge from now on.

    I'm delighted for them both. What a great piece of PR for the royals and the country too. Have a lovely day xx


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