A Little Birthday Fabulousness....

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....because on Saturday it is!!

I suppose really my Friday posts are always a collection of my personal favourites....but this one is definitely a bit of everything that would make up my perfect day, all the things that I love and that make up my life.

It's been another challenging week, my Dad is still very very ill so this week has been mostly made up of long hot treks across London to visit him in hospital, trying to extract information from medical staff, endless phone calls to compare notes and details with my brothers and keeping our spirits up.

So....on Saturday I plan to distract myself by having a special day of celebration - cos if there's one thing my children have learned from me, it's that you can never celebrate a birthday too much :)
There will be cake and presents (this much I know for sure because I had to give my children my own money to enable them to shop today!) , there will be a lovely lunch somewhere and possibly a trip along the River Thames. And Sunday will be Easter eggs, daffodils and an egg hunt.

My Dad always tells how it snowed in Wales on the day I was born.....this week-end it may be 80 degrees in London!!

Thank you all the lovely comments this week - have a wonderful Easter week-end!

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  1. happiest of birthdays simone...i hope your day is very special and filled with love (and a few trinkets...)


  2. Simone ~

    Wishing a fellow-April Birthday gal a wonderful day filled with all the most indulgent goodness life can offer you!


    P.S. many healthy wishes to your father.

  3. I hope you have a fabulous birthday.
    My comments always seem to sound the same but I'll say it again... these pics are stunning - the kiss on the beach, the bedroom, the flowers - *sigh* the beauty of it all...

  4. Happy birthday. Hope you have a wonderful time. Sorry to hear your sad is so ill. Hope he gets better really soon x x x

  5. Morning Simone - LOVING these pictures, perfect with my cuppa tea this morning. Flowers and bed and presents - sounds like the perfect birthday. Take time to enjoy it sweet. I love that quote - 'stack of books and tea' how very true!! Sums up a good day. So I am sitting here contemplating the long weekend...family Easter egg hunt on Sunday, the eggs are going to melt if the weather stays this warm - but hey, I am not complaining! Happy Birthday to you...love Lou x

  6. Yay! Happy Birthday Simone. I hope you have the most amazing day tomorrow with your gorgeous family. Especially since you are having such a hard time with your dad being so ill.

    I love all these pictures. the perfect friday fabulous for a fabulous person :)

    I cant believe it snowed on the day you were born and its going to be so hot this weekend. that is crazy. bloody london and its crazy weather haha.

    Have a great birthday and easter weekend :) xx

  7. Happy, happy birthday Simone, with peace and good fortune to those you love.

  8. Wishing you a very happy weekend. Never enough cake on your birthday! And a few glasses of fizz too. I remember an easter we were away in our caravan at Rye and it snowed!! Maybe that was the year you were born? Loving this sunshine. Enjoy!

  9. Hi,dear Simone:-)*

    Mostly wonderful Birthday to you,my dear virtual friend!!!
    And Oh,my Godness...lovely and absolutely happy Easter days to you too!!!

    Such beyond fantastic choices of photos,it brings me really in the world where is all your dreams are possible:-)))*

    Thank you so very much for share you mood with all of us!

    Much Love,

  10. Thinking of you and your Father. Positive thoughts from Atlanta. I toast you my friend, on your Birthday!

  11. I'm thinking of you and your Dad, Simone - sending you a Hobart ♥. It sounds like we're in the same boat. I hope that you can manage to enjoy your birthday and Easter as well - you have a lot going on in your life. J x

  12. well happy birthday weekend!!
    i hope you have a gorgeous blue sky 80 degrees day!!
    sorry to hear about your dad

  13. thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring post... really!

    and i wish you the happiest of happy birthdays my dear!!


  14. Happy Birthday, hope Gorgeous George is taking you out on a hot date again.
    Lovely images, hope you get all of them.
    Enjoy the sunshine xxx

  15. Have the Happiest of Birthdays dear friend!

  16. Wishing you the happiest birthday, sweet friend! I see George has come to visit you for your birthday, rather fitting!! Sending many prayers for your father and also some warm hugs, smiles and sunshine to you! Happy weekend!! xxoo :)

  17. I hope you're able to enjoy a lovely birthday weekend. You deserve it.

    Too bad George Clooney can't stop by... ;)

  18. Joyeux anniversaire Simone. I see you and I share a firm, no, entrenched belief that one can never, indeed, celebrate a birthday too much. Dash the bottle of champagne - tis a CRATE we will share !

  19. Dear Simone - Happy Happy Birthday to you! - a bit delayed I know, but we are just back in Sydney after a wonderful week in beautiful Tasmania.. where there was no means of communicating electronically. In fact my mobile went out of range just as we left Hobart (the state capital).
    We had a marvelous week and I will share pictures on the other side of my washing mountain..!

    Hope you had a really special day and that your dad is feeling a little better. My thoughts traveled to you several times during the past week. Hang on in there.

    xx C

  20. I hope your birthday was really special Gorgeous Girl.... you especially deserve it after all you're going through right now. Have a wonderful weekend... lots of love, hugs and Manolos from me xxxx

  21. Hope you had a wonderful day, Simone!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday Simoney!! I was moving all weekend so I didn't get the chance to get over here sooner but I hope you day was special and lovely and fabulous like you :) Lots of love xo

  23. Dearest Simone, have a very happy Birthday. Much love to you and your dad xxx


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