What an amazing day.....such happiness....

....LOVED them driving off in this vintage Aston Martin....what a fun thing to do!

What an absolutely wonderful day!!

London was fantastic, I honestly could have burst with one does a wedding like our Royal Family with all the pomp and pageantry, it was amazing! A wonderful atmosphere and such great support from the crowds. Wedding fever was everywhere and London looked fabulous!!

Catherine's dress was stunning....elegant, stylish and perfect choice for her.
She looked radiant, happy and relaxed all day long, quite amazing.

Princes William and Harry looked so handsome in their tears started the second they left Clarence House and didn't stop all day! Tears of happiness though really, it was such a joyful occasion.

Philippa Middleton was the most stunning Maid of Honour...and the little flower girls, bridesmaids and pageboys were gorgeous.

Westminster Abbey was a beautiful setting and the service was perfect.

They really are a couple in love, it was so apparent, I can't wait to see what lies ahead of them and I think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is going to be a huge asset to the Royal Family.

The British monarchy lost something when Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales divorced and they lost even more when she died. For me, yesterday that something came back and I think many felt a renewed love of and enthusiasm for the Royal Family. Long may it continue.


  1. awesome with a capital A!!!!!

  2. Oh I know! I was in romantic. Not sure why but found it very affecting! They looked so happy and the dress...what can we say? It was just so perfect and elegant. A wonderful wonderful day for Britain. Loved every minute! L x

  3. Perfection, indeed! :) xxoo

  4. She looked so stunning :)
    Hope you had a lovely Royal Wedding Day! <3

  5. def can't wait to see the recap tonight - from pics so far i'm so-so on her dress - top half, great but the bottom was WAY too heavy for her!

  6. I havne;t seen that particular it with the wind blowing her natural. Love it!

  7. lindissima, perfect!



  8. Thank you for the beautiful photos! I blogged about the wedding too. What a wonderful day, and what a stunning wedding. My best wishes and prayers for a long, happy and blessed marriage for Will and Kate!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  9. Sigh - it was lovely, wasn't it? I had intended to switch on around 11 to see the dress, but ended up watching from 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m., and at one point my partner John said to me "Do you realise you've been smiling at the TV for ages?" I had no idea. Wasn't she composed - terrific.

  10. oh Simone it was so beautiful. I feel full of happiness. So nice to see two people so in love. And that dress. Amazing and brave in a way. I thought she would wear something more like what Pippa wore (which was also beautiful of course but much plainer). And i have just seen photos of her evening dress with a little white mohair cardigan. Divine. xoxo

  11. It was a perfect day for a perfect wedding!! :)
    Loved everything about it; including Kate's and Pippa's dresses!

  12. P.S. I loved seeing them drive off in the Aston Martin, such a refreshingly fun couple! xxoo :)

  13. I absolutely loved every second of it! She was as stunning as any princess has ever been~
    I did notice that she has gotten incredibly tiny - especially in her second white dress. I do hope that she is grounded enough to not let that get away from her~
    What an incredible couple - I can't wait to follow along as their romance is so inspiring!

  14. It was SO lovely - wish every day was like this... simply romantic!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  15. It was more perfect than I ever could have imagined...absolutely beautiful, touching and full of the majesty deserving of the occasion, but done with was remarkable!
    xo J~

  16. She was poise and grace personified.
    Lucky you to be there in London!

  17. Love the photos. My favorite part was when he saw her and told her she looked beautiful. You can just see the love they have for each other.

  18. Love ~ Love ~ Love!! It was perfection and I got shivers seeing the pictures you chose ~ I have been glued to the tv most of the day and keep watching the recaps ~ she was gorgeous ~ the dress ~ the princes ~ just perfect. xo

  19. All I could keep muttering all night was 'Thank God she kept it simple, thank God she kept it simple!' Every Bridezilla should take a huge lesson here - LESS IS MORE! I adored those huge trees in the Abbey, it had the effect of a fairy woodland. Congrats to PommieLand, you guys do the pomp & pagentry so well.
    Millie x

  20. Hi Simone,
    Haven't been able to comment until now as I am watching the wedding for about the zillionth time !!!! I think that I know every second off by heart. I loved every minute of it.......her dress was divine, William looked so handsome and, my favourite part was when he said that she looked beautiful and when he said 'I love you'. I also loved the way that William put the Middleton's at their ease. I thought that her mum looked lovely. Pippa was the perfect bridesmaid, her brother did the reading without a stumble and her dad didn't put a foot wrong. Very admirable for a family who have never had to deal with anything like that before. I loved the whole day and have been watching every scrap of wedding news today as well !!!! We do pomp and ceromony so well. I'm just sad that it's all over ! I love the images that you have shown.
    It was just the most perfect day. XXXX

  21. I cried through the while thing and I'm not even British. The wedding was so perfect and beautiful. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I was only 2 when Charles and Diana married so I have no memories. It was wonderful to experience this.

  22. Best post of the royal wedding! I am obsessed and was up at 2am to catch the festivities. Kate was just breathtaking (the most beautiful bride ever!) and Pipa is just as stunning. Now whenever I pick out an outfit or go shopping I think, "would Kate wear this?" ;)

    xo marcie

  23. Very well said. Wishing the young couple a happy and blessed life together.

  24. Haha. I should have known to find a post like this up here :)
    I didn't have the intention to watch but ended watching it ALL. And I loved it. xx

  25. Oh I could look at photo's of the wedding all day, I was just swept away with it all.

    I think they will bring so very much to the Royal family as a couple and later as a family...will be exciting to watch over the years.

  26. Gorgeous pictures! I particularly love the one of the page boy laughing.

    Re Mimi's comment - that's the beauty of McQueen - the exaggerated hips make your waist look even more tiny than you really are. I loved both Kate's dresses xx

  27. yes lovely friend i agree with each and every word....

    whenever i think of London i will think of happiness and love...
    a wonderful city that invited the world to a wonderful day...

    melissa xxx

  28. Life has been so chaotic around here these days that I've practically been under a rock...believe it or not, this was the first chance I had to look at the images of the wedding! Thanks!


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