Six Word Wednesday....

Birthday = Boat, Lunch, Shopping, Sunshine, Cake :)

One Year Older. One Year Happier.

Pretty Summer Toes. Pedicure Time Again.

Back to school. Summer Term Already.

Coffee and Catch-up With Friends.

Royal Wedding Excitement!! London Is Ready!!

Kate's Dress. Can't Wait To See!!

Where Has All The Sunshine Gone?!

Nigella's Chocolate Brownies. Total Comfort Food.

"Mummy, look at my first muscle!!"

Must Get to Bed. Need Sleep.

(this made me smile!)

Thank you so much for all the happy birthday wishes, I had an absolutely wonderful day :)

The rest of the week-end I spent mostly with my Dad.....last night when he had finished eating, I wiped his hands clean and he instinctively turned his head up towards me for me to wipe his face.....not that it needed it or that I have ever done that before, he just did it. So I wiped his face gently....and, for me, it felt as though some unspoken words passed between us - that small gesture said really does come full circle.

Happy Wednesday....

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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  1. A very perfect moment with your dad.

    And it sounds like it was a very perfect birthday, too!

  2. hi Simone

    A very belated happy birthday to you. I am glad you had a lovely day and I am sorry about your father - in a funny way it can be really hard to learn that they need us just as much as we need them!

    xoxo Jane

  3. What a beautiful moment to have shared x

  4. I had moments like that with my Dad too before he died in 2004, it makes me sad to remember them, but glad that I said all I wanted to say to him. I'm glad you shared that.

  5. Happy Birthday again Simone :) Im glad you had a great day.

    That is such a beautiful little story about the moment you had with your dad. You wrote it beautifully. I hope everything is going ok :)

    I am so excited for the Royal wedding too! cannot wait to see what Kate is going to wear. its going to be amazing :) xx

  6. You are a good daughter.That makes you the best gift of the weekend, Happy Birthday.

  7. lovely darling! happy birthday!

  8. Oh I'm so pleased you had a Happy Birthday darling girl!

    That was so very touching about your father...really.
    hugs Deej

  9. And in response (in nearly 6 words!):

    Thing with your Dad; made me cry.
    Wedding countdown, very very excited.
    You are consistently upbeat. Love it.
    Back to school: you know what I mean!
    Fabulous ironing basket images: vintage Simone.

    Mwah xxx

  10. Ahh, tearing up* I was smiling, then laughing, then tearing up through your post... how touching. I am so glad that your Birthday was wonderful, and find it touching that your love it one that is deep.

    p.s I can hardly take the wedding suspense :)


  11. Beautiful post, Simone. It sounds like you have been having some wonderful times. Your moment with dad made me tear up too, so touching. Full circle indeed. Have a fabulous evening, lovely Simone! xxoo :)

  12. i love your 6 word phrases this week, especially "One Year Older. One Year Happier." what a beautiful phrase from someone whom i can always count on for such positive and inspirational sentiments :)

  13. Simone, happy birthday!!! This is such a beautiful post, and how adorable was ""Mummy, look at my first muscle!!" :):)

    Your words about your dad were so touching, what a special & emotional moment. I'm so sorry you are going through this hard time, but glad that you are able to draw strength from the sweet moments like this. You are in my prayers & thoughts, sweet friend!


  14. Ahhh! Simone... I hope he's ok.

    I'm glad you had a lovely Birthday.

    Loved your words.

    I'm Twittering the royal wedding live for LOVE magazine with Giles. It should be fun. We're having Champagne and a retro buffet at my house.

    Fingers crossed the dress will be by Sarah Burton at McQueen, it will be much more interesting if it is.

    Thinking of you xx

  15. hello gorgeous gal....
    a belated *was-in-London-looking-for-you* birthday hugs sweet...
    a very special lovely moment with your papa...
    thinking of you tomorrow with a glass of pink bubbles at 11...
    xxxmelissa xxx

  16. hi, your pics are stunning! Love them! Hughs Anja

  17. As you can see I am playing catch up tonight ~ love your quote ~ I think we would be very good at it! The moment with your Dad brings tears to my eyes ~ sending you much love my friend. xo


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