Friday Fabulousness....

Elegance personified....the very handsome Oscar de la Renta....

Friday at last, made it through the week....and now we have a week's half-term holiday from school....hurrah!!

Thank you for the all the fantastic book suggestions earlier this week (see here )....I have placed my Amazon order and look forward to some great new books :)

As always, I have a few ideas for the holidays. some things I would like to get done....but actually my main aim is to just breathe.

I have had some hectic and challenging times recently with my Dad being ill....and if I have learned anything, it is that we should notice the very little things, hang on to the moments and not stress about completing the to-do lists (which only seem to get longer anyway....).
Be in the moment, it is all you have.

I have shared a little recently about my Dad and what is going on right now.....
when I arrived at the hospital yesterday he was asleep...
sleeping so peacefully that I sat for about 45 mins just watching him sleep.
He had a smile on his face the whole time, dreaming of who knows what.

He only awoke when the consultant arrived to check on him....
and when they asked my Dad who I was, he didn't know.....
It has been heading this way for a few days now but you can only imagine how I felt....

But actually, on the way home all I could think about, and hang on to, was his smile and his peaceful face. I had to.

I say this without wishing to be melodramatic or cliched....but when it comes down to it, life is truly about the little things. Do not forget to notice them.

(Next week will be my 500th blogpost so I will be having a special giveaway!)

(photo posed by models)

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  1. Words fail me... big hugs L xx

  2. Oh, Simone. You darling girl. I am so very sorry to read this. You know that. I wonder when that day will arrive for me - it's not too far away, I fear. Maybe take your camera for your next visit to capture your darling Dad's smile. Carpe diem is my mantra now. Thinking of you in faraway Australia J x

  3. Ahhhh I almost cried. Big virtual hug xx

  4. Your soul is warm, and full of strength. It takes braveness and courage to overcome a loved ones illness. It takes strength to feed from the smile of one you love. Some people would back away, and shed tears, never seeing any sunlight, never feeding any hope. But you're remarkable. You are in my thoughts. Your father is in my thoughts. No matter what happens, no matter where the clouds stray, or the sun beams, know that adversity makes the heart, body, and heart grow.. Beautiful

    sweetness xx

  5. Dear Simone,
    All that I can say is that I have been there 5 times so, I do know what you are going through. You are really coping well and it's good to face it head on and always remember all of the little things that can ease the situation a little .
    Lou posted a picture from Free People and I told her that I had to have a word with you because you had an image of a wonderful dress from Free People so, I went and looked at the sight and it has now equaled my favourite shop, All Saints !! I ordered a couple of things that were suitable for a lady of my age ( haha ) and, when I got to the checkout, noticed that they were in the States and the P&P was pretty hefty.....not that it will make any difference. I shall still order more things !!!! I shall be telling Mr. Home that it's all your fault !!!! haha.
    Lots of love Simone and keep smiling. Am thinking of you. XXXX

  6. My sweet Simone, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I just know you have the strength to handle whatever it is the big guy upstairs throws your way. I love you and think of you often. Here is a hug all the way from Michigan for you xoxoxo

  7. Simone, you really know how to capture those little moments you speak of, as translated in the photos you chose. All of these photos are stunning and the details are what takes my breath away, really love the 3rd & 7th! Your story of your dad really gripped me with emotion... I can't imagine how hard this must be my sweet friend, do stay strong and know that you are in my thoughts & prayers. I pray for peace and joy to flood you through the sorrows and for strength that you never knew you had to take hold. The last photo here is so precious, and really reminds us what is important in life. You are an inspiration to share with us such emotions, Simone! Much love!


  8. Warm hugs from a reader/follower in Indiana, USA...

  9. Oh Simone ~ I feel so sad. My heart just dropped reading your words and although I do not know what you are going through or how you feel ~ please know that I am here for you if you need me. Keep that image of him on your mind and in your heart. Sending giant hugs to you sweet girl and lots of love. xo

  10. Simone,
    My heart is with you right now, your words reminded me of a rime when the same thing happened with my grandfather. The pain cut so deep at that moment but the smiles were there. Your words are beautiful and so are your pictures. I am thinking of you and your dad.
    Lots of love to you,

  11. Oh Simone, that's so sad.

    Gorgeous pictures and lovely positive words as always. Sending love to you xx


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