Shoes for Little Ones....

Girls here

Chipie for girls - here

El Naturalista here

Birki's - here

Birki's here these!

Crocs....always great for the summer & the

Palladium boots here

Camper sandals here

Bensimon canvas flats (super-comfy!) here

I am always on the lookout for great shoes for my two children - my 10 year daughter who is becoming more fashion-conscious but still needs to be age appropriate (and in fact is only about one and half shoes sizes smaller than me!) and my 5 year son who happily lives in the same pair of shoes day in day out and only requires that he can run fast in them.

My children don't have to wear school uniform (sadly) so their shoes need to be durable and practical. The summer is approaching fast and I need sandals for both of them - last year my son lived in Camper sandals and Crocs and my daughter wore Birkenstocks and Crocs at the beach.

I love the Birki's featured above and the Camper sandals from last year never wore out even with months of wear....all the above are available from the Spartoo website which I recently discovered - it carries a huge range of brands, has free delivery and free returns.
Click here to see more from them.

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Aw...I love Birki's! I am in Capitola, CA hanging with my childhood bestie where I bought my first two pairs of Birki's back in the day 35 years ago!

  2. Oooh! I love the clogs. I know they could be quite impractical, but they are gorgeous. I am going to check out the site you mention. Can you believe that I find Campers cheaper in the UK than in Spain (where they come from!!!)Hubby loves Campers and they are SO expensive here. Incredible!

  3. Love the clogs....too cute. If I had a little girl...would so be getting those!

  4. Oh Simone,
    Can you please stop showing us gorgeous things.....I'm spending too much money!! haha certainly can't beat a pair of Birki's for the summer, can you ? XXXX

  5. i love those clogs! i might have to invest in a pair of those for my little daughter & save them for a few years time :)


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