Friday Fabulousness....

Blake Lively this week in Chanel Haute Couture at the premiere of "The Green Lantern"
(photos via JustJared)

Two of the splendid hats on display at Ascot this week....friends went yesterday and enjoyed a sunny (and winning!) was extremely wet!!
Fun seeing all the hats though :)


Yet another week seems to have flown by....I should know by now that these summer-term weeks are always so busy that before you know it, it is July and school is finishing!

I think I need an adventure, something new and fun this week-end, so I feel a trip into town with my two explorers coming on....fingers crossed for sunshine.

Congratulations to lovely Jane for winning my Book Giveaway, a very popular winner I know!Jane has followed my blog for some time now and writes a great blog of her own, please go and visit her.

Have a wonderful week-end!!

(I have another great Dr Perricone giveaway coming up next week.)


  1. Morning sweet - what a beautiful first image. How pretty is she? So here we are at Friday again - feeling abit more normal! I wish the rain would leave - we are going to Wimbledon twice next week and the week after - so I will be nearly in your neck of the woods. Wishing for sun. Lou x

  2. Happy week-end sweet girl! Have fun on your adventure ~ I cannot wait to hear about what you do. xo

  3. hello lovely- how gorgeous is Blake L's dress- she looks incredible!

    hoping the sun is out for us all this weekend...
    thinking that a melbourne gal will be loving a pile of books- now winter has hit down under!

    melissa xx

  4. Fabulous photos as always and great rules to live by.

  5. Your Fabulous Fridays are always so inspiring!

  6. Yes, your Friday Fabulousness posts are like a little mini-vacation to a place of serene elegance and beauty!

    Hope you'll stop by mine:

    Cindy @Notes in the Key of Life

  7. By the way, I STRONGLY agreed with that Coffee quote this morning! :)

    Cindy @Notes in the Key of Life

  8. I love your blog! I have been reading for some time. And Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I recently started my own blog, maybe you can stop by sometime!

  9. Have a fun adventurous weekend, Simone...!! Smiles and sunshine sent your way! xxoo :)

  10. Blake is gorgeous, but I'm not loving the dress.

  11. I'm in love with your blog!! Such gorgeous photos and great inspiration!! I wish had that girls lips - wow!!! :)

  12. That pool looks gorgeous!

    I don't know what's going on at the moment, time seems to be going faster than ever. We put our holiday off until September, can't wait xx


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