It's Saturday and I'm Just Chillin'.....

I have to tell you that my gorgeous friend F was at the ARK fundraising dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Thursday night....apart from being an amazing evening, she said (after I had grilled her for information!) that the couple were wonderful, Catherine looked stunning and William very handsome.
I think that William does indeed seem even more handsome since he got married and I think the Jenny Packham dress that Catherine wore looked sensational.

It's been another hectic week, I've been running back and forth across town seeing my father and making arrangements for him to move to a nursing home....nothing has gone to plan, it's been a challenge. Hopefully it will all be sorted out next week....although, based on what has gone on this week, I am not holding my breath.

I have learned that the best antidote to these stressful days is a calm week-end, full of the things I love, the things that nourish and ground me....

good food, a little reading, coffee and cake, music and time to re-connect with myself and others....

I am listening to Sade's beautiful voice as I write....I heard her on the radio this morning and had forgotten how much I loved her "Diamond Life" album when it came out.

Thanks for all the great comments on my 500th post....don't forget to take a look at my Summer Reading List and to enter my book giveaway here .

Happy Week-end!!


  1. I promise I'm not stalking you Simone, I just logged on when I saw you had a new post ;-)

    Fab post, and yes Catherine looks sensational (and always effortless). I think the Monarchy badly needed an injection of youth and glamor, and she seems to be doing just that. I am always in awe of her gorgeous hair; stunning.
    Enjoy the weekend Simone. Like you, just chilling. Went for tapas last night and not feeling too great today (ate something that didn't agree). Had to get some orders ready so the UPS man could pick them up. And now just chilling/recuperating :-(

  2. Hope you have a restful weekend, and that all works out for your dad and the nursing home. I know how difficult this can be having looked a many for my mum. Take care.

  3. Hello there. So Saturday spent walking in the woods, have a noodle dish planned for tonight with lots of garlic and ginger...healthy! Waiting for my husband to come home from a sailing regatta, so an ok day for me. I hope you got some chill time. I have started one of the books and so that can only be good...

    I so wish you lived down the road...would be nice.

    I hope your dad's placement goes ok. Must be really hard. Take care, Lou x

  4. I am sitting here in the Burbank airport waiting to board my flight to the Bay Area. It's a fab place for people watching! Enjoy a relaxing weekend. Thinking good thoughts that you get a place for your father this week! Sending you lots of hugs, smiles and sunshine! Gotta run, I see our George racing thru the Airport. haha...xxoo :)

  5. They really are a stunning couple, aren't they?
    --Lee Ann

  6. Hi Simone, what a gorgeous post! I adore the dress in the 3rd photo, soft and feminine...stunning. Catherine's dress is certainly beautiful and how exciting that your friend was at the fundraising dinner! I'm wishing you lots of strength and hope through these difficult time, sweet friend. Coffee, cake and music sound like wonderful remedies. A big congrats on your 500th post, that is amazing! I'm so glad you are here in blogland... it really would seem so empty without you!!


  7. your weekend plans sounds excellent.
    I always love the gorgeous photos you post :)

  8. Lovely post. And of course you are amazing. You always are. xx

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  10. Double comment posting. Better slip under the duvet for a nap now... :)

  11. I hope things with your Dad come together this week Simone ~ you have had to go through way too much already. Love the shots of William and Catherine ~ they are a stunning couple aren't they! Happy Sunday sweet girl. xo

  12. Hello! Sorry for being such a lousy blog friend..! I think about you often and wonder how your father is. Now I know.. It must be hard Simone and I hope you know we are all sending you tons of energy from all corners of the world. x

    Hope your weekend was full of energizing goodness and love, and that next week will be progressive.

    Hang on in there.

    x Charlotta

  13. Kate is looking more stunning ever day! perhaps it's happiness. It does have an affect on beauty! Beautiful pics x LondonZest

  14. Thinking of you, sweet Simone. It's such a trying time. I shed some tears over my Dad today, too. J x

  15. Hope you're okay Simone.

    I love Kate's dress too.

    Sade's great. I listened to Lover's Rock the other day, it's got some very good tracks on it too xx


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