....all my lovely images, saved so carefully in my "to-keep-for-future-reference-and-daily-inspiration" folder have been lost.....have looked everywhere....but they are gone!!
All my "favourites"...tumblrs, websites, etc....have also gone....arrghh!! 

I feel naked....eek!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!


  1. Commiserations! Have you consulted experts?? (Pretend the following is in tiny weeny print) >>> do you take back-ups.....?
    Only askin' cos I learned the hard way, and now have a mega byte-bustin' independent hard drive where I save all my precious pictures.

  2. I'm so sorry! Hope you find them, in the meantime I love this 'naked' photo x

  3. I think I would cry ~ literally! I actually saved all my stuff on a flash drive with a pretty pink ribbon! I hope you can retrieve all your beautiful photos Simone! xo

  4. Oh no! I hope you recover them soon.

  5. Oh honey that is terrible, I so hope you can recover them...fingers crossed.

    thank you for the link :)

  6. Oh noo!! I hope they come back... sometimes technology drives me crazy ;)

  7. Check your recycle bin to see if you deleted the entire folder holding your photos. If not there, go to Start, and then Search. It will pull up the Windows Search engine and do a search for .jpgs. As items come up you may find one of your photos and you can then track that path to see where the missing item is. Chances are you may have moved the folder accidently into another folder. Sea Witch

  8. Oh Dear, I am so sorry.

    I have some of my images on Flash Drive, not all though, and I must organize them so I can find them when needed.

    Art by Karena

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  9. Oh no Simone, that's awful! It's happened to me before but that's because I've overloaded my ancient laptop and haven't backed it up. Often they are still on there somewhere. I hope they turn up xx


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