Friday Fabulousness....

Summer perfection....

....give me a mug of tea and a book and I could sit here all day long.... true, even though sometimes the responsibility - and the potential to mess it up -  seems enormous....

Friday, full of freedom and's out!!

The first day of the hols always feels like a brand new page of a book....
full of endless possibilities....
time to do whatever we want....bliss :)

Hopefully the London rain will stop tomorrow and we can head to the market to buy ingredients for my daughter who has recently discovered the joys of cooking and has vowed to cook a new dish each week this holiday.
We will stop at the library and pick up a pile of books each and then we will stop for coffee/hot chocolate and just sit.
And chat.
Because we can.

One of my favourite moments this week involved my son.
Unlike my daughter who happily drifts through life, my son is a total planner and a strategist.
He has birthday and Christmas lists planned for the next few years, he (thinks he) knows what he will be doing when he is 10 and what being a teenager will mean for him.
For him, 5 (his current age) means this and being 10 will mean that.
Life is pretty busy when you're a growing boy (I so can't wait to see what he grows up to be!!)

Anyway....he has been practising for a very long time both his whistling and clicking his fingers, dreaming of the day when sounds would magically be produced....
it's been a lo-o-o-ng time happening.
Would you believe that suddenly this week, he can do both.
I could have cried - in fact I might have done so, it's been an emotional week - when he burst in one morning clicking and whistling at the same time.

How fabulous to be so happy at such simple - but wonderful - achievements....

That same evening he is on the phone to my brother demonstrating his new found musical abilities and I overhear him saying....
"So when"....(love that he said not if but WHEN!)....."I'm in a band and they need a clicker, I'll be THE ONE"!!

Absolutely precious....I do love that little man :)

Have a wonderful week-end!!
(PS If you would to write a guestpost for me for the month of August, please email me!)

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  1. Love this post.I have just added you to my blog ♥ on In Style KIDS

  2. don't you just love when your little ones accomplish the 'big' goal of the moment that their 'entire' life to date has been focused's the most endearing time and one that warms my heart so much.

    beautiful post simone!

  3. Your son sounds so precious, what a wonderful accomplishment for him - the things that our kids come up with are priceless indeed! Your weekend sounds wonderful! So fun that your daughter is into cooking! Happy, happy weekend, dear friend! xxoo :)

  4. Stumbled upon your blog and have just spent ten minutes really enjoying your posts and photographs, what great blog you have.

  5. Dear Simone,
    The school holidays do make life easier don't they and so many days to do whatever you like ( within reason !!)I know you always make the most of your time with the children when they are on holiday and take them all over London. How lovely that your daughter is taking an interest in cooking...... and, your son must be made up that he can whistle and click.....very important when you are 5 !! I am very good at whistling with my fingers so, if he would like any lessons ?!! I can also click with my tongue.....not many people can do that !!
    Have a wonderful weekend ..... the sun's out and the sky is blue at last. XXXX

  6. Ah the return of FF! Lovely to see and what a gorgeous selection of images; you must have put this post together andflet quietly quite pleased with yourself as it's a beauty! Love that White dress with the bib detail...any idea where from? I sit in my sorry-to-say rather dismal Cornish cottage kitchen looking out at more rain! Unreal! Off to the Eden project then! Your boy sounds a delight, with that perseverance he will go far in life. And a cooking daughter? Can you give me the secret?! Lou x

  7. Wonderful! The sun is trying to shine in my part of London and I hope it shines on you too. Enjoy the weekend and happy Friday!

  8. You have a very refreshing and beautiful blog. I love your comment on raising children. You have such wisdom in deciphering your children's strengths
    Hope the weather improves, today in Toronto is is 38C. It seems is is either too hot somewhere or too wet elsewhere, either way we will make the most of it. I love the concept of cooking a new meal daily.
    May your week be joyful
    Helen xx

  9. Great post, I almost cried reading about your son and could almost feel his zest for life, and could so relate to your emotion in his achievement (only a mom could relate to this) I love your pictures and if you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy. I have to admit at times i have felt this way and it goes so against who i am (happy go lucky, go with the flow,enjoy the moment,etc....) and this is so incredibly true. We must take time out to enjoy, stop and reflect and savor the simple things in life. Thank you for the reminder, this was a perfect post for me to read before I start my day!! Enjoy yours.

  10. what beautiful and gorgeous inspirations always to find on your lovely Blog! have a wonderful weekend with your lovelies! xoxo

  11. hello gorgeous girl...this is just what i needed- a little simone moment of family magic, with some gorgeous images!!
    i can't bear to tell our little lovely audrey that your son has got the clinking and whistling and band thing sorted- she's 6 and still desp trying on all those fronts!

    just back from oz, jet lagged and happy the sun has come out for the last day of's my birthday so we are putting our last few weeks of sadness behind us and focusing on some NZ wine and thai food with friends...

    enjoy the clicking- no doubt you'll hear it all holidays- and rightly so!
    melissa xx

  12. Beautiful pictures, as usual Simone! That is so sweet that he came in doing his clicking and whistling. It's amazing what kiddos can do when they put their mind to it! I think both of your babies are going to grow up as wonderful people - they have you as an example! :)

  13. Oh how I have missed you. I love the story of your little man ~ he is a prince! Hope the rain stopped for you and you made it to the market and the library. Hugs to you sweet girl ~ now off I dash to catch up with the other posts I have missed. xo

  14. You children sound lovely. I wish I could click and whistle like your son. I wish I could do that really brilliant whistling when people cheer. The Actor can. I' so jealous.

    Enjoy the holidays xx


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