Friday Fabulousness....

....seriously, would you ever leave this place?

....a daughter, a sister, a North London girl like amazing voice that can't fail to move you....
only 27 years old....RIP Amy.

Happy's to the week-end!!

The White Company



  1. Brilliant as always the 'you are not a tree' quote!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Love the You are the Flow quote. What book is that from?

  3. love the quote a new one on sneaking bits of lindt excellence dark chocolate with sea salt from under my desk waiting for wine o'clock...happy friday!!

  4. wow breathtaking pics. love those rainbow popsicles! happy friday! xo

  5. I am indeed not a tree...hah I love that! I must print that out and stick it on my fridge. So a week over seem to be back in the groove of blogging now which is wonderful for us all as a little bit of Friday fab is forever welcome. I love how you always draw out current affairsin your posts, the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse the point in question. No words...
    Have a restful weekend sweet, Lou x

  6. Have a great weekend Simone!! I adore the blue and gold gown, and all of the images are divine!


    Art by Karena

  7. Beautiful blog as always lovely friend - I find it extra soothing for the soul this evening! xxx

  8. Beautiful images, the quotes, as you well know! So terribly devastating about Amy, much too young! I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your family! xxoo :)

  9. Oh my ~ too many ones that I could not possibly pick a favorite although I do adore that dress and those popsicles! Have a fabulous week-end sweet girl. xo

  10. Wow! you always have the most gorgeous images which always gives me "blog envy!"
    I love the picture of Amy Winehouse; never seen such a serene picture of her before; lovely!
    I also love the quote about us not being trees; brilliant, and a great reminder when we are feeling a bit stuck ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend sweets.
    Hugs from Spain xx

  11. I set the "you are not a tree" as my background...very inspiring.

  12. hello lovely...
    change is ok...i'm beginning to get my head around it a little....
    i can move countries but not emotional move from what i know just yet....

    that darling voice of Amy W...bless her & her family...
    to young to go yet...

    and NO i would never move from that pool...or that view...or that sunshine...

    melissa xx

  13. Such an extraordinarily beautiful blog that always brightens my day. XoXo

  14. How are you doing my dear? You've been on my mind.


  15. Great quote and lovely pictures.

    RIP Amy. I feel sorry for her parents.

    Hope your weekend was fun xx


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