My and My Hair

....a few days ago I had my hair cut.
it's just too short....
not really short, just - apparently - too short for me to be able to do anything with it!

today I am wondering how - with my age, (relative) wisdom and having been to hairdressers SO many times over the years - i let that happen??!!
i guess it looked fine in the salon and of course the hairstylist worked his magic and i was blissfully unaware - and quite satisfied.
the problem began when the next day when i washed it and hated it!

i live in an area where hair salons are plentiful and over the years I have tried most of them.
i have now returned to the salon i first started with when i moved to the area around 16 years ago.

i know it is normal practice in cities such New York to visit the hair salon for a blow-dry (or blow-out) but i used to go only when i needed a hair-cut.

this last year however i have discovered the restorative powers and the sheer bliss that a blow-dry can bring ....
so much so that my friends now joke that it is my happy place ;)

it must be said that my hairdresser A is indeed a genius with a hairdryer, i barely have to look up from my magazine....
he knows exactly what to do to perform the perfect transformation.
he does the opposite of what i used to request on my salon visits - ignoring my instructions to straighten my wavy hair - and he's right, it's perfect for me, dead straight does not suit my face shape.

another girl at the salon colours and highlights my hair the perfect golden brown and has finally found the perfect shade for me.

on my last visit though A suggested that he add a few more layers and "trim" my hair - to which i happily agreed....and now, somehow, it's just too short.
it's not Emma Watson short, i can still put it in a ponytail and i know that it's summer and my hair grows two weeks time it will probably be perfect
and i'm sensible enough to realise that it's just hair and it's not the end of the world :)

i'm not precious about my hair at all
(as a mother of two who usually only has 5 mins, if i'm lucky, to dry her hair each morning, I can't afford to be!)
 - but this event did get me wondering how it is that this happened - and what a strange place the hairsalon can be - you are totally at the mercy of the stylist!

get your hair right and you feel fabulous all day long...get it wrong and a bad hair day is no fun at all....what is a girl to do?!

i honestly don't think i have ever had the perfect hairstyle, not one i have been able to maintain myself anyway....
i'm certainly not unrealistic and i don't march into the hairsalon clutching a photo of Penelope Cruz or Jennifer Aniston whilst thinking that I want their hair (even if secretly I am coveting it!)
but why is my perfect hairstyle so unattainable?

i love a good hair product and have certainly tried enough of them over the years....altho i know products can only achieve so much

....are shiny, glossy, long and healthy locks too much to ask for?

....and will it ever happen to me?!

my journey will - no doubt - continue!!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I am, without fail, always nervous about going to the hairdresser for precisely this reason! And then the worst part is, I never tell them if I am unhappy with the cut, because I figure well, what are they going to do? The last thing I want them to do is try to overcorrect by cutting off more hair, lol. I'm sure your cut looks lovely, but here's to fast hair growth so you are happy with it once again :)

  2. Oh!! I am with you 100% Why is so difficult to achieve 'my' perfect hair style?
    Something I notice with my hair is that always looks better after 1 week of a hair cut, no matter where I do it. Wait and see, yours may be the same...LOVE, Eliana

  3. I've finally found a hairdresser who gets me so travel about an hour to see her. Entirely worth it, as though I know London has aplentiful supply of hairdressers finding one who understands both you and your hair is pretty difficult.

    She has even given me a style I can maintain myself (when I have time) and alongside another stylist has taught me to embrace the waves.

    So yes, I totally get where you are coming from and hope that the two week turnaorund feels quick.

  4. You crack me up. You have fabulous hair - I so envy the thickness and body! I do know what you mean about being unaware until you are home though...
    I will send all of my hair-growing vibes your way!

  5. Ah, Simone, all those stars have EXTENSIONS & a stylist on stand-by, you know, they live exactly as we do.
    I know your hair is beautiful, heavy, this is just one more time you can rationalize "if it's not fatal or permanent" you can handle it. Chin up, lovie, you're gorgeous no matter what!!

  6. Ah, Simone - the neverending quest for the perfect hair style. I myself have had several truly awful haircuts, but now I have such a miracle worker that is my stylist - I just sit back and let her work her magic - she will never cut more than I want, as I like to keep a certain length and her blow drying prowess is perfection! When I was in my teen years I would always ask my mom why she wastes her money on going to a stylist and she would always say " This is my one luxury in life" Now I truly get it - it's mine too! :) Happy Wednesday, my friend! xxoo

  7. I've never managed the decent cut either - it always looks fine in the salon.. until you get it home. And let's not talk about 1980s perms...

  8. Hello dear Simone!! It has been far too long since I stopped by here. You are SO right -- a perfect hair day can really make everything feel just so amazing, can't it?! It is true what Splenderosa said... the celebrities have a million options at their fingertips, and any hairstyle at any moment is pretty much there's to own! Not to mention the stylists getting paid big bucks to make it happen. Wouldn't that be nice?? Oh I dream! What Mimi Charmante said is also true... you have absolutely gorgeous thick and volumous hair! Truly enviable! :)


  9. Hi mate, I recently got all mine chopped off, and although I hesitated a little, I actually wanted it done. I had been growing it for 5 years and was just over it. It takes so long to do your hair when its long. It never ever looks like it does in these pictures ( wich are stunning by the way). Now it takes me 10 minutes with the straightner instead of an hour. That's precious time! I love it.

  10. Just had to comment in resounding agreement, iffy hair goes wrong it is disaster! Iam ridiculously,monogamous with hairdresesers and have use one person for fifteen years! I go in a cold sweat at the idea of someone else, as sadly my younger years were littered with bad haircuts. Too short, too light, too dark you name it! Now I think I know what is pretty much spot on...give or take...thank goodness. The challenge will be when I discover i need short hair as I am a woman of a certain age....hmmmm Lou x

  11. P.S. Can't yout tell that comment was typed on an iPad. What were we saying about the bloody autofill?? X

  12. I feel for you, but I'm sure your hair looks great. I hear other women looking forward to going to the hairdresser - me - I fear it. I'm blessed with a hay stack on my head -they can sort of tame it at the hairdresser's, which makes me slightly optimistic when I leave - but the next day - alas, we're back to the same old.

  13. I really feel for you but as you say it will be okay in a few weeks and at least it's not REALLY short.

    I've had variations of the same hairstyle for years now and was thinking of cutting it off but you've made my mind up as I know I'll think it's too short too. Thank you Simone, you've done me a favour without knowing it xx


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