Thursday Smiles....

I never watch scary movies ever ever ever....
just to give you an idea, the most frightening movie I've seen is "The Silence of the Lambs"....
and I only saw that because I was on a date!!
I was absolutely terrified :)
This quote did make me laugh though!!

It's been a busy week so far, I actually had to double-check it was Thursday today, time flies!
Lots of tennis.....
Tuesday was spent in town, along the river and London's South Bank then via Trafalgar to the new M&M store to Chinatown for fabulous food....

And today, blue skies and sunshine are back.....happy, happy, happy!!!

Having one of my favourite kind of days today....
a hotchpotch mix of a bit of this and bit of that....
decluttering, reading, lots of cups of tea and music all day long
the kind of day you can only have when time is no issue at all.... true, I love this quote!!

....this made me laugh!

I saw "Horrible Bosses" last night and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I might, I thought it might end up too slapstick....some very funny moments in it!

In my last full time job I had a horrible boss -
I worked through both my pregnancies there and now wonder how I did it!!
However, I lasted longer than any of his previous assistants, apparently because I stood up to him and he (in a very weird way) respected that.
Not that it stopped him behaving like an a*se though!!
Go my American friends say ;)
I don't miss those days at one bit....

Happy Thursday!!


  1. Love all these pictures!! And the funny saying about in a scary movie, how the "bad guy" isnt going to exactly asking if you want a sandwich. Sounds like a good but busy week for you......enjoy!

  2. I always read your bog but rarely comment because all I can think is 'wow, great pics'... nothing more original than that.
    The first pic made me want to go home, put my hair up and slick on my favourite coral lippy. The killer quote made me laugh, and the brotip is SO true! And how cute is that little boy - a pic like that can't fail to make anyone smile.
    So, this time I'd like to say think you for taking the time to put these together, today and everyday.
    Thank you

  3. obviously I meant I read your blog... not bog.

  4. Hello! So the quote on not remembering the nights you got plenty of sleep is so apt today! I got hardly any last night and the ball was just the best party ever! Honestly I was blown away by how much fun we had! So I am all for missed sleep today! Lou x

  5. i am.
    i am smiling like i mean it.

    but it would be so much easier if that
    gentleman with the hat
    would come knocking at my door.


  6. Wonderful Simone!! I am smiling and indeed ready to face the day!! Send that good looking man my way before he visits Renee! Ha!


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  7. haha! I never ever watch scary movies either! that chicken I am!

  8. A beautiful post the quotes...especially the 3rd one...really made me laugh :)
    Sounds like you're having a fabulous day and ice cream too!

  9. Well, we are kindred spirits in that I never ever watch scary movies - the last one that I saw was when I was a teenager (many lifetimes ago.) That work quote made me laugh - that is definitely me! :) Promise me that you will save that nice London weather for me! Have a fabulous day/evening, Simone!! P.S. I always smile like I mean it...(love that quote!) xxoo

  10. Love your post Simone, and great you can't remember what day it is; means you are really having fun.
    Your images are always brilliant!
    Is that your little boy in the penultimate image?

  11. Oh I love that Brotip! I'm really not one for going to bed early so this makes me feel less guilty about it!

  12. Great post. I never see scary movies either! I have nightmares 10 years after. Love the quotes - all of them.


  13. One of my favorite posts ever. So beautiful, so true. So simple and so much said. Fun-fun-fun, too ;)

  14. I saw that first quote the other night and literally laughed out load ~ I had to read it to Trev. So glad you are enjoying your summer holidays as you have had a busy week. Keep on enjoying every single moment ~ you deserve to kick back. Hugs from across the pond. xo

  15. I love those quotes, they are so funny! As for the scary movies, oh my goodness, Silence of the Lambs is one of the scariest ever!!!

  16. I can handle suspense, but not horror.

  17. I love the horror film quote. I don't watch them either as I jump too much.

    I need the sleep quote on my kitchen wall! I love it! xx


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