Tell Me Something : Kimberly Taylor Images

Town or Country? 
country within close proximity of the city

Music or Books?
this is one I simply can not choose between!

Perfect day - shopping/spa or doing absolutely nothing?
spa day! I can't imagine doing nothing

London, Paris, New York or Sydney?
that is tough - I am completely torn between Paris and London - I adore both!

Bread or Cake? cake

McDreamy or McSteamy?
McSteamy. sigh...

Romantic Hero or Action Hero?
action - Jason Statham baby!

Prince William or Prince Harry?
funny you should ask - I would probably choose Harry

Catherine or Pippa?
oh how I adore Catherine - the epitome of style and grace

Heels or favourite winter boots?
winter boots - which in Seattle means either hunter rain boots or fabulous riding boots

French chic or Italian sex appeal?
French chic - while I would love to lean towards sexy, I am painfully classic

Chocolate or Coffee?
again - really? I have to choose? probably coffee
(if stranded on an island and could only have ONE)

Great shoes or gorgeous underwear?
i have a shoe "issue" but would love to also have a lingerie issue

Pedicure, manicure or massage?
pedicure - complete with long, luxurious foot and leg massage

Talk it out or keep it to yourself?
talk it out - that is what fabulous girlfriends are for!

Karaoke - first to sing, last to sing or absolutely-no-way-not-ever?
i would have to be painfully inebriated in order to do so... it is in the best interest of all within earshot....

1. One beauty product or routine that you would recommend or can't live without? water -
I am a firm believer in staying hydrated as it is good for you on multiple levels.
2. One book you would recommend to anyone or that you love and often return to?
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
Light reading but I LOVE imagining living in that era
3. One item that you would take to a desert island (can't be a person!)?
my macbook - while I can survive without food or water, I MUST be connected to the world's goings-on!
4. One life-changing moment?
The biggest would have to be my first email to my husband - blind set-up by email and it definitely changed my life.

5. One movie that makes you cry every time?
I don't watch many movies more than once, but am a frequent cryer at movies....
6. Who would play the handsome hero in the movie of your life?
Jason Statham

7. How long have you known your oldest friend?
since first grade - Jen is my oldest friend and like a sister to me
8. Your favourite book/movie/song?
I don't have a favorite book or song, but love the Wizard of Oz

9. Three dream cities you have yet to visit?
Morocco, the countryside of Viet Nam, and Prague
10. Three things still on your bucket list?
do more European road trips with my husband, see Viet Nam, return to India - wow, all travel related, and yet this is what gets me the most excited.

11. School days - happy or sad, good or bad memories?
Happy - I tend to forget the bad in the past
12. What - or who - always makes you feel better on those more challenging days?
hands down - my husband. he knows me better than anyone and knows exactly what I need on a bad day.

13. Recommend a blog to us?
Forty Six That Grace .... love the writing and photography.

14. Happier now than you were at 20....honestly?!
ABSOLUTELY! Happier now than I have ever been

Please describe yourself in ONE WORD ONLY :)

And finally, what is the one thing you know for sure?
I know that happiness and grace on the inside make a girl prettier on the outside.
Plain and simple.

Kim writes lives just outside Seattle and writes Kimberly Taylor Images....

She is an accomplished photographer and all of the images you see above are hers.
She has a gorgeous home complete with handsome husband, FOUR boys and a variety of animals :)
She loves France, has travelled extensively, she's a great cook and a wonderful friend.

I have known her for over 10 years now and it was she who got me into blogging.
Her blog/website is an inspiration  - as is she - and a lovely place to visit.

She 's the kind of person who makes you think - in the best possible way - that you should be doing more with your life and that there's a whole world of wonderful experiences out there :)
I want to be just like her....never gonna happen but I can but try ;)

Thanks Kim XX

Kim is on the left....


  1. Simone,

    Thank you for introducing me to Kim!! I will visit her site, I love her choices!


    Art by Karena

  2. Oh Simone, you are such a dear sweet friend. Thank you for having me - I am so thankful to call you friend after all of these years. I hope you are having the most glorious holiday and can't wait until my next trip to London!
    Much love,

  3. Can I just say that I adore this girl and cannot wait until the day we meet in person. I am having so much fun reading these Simone ~ you are brilliant! xo

  4. I loved this! This was so great, I feel like i know her now! I so love the last thing she said about happines on the inside makes a girl prettier on the outside, hallelujah to that!! Well done.......

  5. absolutely LOVED this!!!! xoxo

  6. gorgeous lovely Kim...who has one of the first blogs i ever fell in love with...

    i can imagine being a life long friend to such a great girl- i love that her bucket list is full of travel hopes and aims- a girl after my own heart!

    and Kim- Morocco is stunningly inspiring- i had a week there with my husband this past January and i don't think i put my camera down at all....

    i'll do your india- and you do my morocco...

    melissa- miss sew & so

  7. hello kim & simone!!
    love to swing by and get a little visit with both of you.


  8. Great questions....fab answers....xv

  9. I am LOVING these guest posts! What a great list of questions. I really want to answer them myself now! Love Kim's answers, especially what she knows for sure. Happiness and grace. What we can all strive for.

  10. Me again! Thanks so much for the offer, Simone. I would really love to write one of these guest posts! Unfortunately, my vacation coincides with yours. I leave tonight for Italy and won't be back until the end of the month. (Yippee!) But definitely keep me in mind for the future, as I'd love to participate!

  11. I love my girl Kim!!!! I just wish we lived closer... What a fun idea this post is!!

  12. What a wonderful interview with Kimberly! Her blog was one of the first that captivated me when I started blogging this year.

  13. Simone ~

    How lovely to see Kim and her gorgeous images and fun answers here! Love knowing there is a 10 year history between you two wonderful women.



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