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Hey, I'm Sophie from The Littlest Things. I am a serious long-time reader of Simone's blog. I think her blog was the first blog which I stumbled upon. Since then we have become the best of blog friends and I think of her as being my UK mum. She is so lovely! So, I am extremely happy to be guest posting for her today.

Town or Country? 
I'm definitely a town/city girl. But the idea of escaping to the country is so magical. I need to make it happen more often!

Music or Books? 
It definitely used to be music. But now I think it's a tie between the two. I have so many books I want and need to read but everytime I get to the bookshop I always forget which ones I'm looking for. Think I need to ask Simone for a list haha.

Perfect day - shopping/spa or doing absolutely nothing? 
Shopping and Spa would is my idea of the best day ever.

London, Paris, New York or Sydney?

 Sydney...all the way! It has to be the most amazing city, with the most incredible beaches on your door step. But after that it's New York. Only because I haven't visited it yet.

Bread or Cake? 

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake....CAKEE!!

McDreamy or McSteamy? 
McDreamy all the way. So beautiful and sexy. I have a major crush on him haha.

Romantic Hero or Action Hero?
It would have to be a bit of a mixture.

Prince William or Prince Harry? 
Prince William.

Catherine or Pippa?
 Catherine for sure. She has to be the most beautiful person in the world.

Heels or favourite winter boots? 

This is a toughy...I would have to say heels. Probably only because you don't really need proper winter boots in Sydney.

French chic or Italian sex appeal? 
French chic. Italian sex appeal has to be done perfectly otherwise it's a bit Euro-trash.

Chocolate or Coffee? 
This one is way too tough. I actually can't call it

Great shoes or gorgeous underwear? 
It has to be great shoes. But if it were between shoes and bags then I wouldn't be able to choose between them either.

Pedicure, manicure or massage? 
Ohh it's a tough one between pedicure and massage. I think it has to be massage.

Talk it out or keep it to yourself? 
Definitely talk it out. I can never keep anything which is worrying me to myself. People know straight away when I'm not myself.

Karaoke - first to sing, last to sing or absolutely-no-way-not-ever? 
Haha definitely depends on how many drinks I have had before the idea of Karaoke comes up. I would probably be the second to get up and sing. Always have to let someone go before me.

1. One beauty product or routine that you would recommend or can't live without? I have never had the discipline or the patience to get into a proper beauty routine. But when living in Australia, the beauty product which I would recommend the most is sun cream, sun cream and more sun cream. And drinking lots of water. But everyone says that don't they.

2. One book you would recommend to anyone or that you love and often return to? Either A Thousand Splendid Suns or The Kite Runner, written by the same author. I loved those books so much.

3. One item that you would take to a desert island (can't be a person!)? Probably a pen and paper to write all my thoughts down. (I cheated a bit as that's two items...oops).

4. One life-changing moment? Meeting my boyfriend, George. If I hadn't met him then I doubt I would be living in the U.K right now. And that is majorly life-changing, since I'm all the way on the other side of the world. :)

5. One movie that makes you cry every time? So many do but I would have to say Mamma Mia. Especially the part when they sing "Slipping through my fingers".

6. Who would play the handsome hero in the movie of your life? 
Either Jake Gyllenhaal or Bradley Cooper.

7. How long have you known your oldest friend? I've known them since I was 2. So it's been 20 years!

8. Your favourite book/movie/song? Favourite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns (but that's not including the Harry Potter series), favourite movie is Notting Hill and favourite song is probably anything by Angus & Julia Stone.

9. Three dream cities you have yet to visit? 
New York, Berlin, Stockholm.

10. Three things still on your bucket list? Learn to speak another language, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, take cooking or photography classes (or both).

11. School days - happy or sad, good or bad memories? 
(playing basketball for my school)
Overall...happy and good memories. There are always a few teenage dramas.

12.  What - or who - always makes you feel better on those more challenging days? My mum - hands down! And George of course.

13. Recommend a blog to us? Fash-n-Chips. Christine takes some beautiful photos and has inspiring style.

14. Happier now than you were at 20....honestly?! 20 was not too long ago for me. I feel very much the same person. But I do feel happier than 2 years ago. I started a blog within the 2 years and it makes me so happy. 

Please describe yourself in ONE WORD ONLY :) Optimistic.


  1. So glad Soph said Sydney! I got worried when I read that question.

  2. i love love sophie. she has been my saving grace here in England...until she left me for Wales..

    love u soph. xx

  3. Simone, thank you for featuring Sophie, she is a dear.

    It is always so interesting to see what one has in common! I loved The Kite Runner. We read it in Book Club!

    Come and join my new fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  4. Thank you so much for doing this Sophie, you are my little ray of always!!!!!!

    Love The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns, bith brilliant books.

    I liked Bradley Cooper until I saw him on Graham Norton recently, he was a jerk. I was v. disappointed!! Maybe I could just ask him not to talk & I could just gaze upon him!!

    But there's always McDreamy....always lovely :)

    Love all your answers, you are certainly optimistic & a girl who defines getting the most out of life & looking on the bright side :)

    You will absolutely LOVE NYC when you do get there, it's the most fabulous city ever :)

    Love to you sweetheart X

  5. This was so fun to read! I am a town/city girl as well, but trips to the country are absolutely necessary true! ...and Catherine is just amazing, isn't she?!


  6. Sophie continually brings a smile to my face. "Optimistic" IS the best word for her.. and that's why I love her so much.

  7. My sweet Sophie, I loved your answers; you're always great for a questionnaire! And if I could have just some of your optimism I'd be rather pleased! Lou x

  8. Wonderful post - I love Sophie's blog too! Wonderful responses, and I do love the optimism as well!

  9. Hi Sophie, thanks for sharing. Yes we all love Simones blog and are continually inspired by her.

  10. this series is so sweet:) and i totally relate to Sophie!


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