Tell Me Something : Wildflowers

Town or Country?
I am a small town girl that adores the country ~ how is that for skirting the question!

Music or Books?
OK ~ I cannot choose ~ I cannot imagine my life without either of these

Perfect day - shopping/spa or doing absolutely nothing?
Doing absolutely nothing ~ staying in my pj’s and reading a really good book

London, Paris, New York or Sydney?
Since I have only personally been to one I will have to say New York although London and Paris are on my bucket list

Bread or Cake?
Bread ~ hands down. Squishy fresh bread please

McDreamy or McSteamy?
McDreamy please ~ with whipped cream on top

Romantic Hero or Action Hero?
Romantic Hero all the way ~ I am a sap!

Prince William or Prince Harry?
Wills ~ I think Diana would be proud

Catherine or Pippa?
Catherine ~ she is stunning and carries herself so well. She seems comfortable in her own skin

Heels or favourite winter boots?
Although I cannot wear the heels that I used to I still love to drool over them

French chic or Italian sex appeal?
Ooh la la ~ give me Italian please

Chocolate or Coffee?
I need my coffee in the morning but I would never be able to give up chocolate

Great shoes or gorgeous underwear?
Great shoes all the way

Pedicure, manicure or massage?
Love my tootsies being pampered so a pedi for me please

Talk it out or keep it to yourself?
I tend to do a bit of both but talking it out is the healthier option

Karaoke - first to sing, last to sing or absolutely-no-way-not-ever?
I am usually in the first group of singers ~ it’s all about the music

1. One beauty product or routine that you would recommend or can't live without?
I take my makeup off every single night ~ wish I had of started this when I was in my 20’s. Moisturize each and every day ~ my fav is Victoria’s Secret Hand & Body Cream in Pear Glace

2. One book you would recommend to anyone or that you love and often return to?
I so enjoyed reading Water for Elephants and would recommend it to anyone

3. One item that you would take to a desert island (can't be a person!)?
My MP3 player or an iPad with endless battery life!

4. One life-changing moment?
This is a sad one but it would be the day I lost my Dad. It was the first time that I truly felt such a deep loss and having that hole in my heart was huge and changed my life and how I see some things

5. One movie that makes you cry every time?
Dumbo makes me cry and so does Armageddon ~ yup and action packed movie and I was a slobbering idiot!

6. Who would play the handsome hero in the movie of your life?
Richard Gere ~ I could watch him read the phone book

7. How long have you known your oldest friend?
Well since we started Grade 1 together it would have to be Robyn & Tracey ~ we have been friends for 41 years ~ wow I am old!

8. Your favourite book/movie/song?
I have some favourite authors but not one book that I would call my fav.
Pretty Woman has always been on my fav movie list along with St. Elmo’s Fire and Shawshank Redemption.
There are so many songs that speak to me ~ I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack ~ Crazy for You by Madonna and Switchin to Glide by the Kings are on my playlist.

9. Three dream cities you have yet to visit?
London (because of a special girl), Nashville (for my love of country music) and Las Vegas (it is a place that Trev & I want to experience together)

10. Three things still on your bucket list?
Travel, travel, travel and see as much as I can see

11. School days - happy or sad, good or bad memories?
I had lots of friends and had great times so all in all very happy memories

12. What - or who - always makes you feel better on those more challenging days?
I turn to my blog list when I need a chuckle or want to feel inspired

13. Recommend a blog to us?
Farmgirl Paints ~ Becky is such a beautiful person inside and out. I love her honesty, her photography and her faith. It is one of my must reads.
(I read Becky's blog too Lori and love it, it's a great read. I really like Becky, she is wonderfully honest.)

14. Happier now than you were at 20....honestly?!
I am wiser and more content with myself now so I would have to say that I am happier now. I had a blast in my 20’s ~ did some stupid things but I lived through them.

Please describe yourself in ONE WORD ONLY :)
Loyal (kind of makes me sound like a dog!)

And finally, what is the one thing you know for sure?
I know that girlfriends are truly the best treasures in the world.
Whether they have been by your side for years and years or loving you from afar.
No one can tell you like it is or pick you up and dust you off like a girlfriend can.
We are all sisters in our own special way.

Lori is from Canada and writes the blog Wildflowers ....
we've known each other for over 10 years now and - thankfully for me - she is, quite simply, part of my every day XX


  1. Beautiful, Lori! I agree 100% about your last comment about girlfriends, they are simply the air we breathe! I'm not too surprised but we have a bit in common too! :) Have a fab day! xxoo :)

  2. Loved this as I do every time you feature many great answers that I could relate to, hiliarious about mcsteamy with whipped cream on top!
    Girlfriends being treasures? Oh how true it is!

  3. Oh Simone ~ I so so love your last comment ~ you make me feel all squishy inside. Hugs to you sweet girl. xo

  4. I agree, Lori is one of the most amazing and beautiful women I've known. LOVE this interview and her! Thanks for sharing her with all your followers Simone!!

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