Monday Musings....

....last week was an incredible week - and not necessarily incredible in a good way!
maybe bizarre would be a better description since i spent most of the feeling quite flummoxed as the days passed and situations unfurled.

i am practical and positive enough to at least try to maintain a sense of perspective about it all and realise that worse things happen at sea  and "this too shall pass"....

maybe when just two weeks ago i said that i needed some new things in my life, the universe really took me very seriously!!
who knows....

so, in an attempt to organise my thoughts, here are my six-word monday musings :)

rain clouds. heavy skies. grey London.

winter boots. snuggly scarves. almost time.

this morning's class: latin dance. phew!

cinema this week - "Crazy.Stupid.Love"

college today, love being a student!

you least expect it = stuff happenng.

old friends, new friends. both essential.

november. train trip. daughter + american friend :)

kindness of strangers, i'm very fortunate.

new opportunities. you just never know.

"The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake"

hot milk. lavender honey. such comfort.

too much talking. not always good!

in conclusion, very often life does not work out as you expected it to, even with the best possible planning.
it's too early to say yet if that's a good thing but i suspect it will be fine....

i had to pack up some food today for something i am doing.
i came home this morning having dropped my children at school to find they had written me a poem, decorated it with kisses and hidden it in one of the containers!
i knew today was going to be a good day!

Happy Monday!!


  1. hope all is well
    bizarre weeks...sigh.....
    thinking of you :)

  2. Dear Simone,
    I hope that, even though you are obviously going through something difficult, I hope that you are coping OK. I'm afraid that life throws us some curved balls sometimes.
    On a lighter note, I think that the scarves and boots will have to stay in the cupboard this week as temperatures are set to reach 80F this week.
    I know that you will deal with things with your wonderful atitude and come through unscathed. Thinking of you Simone. XXXX

  3. Oh do hope things all work out honey. That was just adorable from your children...just when you need it, right.
    All the very best,
    hugs Deej

  4. Life does have a way of keeping us on our toes, doesn't it? I hope you're able to continue to take it on with such a positive attitude. Certainly your kids know how to help - adorable! Gorgeous pictures as always, and love the six-word musings. Happy Monday!

  5. Your kids know just what to do, don't they! Sending love and hugs, sweet friend. xxoo :)

  6. Awwwwh! what darlings you have. Hope you were wearing waterproof mascara ;-)
    Sim, I remmeber seeing a quote somewhere (can't remember where) and it's always stuck with me. It is "Make God/Universe laugh; make a plan". It helps me to try and get perspective when something knocks me back.
    Sending you BIG hugs Sweets xx

  7. No-one is better placed than you dear Simone to cope with a little topsy-turviness in life - no-one.
    Millie xx

  8. Here I am on Wednesday night reading Monday's post ~ so I guess I do not have to tell you how my week is going! I am intrigued by your list and I need to know which American friend you will be seeing in Nov ~ if it was Oct I would guess that it was Kim ~ do tell ~ tell me everything!! xo


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