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The lovely people at Philips contacted me a couple of months ago to ask if I would be interested in testing their upcoming revolutionary new ironing system PerfectCare.

Anything that saves me any amount of time when it comes to housework can only be a good thing and so I happily said yes.

I would like to add that I get frequents requests to review quite a number of products but I have a strict rule that I will only say yes if I know I am actually going to use the product and if I am genuinely interested in it -
and I only write a review if the product is very good.

So...let me tell you about PerfectCare...the "science bit" first....

The Philips PerfectCare iron is the first steam generator without the need to adjust the temperature or steam setting. This is made possible through Philips’ creation of ‘Optimal Temp’ technology, which not only makes ironing easier, but is gentler on every kind of ironable fabric, and faster than any other steam generator.

Key features:
• Optimal Temp – the perfect combination of temperature and steam for all ironable fabrics, whether it’s delicates or linen
• Easier ironing: New premium SteamGlide soleplate coating gives better glide – even at lower temperatures - and provides a longer life span
• Extended life span thanks to the easy De-Calc feature, which offers hassle free calcium and lime deposit removal; less than one minute to effectively rinse the boiler (with no shaking, and no need to take the appliance to the sink)
• 2 minute startup time
• High steam performance with up to 6 bars of steam pressure/120g per minute of steam output (with a boost of up to 260g possible)
• Carry lock to securely handle iron
• 1.5L detachable water tank for up to 2 hours of ironing without refilling, with the ability to refill the water tank at any time
• Auto-off feature which shuts down appliance after 10 minutes

via Daily Mail

It has never been possible to deliver both steam with enough pressure and one temperature which is gentle enough for use on all fabrics…until PerfectCare.

Over the last 3 years, Philips has worked with the worlds best fabric specialists to understand how ironing can be improved. They found out that to remove all creases and for perfect ironing on all ironable garments, between 90-100 degrees of heat and moisture is required.

PerfectCare and Optimal Temp technology offers the perfect combination of one optimal temperature safe for use on all ironable fabrics, plus high steam pressure.

What I can tell you is that I love it - and that it works.
I am absolutely not a gadget person, I am not good with manuals, I like things that work and work immediately.
The Philips PerfectCare is really easy to use and it irons brilliantly.
I love the "steam" aspect of it - it irons clothes quickly and to a very high standard, producing totally crease-free items every time and very easily.
The fact that you don't have to change the setting for different fabrics is a real bonus, definitely saving time and effort.

I have to tell you that this handsome iron - with its technology and impressive-looking water-tank base - caught my husband's eye - and he specifically requested that I tell you that he liked it too.
Really liked it. Liked it enough to use it on a regular basis.
And that has to be a good thing :)

I also tested it on items that I would usually send to the dry cleaners and it was excellent.
Success all round.

Testing and reviewing the new iron coincided with my Plan-To-Start-Some-New-Stuff and so I thought
I would do something each work specifically with the time that I figured the PerfectCare was saving me - my Philips PerfectCare project!
It was a great motivation for me and all will be revealed very soon.
Many thanks to Philips and the PerfectCare team.


  1. Hi Simone,
    Very interesting post. Thanks for the information. I will be sure to be on the look out for this amazing iron. Time to upgrade from my Rowenta for sure.


  2. Thanks for the review, Simone! I haaaate ironing, but maybe I could get over it if I had an iron that makes the chore less odious!

  3. My iron weighs a ton. Maybe it's time to check into a different one.

  4. But could it get to the bottom of the ironing basket Simone?? This sounds just the thing if I decided to take up ironing again...especially if your husband likes it - amazing! Meredy xo


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