Wedding : Kate Moss

Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino and Jude Law

The wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince on 11 July was a beautiful and very English affair....
a country church, 15 little bridesmaids in Bonpoint dresses, photos by Mario Testino, the most amazing guest list and a radiant Kate Moss wearing a stunning gown by John Galliano. Her wedding veil was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

I read somewhere that she wanted to have a very traditional wedding - exactly the kind of wedding that people didn't expect her to have and I love that.
She rarely, if ever, does interviews, and she is certainly her own person.
The couple looked blissfully happy and sounded absolutely gorgeous....who doesn't love an English country wedding!
For more details read here ....

The wedding photos appeared in Vogue September issue along with the photos below taken by Mario Testino....


  1. GORGEOUS!!! What sweet little bridesmaids!!!

  2. So lovely! Kate looks like a fairy in these pictures!

  3. I must buy that Vogue. Love this wedding so English I agree. And the very best part (well apart from all the different marquees for different bits of the night, just like a music festival - love it) is the way her hair looks really messy. I think it would have been strange for her to have super groomed shiny bride hair. Hope you are well xo

  4. I love the photo of all the bridesmaids. Too adorable.

  5. Adore the group photos, so lovely!!

    Art by Karena

  6. I have always loved her look. Her wedding was so refreshing. A dream

  7. Stunning wedding! Normally not such a fan of hers, but she really looks angelic here. x LondonZest

  8. I thought I was brought to fairyland when I saw the group picture. ha!

    This wedding is like a fairytale come true super gorgeous!!!! <3

  9. What a gorgeous wedding! Love Kate Moss!


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