Friday Fabulousness....


It's been a great week, the daily London sunshine has been an unexpected bonus....
my energy levels feel totally topped up....
which is a good thing since we now have a week's school holiday. Half-term already!

My son had his class assembly this morning....
I sat there thinking about what someone once said about wearing your heart outside your body when you have a child (or something like that)'s so true....
when you see your child in a situation like that,
remembering their one line  and beaming with pride,
it is so overwhelming, you can literally feel your heart filling with love and pride....
it's a lovely lovely thing and nothing else in the world matters :)

My soup, dancing class, cookery magazines to read, hopefully a long Sunday walk, childrens tennis tomorrow, finishing "Private Practice" season 2 and some TV catching up.

Thanks for all the lovely comments this week, have a brilliant week-end!

....such a gorgeous room....
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  1. My Simone, I can hear a real 'lift' in your voice. I am so delighted for you, Sweetheart. That makes me smile. J x

  2. How full your life is at the moment Simone......and, how good that is !
    Gorgeous images and that last me. You and Deej know me so well !!, if only my house actually LOOKED like that one !!
    Happy weekend to you and yours. XXXX

  3. I simply adore your blog! Cheers to a fantastic weekend to you!

  4. The lace on that white

  5. Sounds like a fabulous week! Enjoy the weekend, Simone! xxoo :)

  6. Hi honey, just love the sound of your weekend to come...happy days.

    Thank you so much for the linkup, that photo was my fav :)
    hugs Deej

  7. You are such a good Mama Simone ~ I can hear the pride as I read your words. You certainly have a busy week-end planned ~ enjoy it to the fullest. xo

  8. This post just resonated with me somehow and felt good reading it. Enjoy your weekend. Bushbelles xo

  9. Lovely photographs, and such an enchanting word picture of the sweet son at his assembly. :)

  10. It was an honor to have you comment on my blog Scrapbook as I have been following 2 of yours since I set up my blog in Dec. I use to live in London & dated a girl from Muswell Hill so I know your area well. There was a famous murder that took place in his street!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  11. Wow Sim! Your little boy sounds adorable, and I'm sure it's a moment you will never forget as long as you live. And a pile of cookery magazines? My bliss xx

  12. Awww sounds fab! Also love the images. Have a great weekend:-)


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