Happy Friday....

This has been one of my favourite weeks ever on my blog...
due mostly to the wonderful guestposts I have had from some fabulous girls willing to share their thoughts on their own "wellness & wellbeing".....
if you haven't read them yet, please go back and take a look....
there is a real wealth of experience and inspiration there.

My weekend ....

time spent away from my laptop
coffee with an-old-but-not-yet-met-friend
painting & decorating
a little bit of organisation
hunting for 4 old wooden kitchen chairs that I can paint myself
a Starbucks red cup....eggnog latte....
getting those Christmas wishlists finished
Saturday night TV
a beauty treatment or two
recipe hunting for some Christmas party dishes 
time alone with my six year old ie, treats,snuggles and apparently a midnight feast - how I can refuse?!
reading at least one of the stack of untouched magazines currently sitting next to my bed

and hopefully....
....music, dancing, good food, cake, a sunny day and some smiles....

Have a wonderful weekend!

The White Company


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  1. Sounds just wonderful, a bit of everything this weekend...perfect!

  2. Great quote! Sounds like a lovely time:-) Off to chk guest posts, enjoy your weekend miss!

  3. Dearest Simone,

    Lovely post with lots of soul-food tips in it. Hope you get to enjoy them over this weekend and feel warm and fuzzy when starting you new week off!
    Love to you,


  4. Morning Simone...yes I will definitely go back and reread the wellness posts - what an untapped source of information! Your weekend sounds lovely...alone time with magazines, sons, sweeties...whatever they are all fab. Lou x

  5. Sounds like a great list to me! I do have to go back and read your posts from this week ~ it has been such a hectic one and they will only get worse as the holiday season is upon us. Happy week-end sweet girl. xo

  6. My idea of a perfect weekend! What a fab list of loveliness. I can only imagine the fun you and Melissa had together on Saturday. Kindred spirits, I am sure. You sound impressively well organised. I hope you've had time to crack open those new mags. Joy!

    Hope you have a great week ahead with the lovely ones. Meredy xo

    p.s. I found the most amazing box of Christmas ribbon for a bargain price on the weekend and I swear, I feel like I've been living under the kiss of heaven ever since...I am SO shallow it's terrifying!

  7. The Wellness month has been great Simone. I missed some posts this week, so off now to catch-up xx

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I spent mine eating great food with family or in my pajamas. Success!


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