pureDKNY....One Drop At A Time

I recently discovered the beautiful fragrance pureDKNY and have been wearing it for the past few weeks....
I've been a fan of Donna Karan and her perfumes for years now....
light, gentle and refreshing, they suit me perfectly. 

Sensuous and tender, pureDKNY is the epitome of simple luxury - a drop of Vanilla in water as its signature note. The soft floral scent also features a Dew-drop Petal Accord, Lotus Flower, and Bulgarian Rose, which harmonize with the floral heart of Transparent Jasmine, Freesia and Lush Orchid. The finish is a cradle of warmth - White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood and a drop of Vanilla in water.

Because pureDKNY strives to be responsible, conscious and environmentally aware, it features authentic good will as its signature ingredient. The drop of Vanilla in water in each fragrance is sourced from vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women.

pureDKNY is partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, to help these women who are playing an integral role in the creation of the fragrance. It will help make a little difference in the world.

One drop at a time.

The packaging communicates its message in style and in substance. The clear glass bottle is inspired by a raindrop – all curves and no hard edges. The glass is 100% recyclable. The carton is printed with lower VOC inks and made from Certified Forest paper.

Donna Karan is passionate about empowering women and for pureDKNY worked with Care International and female vanilla farmers in Uganda to source one of the main ingredients. 

In keeping with designer Donna Karan’s commitment to the empowerment of
women, pureDKNY, the new fragrance for women, is partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty. A portion of pureDKNY’s funding will support CARE’s work in Uganda to train women in the practice of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), a proven approach to empowering women through increased income generating opportunities.

Uganda is a country greatly affected by significant levels of poverty. As in many developing world countries, women and girls tend to be the most affected by extreme poverty. They have fewer opportunities to gain an education or earn money, and carry a heavy burden of household responsibilities. Self-managed Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) offer these women the rare chance to save money – some for the first time in their lives – and take out loans from the group that they can invest in household needs, health care, their children’s education or income-generating activities.

By partnering with CARE on this initiative, pureDKNY aims to help expand CARE’s VSLA work, particularly focusing on vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women. A drop of vanilla from crops grown in Uganda, is the signature ingredient in each pureDKNY fragrance. Therefore, it was only natural that pureDKNY support the women there who are playing an integral role in the creation of this fragrance. According to Diane Kim, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Donna Karan Cosmetics, “Donna Karan has a long history of philanthropy and charity efforts, many specific to women’s causes. That is why we felt so strongly about uniting with CARE’s VSLA project in Uganda. There is credibility and authenticity to this partnership.”

“CARE is excited to work with pureDKNY on an initiative that will support women in Uganda, while also informing people around the world of the important role women play in breaking the cycle of poverty. The nearly 1,000 women that CARE will work with through pureDKNY’s support, will have the opportunity to create change for themselves, their families and their communities through increased income generating opportunities afforded them with the VSLA programs,” said Judith Aguga Acon, Team Leader for Economic Rights and Livelihoods, CARE Uganda.

In Uganda, CARE expects to help more than 135,000 women establish new VSLAs y 2012. VSLA members consistently report increased incomes and livelihood security, sustained investment in their children’s education and health, greater self-confidence and increased respect from others. This work will not only impact the lives of participating women, but it will contribute to, and advance, the objectives of CARE’s continent-wide ACCESS AFRICA signature program.

The following clip features Donna Karan and spokesperson Angela Lindvall talking about the pureDKNY project.

Live Responsibly.

Women Helping Women.

One Drop At A Time


  1. I might point my Mum in the direction of this post - she finds it hard to find perfume she likes and did a lot of work in Uganda in the sixties so would probably be keen to find a way to connect to there now in a positive way.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I will definitely look into that. I am a big Donna Karan fan! xxoo :)

  3. Thank YOU SO MUCH for sharing that Simone. Makes me want to go out and buy a bottle. But also - let's hope it inspires other corporate brands and fashion icons to go the same way


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