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Wellness is being balanced in every aspect of your life.  

Eating healthy, working smart, playing hard, loving deeply, and taking time to just simply be.

Balancing acts are not just for the yogis or ballerinas of this world.

Our lives run smoother, our health is better, our souls are happier, and our spirits are higher when day-to-day living falls into harmony.

An easy task?  No, but it is something to strive for.

Small steps are the way to GIANT change.

For me, it is vital to eat healthy 24/7.  Filling my body with goodness offered directly from mother nature keeps me healthy, focused and fit.

My adopted mantra is “you are what you eat”.  Eat healthy, be healthy.

A regular practice of yoga {even if only 15 minutes of vinyasa flow} centers me, stretches my muscles, and helps me live through my core.

Laughter, Love, Family and Friends is what your soul needs most...give it plenty {and then a little more}.

Learn to say no.  It’s a simple word we all forget to use when it needs to be said more often.

Time is precious.  Fill it with moments, dreams and events that enrich you rather than deplete you.

Remember every day will not be a perfect balancing act, tomorrow is another day…make it worthwhile.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to be healthy. well. balanced. whole.

Melissa lives in a gorgeous part of California and writes the beautiful blog 

go visit her, you will fall in love with her style - and her life too!


  1. I love these reflections Mel, just perfect.

  2. Yeo - just the 15 minutes yoga does wonders. Not to mention the laughter. Wonderful post :)


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