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1. What are your own essentials for your personal wellness and wellbeing, what do you need on a daily basis? If you only manage one of them during the day, which one can't you do without? 

I couldn’t live without my bath.....my week days are all so different and I’m kept very busy so I don’t get much time for thinking about wellness, but I do treat myself to Cowshed and Decleor spa treatments whenever I can find the time, but the only stress relieving calming ritual I can guarantee myself is my bath!  
2. What are your favourite wellbeing treatments/routines - exercise or beauty? What are your quick-fixes?
My two favourite treatments are the Cowshed Massage and Decleor Aroma Expert Facial.  
I try to have these as often as possible as I really do leave the spas feeling like a different person, taking that time to relax is essential, I absolutely always fall asleep during my treatments!

3. When we work as well, it can be a huge challenge to find any time during the day to focus on ourselves - how do you juggle work/health/family commitments/sanity?
I have a 20-30 minute bath every evening where I am not to be disturbed, that is my time to relax, think about the day, what I have got to do the following day, but most importantly to chill out. 
I am currently 6 months pregnant so know this may be a luxury I will have to give up, but for now I am making the most of it! 
4. What makes you feel good about yourself? 
Being there for my friends and family, doing the best job I possibly can for my clients, achieving great results for them, making people happy. 
5. Does working in the beauty industry mean added pressure to look/feel good or is it simply an incentive to really be aware of how you present and care for yourself?
I guess there is an added pressure to look good, when you work in beauty PR you are representing each of your clients, so have to look presentable, but to be honest I would have always taken care of myself whatever profession I ended up in as I am completely obsessed with beauty products. 

Jo Tutchener Sharp
Founding Partner of Beauty Seen PR

For me, it's all about balance.  
Beauty should be about fun and confidence, and wellbeing should be about ensuring that you take care of your self - both physically and mentally.  

We know that modern living can take its toll but if you take a few small steps you can keep on top of it and ensure that your day is more up than down.  
There's no secret:  plenty of sleep, exercise two or three times a week (even if that's just a brisk walk around the block if you can't always get to the zumba class), a balanced diet (and by balanced I mean a wide variety of all types of food, not just fruit and veg - yawn!) and that will help to give you a positive outlook on all that comes your way.

What couldn't I do without during the day?  
Well there's two things.  Water.  Everyone says it and it works.  I personally think 2 litres a day is too much (where did that figure come from?) but a good few glasses a day keeps you more alert and helps to stop you looking tired and drawn.  
It also helps immensely if you partook in a few too many mojitos the night before!  

Always remove make up at night, no matter what time you stagger home from a press launch or awards event and always, always moisturise day and night.  

In your free time, find a creative activity that absorbs you and calms your mind from the days work.  
I love to cook (and you get to eat your work afterwards. Perfect) but I know people who draw, write or listen to music - anything that takes you to your happy place will do! 

Above all, work hard and go easy on yourself!

Kate Robson

My own definition of ‘wellness’ : 
a happy heart, a calm mind, an influence (be it work, partner, hobby) in your life that stretches your boundaries and a long, hot, bubble bath.

Robyn Upton
Senior Account Director

I have been helped enormously in my Wellness & Wellbeing project by some fabulous beauty PRs....Jo, Kate, Dominic, Georgie, Sophie and Robyn amongst them. 
They have been fabulously generous with their time, advice, answering my questions and sending me some wonderful products to try out and to give away.
I asked and they all said yes....I couldn't have done it without them....they couldn't have been nicer....
A huge thank you to all of them.

Finally, when I asked lovely Dom at Gleam Digital for a quote, he replied
 "I love a cup of tea and having 20 minutes to sit down and read a paper" 
and actually, some days....that's all it takes isn't it? 
Perfect :)


  1. My little mental wellness break is taking time to upload and edit my pictures. I need to take time to do this more often but it is so relaxing and puts me in such a great mood looking at all the pictures of past events.

  2. Wow this sounds amazing!! I'm loving it, and a bath is sounding extra nice right now!


  3. Lovely interviews Sim, and great reading the tips from the "beauty elite".


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