Monday Sunshine + Vogue Subscription Giveaway....

....bearing in mind that my motto this year is "focus, breathe and enjoy" during the Christmas season, 
several hours spent shopping with the crowds this morning was a challenge to say the least!

Most of my shopping is done thankfully....
because I won't be in a hurry to repeat this morning :)
There is not much Christmas spirit to be found in queuing at a checkout!

And so....

1 beautifully sunny day in London
5 more days of school
2 trips to the pantomime
30 mince pies to bake for the class party
1 carol concert to attend tonight
1 secret santa gift bought, 1 to buy
1 baby christmas tree to buy for my Dad
2 christmas lunches with friends
10+ gifts to wrap tonight (before little eyes can see....)
1 long christmas food list to write
2 pair of christmas pyjamas bought

Please donate to my Project Generator appeal....
just one pound-dollar-euro helps so much, more than you can even imagine....

so far I have raised 63% of my goal amount of USD$800/£511 which is incredible!!
a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far.....

My friend Kim is having a lovely giveaway over here  -
donate to Project Generator and you get a extra entry :)

Number 3 in my Christmas giveaway is a year's subscription to the gorgeousness that is 
Vogue magazine -
I did this last year - one gift per month all year round - what could be better?!

To enter just be a follower, leave me a comment & I will announce the winner this Friday.
If you want to donate to Project Generator (or have done so already), you get an extra entry!
Tweet the giveaway for yet another entry!
(You can enter wherever you are in the world for this giveaway) 

To donate, please make a payment via Paypal to my paypal address which is
sla212 at hotmail dot com.

Just one dollar or one pound -  please help.
Every single donation goes directly to the Home in Uganda. 

Thank you!!

I am guest-posting about my Christmas thoughts over here - come and see me!


  1. I would really like a Vogue Subscription. I am a follower.

  2. Hello hello!! OMG parallel lives - I too spent time in the shops today wishing it were over. The people! So stressy!. Where is that Christmas cheer. I now can't see a Starbucks red cup without thinking of you!! Ha.

    I have a similar list to get through before the children break up...only a couple more days. A round of Nativity and Choir things to attend and then, it's all about the build up to the main event! Love this time of year :-)
    L x

  3. Thank goodness I have most of my wrapping done! I can breathe again!

    But I do have a big food list to make plus prep, plus make....and then there's the big pans of food going to the lunch for the less fortunate. I should start this list soon!

  4. Dearest Simone,

    Very nobel thought about gift giving! That's the true Christmas spirit of giving. Wishing you a great time leading up to your peaceful Christmas with loved ones.
    Love to you,


  5. My Palmers oil prize came today so thank you, I love it! this is a wonderful give away, so generous, please put me in the hat. I hope you week is going well. axx

  6. I hit the shops in the early morning yesterday before the crowds. I am pretty much done and everything is wrapped, give or take a couple items. Sounds like an action packed week for you - have fun and don't forget your motto in all of this! Warm hugs my friend! xxoo :)

  7. I would so love this!! Am a follower and will tweet and will donate. xxx

  8. Darling you are amazing for doing the Generator project. So worthwhile giving back. I hope you reach your target! xx

    Tomorrow I am launching your gorgeous post over at mine if you want to link in.

    Big hugs

    xx Charlotta

  9. subscriptions are great gifts. i love getting mail... i'm a follower. xxx

  10. I love you list Simone and that you have hit 50% of your goal ~ bravo to you sweet girl!! No need to drop my name in for the Vogue ~ I have a hard time getting through the magazines I get now ~ I just wanted to congratulate you. xo

  11. Hello :) I'm a new subscriber, donated today, and would LOVE a Vogue subscription !

  12. Sounds like all the fun stuff is to come. Enjoy every minute Sim. Would love to be entered for the subscription if it is open to followers outside the UK. Donated to Project Generator already xx

  13. Shops terrify me at this time of year, I'm staying well away.

  14. I would love to win this! I'm a follower and am going to tweet this and donate! Thank you for the chance and I hope you enjoy your performance tonight! What a busy day! Jennifer:)

  15. looove your list my sweet friend...

    i just couldn't do crowds at the moment so am leaving that for sydney ;-)

    Melissa xxx

  16. Loving the idea of a gift every month with a vogue subscription. Bushbelles xo

  17. I just joined, I think I did last year. Love Vogue. Really- 54 years of buying it. At 74 I have to stay on a budget. Please come and be a follower at my blog. Merry Christmas


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