The Tree Is Up!

(not my actual tree)

Finally, our Christmas tree is up and all the decorations are complete....
it looks beautiful.

It's the one part of Christmas that I like to be just so, everything else I am quite relaxed about....

my daughter & my husband choose the tree
always a real tree with lots of white lights (never coloured!) 
the decorations are assorted, colourful and sentimental....
the children in their new Christmas pyjamas
hot chocolate and mince pies
watching "Elf" and/or listening to Christmas music
one child hangs up the Christmas stockings & switches the tree lights on for the first time
the other one places the star on the tree as the final decoration

My final task is to sit and plan Christmas menus and food shopping....
I need some Christmas party food ideas ....
some desserts for parties next week....

It's beginning to look an awful lot like Christmas!!!

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Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

I saw "New Year's Eve" last night at the cinema....
it made me laugh and cry....
....what's not to love about NYC, New Year's Eve and a little romance : )


  1. oh wow Simone, I thought it was your tree! fabulous! I also like to decorate only with white ligths. xo

  2. Love this post..gorgeous tree photo and love your little ritual of lights, stockings and star, so sweet.

  3. Gorgeous christmas trees, yes my food preparations are next, after I finish the presents.

  4. I saw NYE last night too! I loved it! Such a fun movie - not too many of those out right now. The outtakes were the best!

  5. Our tree is up too, 7 month old grandson was not over-impressed but loved sitting in a cardboard box !!!! It doesn't take much to please a 7 month old baby !
    I love all of your Christmas traditions Simone....they are the stuff that memories are made of.
    Enjoy the rest of your build up to the big day. XXXX

  6. Wonderful post, Simone. I too, got my tree up and presents all wrapped this weekend and it definitely looks alot like Christmas..!! I put a pot of good earth tea on the stove to simmer and it makes the house smell so festive! Happy days! xxoo :)

  7. The bell garland is a must diy for next it

  8. Dearest Simone,

    So glad you tackled that part of Christmas with your family! Feels good to now enjoy the real 'glow' of Christmas inside your home! You certainly will tackle the other chores as well.
    Love to you,


  9. Stunning. I follow a retail Christmas and it's been up since October!


  10. Gorgeous Sim. It's impossible to buy a real tree in the south of Spain.I do miss that so much. Your place certainly sounds wonderfully festive and cosy xx

  11. Well our tree got delivered yesterday, so theoretically its up but not "done" hopefully today, better late than never,right!

  12. Glad you are all set SImone... I love the way we make our own traditions and look forward to them all year... xv

  13. heaven heaven heaven my pyjamas are a tradition in our house too...

    I can just see O & A in there's flicking on the lights...once a year...heaven...

    hugs & thanks for your constant words...

    Melissa xxx

  14. Love the tree decorations... what a tradition!

    ps: Colorful giveaway alert:

    Vanessa Adao

  15. I thought that WAS your tree! I was about to fly you over here to spruce mine up a bit, Simone :)

  16. Trev and I have a date night planned ~ maybe next week to see that movie ~ so glad to hear good feedback on it! I am also planning menus right now and making lists for food shopping ~ it is the most wonderful time of the year! Bravo for 77% Simone ~ I am so so proud of you! xo


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