What an amazing day.....such happiness....

....LOVED them driving off in this vintage Aston Martin....what a fun thing to do!

What an absolutely wonderful day!!

London was fantastic, I honestly could have burst with one does a wedding like our Royal Family with all the pomp and pageantry, it was amazing! A wonderful atmosphere and such great support from the crowds. Wedding fever was everywhere and London looked fabulous!!

Catherine's dress was stunning....elegant, stylish and perfect choice for her.
She looked radiant, happy and relaxed all day long, quite amazing.

Princes William and Harry looked so handsome in their tears started the second they left Clarence House and didn't stop all day! Tears of happiness though really, it was such a joyful occasion.

Philippa Middleton was the most stunning Maid of Honour...and the little flower girls, bridesmaids and pageboys were gorgeous.

Westminster Abbey was a beautiful setting and the service was perfect.

They really are a couple in love, it was so apparent, I can't wait to see what lies ahead of them and I think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is going to be a huge asset to the Royal Family.

The British monarchy lost something when Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales divorced and they lost even more when she died. For me, yesterday that something came back and I think many felt a renewed love of and enthusiasm for the Royal Family. Long may it continue.

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

I don't mind admitting that I am excited for the Royal Wedding tomorrow....I think Prince William and Kate (or Catherine as I know we should be calling her now) Middleton seem like a very well suited couple who have known each other a long time and who are in love.

I clearly remember Prince Charles marrying Lady Diana seemed very exciting back then and there were street parties all over London and great anticipation. Things seem slightly more calm this time around....I have friends who are getting up in the early hours to go and find a spot to watch and take in the atmosphere in central London and I have friends who won't even bother to watch it....things change I guess.

I will be glued to the television from first thing tomorrow morning and cannot wait to see THE DRESS....I think Kate is a beautiful girl and I am sure she will look elegant, stylish and stunning.

I do like Princes William and Harry.....I won't ever forget those days after their mother's death and their faces at her funeral. I am sure she would be extremely proud of them and be so happy that they are so close as brothers and have found happiness in their lives right now.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Six Word Wednesday....

Birthday = Boat, Lunch, Shopping, Sunshine, Cake :)

One Year Older. One Year Happier.

Pretty Summer Toes. Pedicure Time Again.

Back to school. Summer Term Already.

Coffee and Catch-up With Friends.

Royal Wedding Excitement!! London Is Ready!!

Kate's Dress. Can't Wait To See!!

Where Has All The Sunshine Gone?!

Nigella's Chocolate Brownies. Total Comfort Food.

"Mummy, look at my first muscle!!"

Must Get to Bed. Need Sleep.

(this made me smile!)

Thank you so much for all the happy birthday wishes, I had an absolutely wonderful day :)

The rest of the week-end I spent mostly with my Dad.....last night when he had finished eating, I wiped his hands clean and he instinctively turned his head up towards me for me to wipe his face.....not that it needed it or that I have ever done that before, he just did it. So I wiped his face gently....and, for me, it felt as though some unspoken words passed between us - that small gesture said really does come full circle.

Happy Wednesday....

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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A Little Birthday Fabulousness....

via my favourite blog Haute Design

via Elle Russia

....because on Saturday it is!!

I suppose really my Friday posts are always a collection of my personal favourites....but this one is definitely a bit of everything that would make up my perfect day, all the things that I love and that make up my life.

It's been another challenging week, my Dad is still very very ill so this week has been mostly made up of long hot treks across London to visit him in hospital, trying to extract information from medical staff, endless phone calls to compare notes and details with my brothers and keeping our spirits up.

So....on Saturday I plan to distract myself by having a special day of celebration - cos if there's one thing my children have learned from me, it's that you can never celebrate a birthday too much :)
There will be cake and presents (this much I know for sure because I had to give my children my own money to enable them to shop today!) , there will be a lovely lunch somewhere and possibly a trip along the River Thames. And Sunday will be Easter eggs, daffodils and an egg hunt.

My Dad always tells how it snowed in Wales on the day I was born.....this week-end it may be 80 degrees in London!!

Thank you all the lovely comments this week - have a wonderful Easter week-end!

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They're My Glue....

I read an interview a couple of months ago in one of my favourite magazines where someone famous was talking about the "best things in their life"....she listed many things, the final one of which was her friends because, as she so beautifully put it, "they're your glue aren't they?"
The comment stayed with me and it really summed up - perfectly - how I feel about my own friends.

I've talked on a few occasions about my own oldest friends are my friends from Uni, girls who I lived with the first time that I left home, who knew me pre-marriage & children, the girls who know my deepest, most personal secrets, my most embarrassing moments and who I shared some of my best-ever times with. We are all mothers now and aren't all in London anymore...we see each other twice a year usually....laughing uncontrollably at the same stories, we are absolutely a mutual admiration society. I never see them without coming away feeling a million times better about everything, even when I never knew I needed to feel better!

I then have my "playground" friends, mothers who I became friends with when my children were at preschool and subsequently I am now at primary school with....I count myself very lucky to have a really solid group of these, friends who I could call at 2 minutes before school pickup time if I got stuck somewhere, completely reliable and trustworthy friends who I can be myself with who, once again, I trust with my secrets, my weaknesses, to share the "bad mother" moments with, who will cry with me at the sad bits and who know when we need to share a quick coffee before getting on with our days.

I also have my "online" friends....friends who I met over ten years ago online and who, although I have only met one of them, are as dear and important to me as those friends who I see every day. I know that you don't necessarily have to have met someone to be really good friends with them, to feel supported by them and just to "get" each other.
I have also now met people via my blog who I am so happy to call my friends, that has been a really wonderful surprise and gift!

I hope that I'm a good friend.....I try really hard to be.

I firmly believe that friendship is a two way street, I know that some friendships are limited to a particular time in your life and sometimes there is a reason you don't move forward together and I think that sometimes people come back into your life when they are meant to and for a good reason.

I know that trust is an absolute essential as is the knowledge that you can be totally honest and open, giving your heart and sharing your feelings. Sometimes only a look is needed, no words required.

I do think that the older you get, the more you appreciate your friends each and every day. I truly do not know where I would be without mine. They are my safety net, the "family" I did choose and my life really would not be the same without them. I don't mind admitting they are my glue, holding me together, some days more than others....

The best friends nurture you, they renew you and they support you, making you feel better about yourself and giving you self-belief and confidence. They also make you laugh like heck, remember everything you tell them and notice when you've got new shoes/been to the hair salon/lost 5lbs :)

I saw a fabulous film last night "Little White Lies"....a French film which is being billed as the "movie of the summer".
I loved absolutely everything about's about a group of very close friends from Paris and events that take place during a month during their summer....the trailer is below and I don't want to say too much.....but it's about their shared history, the ties that bind, the things they know about each other - and the little things that they never knew. It's a fantastic portrait of friendship.
Please see the film, it's both very funny and very moving - the acting is wonderful and the setting gorgeous!!

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