The Weekend Starts Here....

All day-long-one-hand-with-fingers-crossed-whilst-running-on-the-spot seems to have become the way my days have been going for the last few months....I'm exhausted!!

I find myself - as always at this time of year when the school year is coming to an end - even busier than usual....and as if that isn't enough, I am also in the process of moving my Dad to a permanent nursing home - a process so challenging, emotionally and otherwise, that it should possibly be an Olympic sport.

So, I am starting my week-end today and taking a few days away from blogging to recharge, breathe, accomplish and exhale....

I will most likely be return at the beginning of next week, full of energy and words....but if not,  you know where I am....I will be back :)

Happy Week-end...(after all, in Australia I do believe it's Friday already!!)

I will leave you with a lovely post and wise words here  from the gorgeous Nikki over at


The White Company



....all my lovely images, saved so carefully in my "to-keep-for-future-reference-and-daily-inspiration" folder have been lost.....have looked everywhere....but they are gone!!
All my "favourites"...tumblrs, websites, etc....have also gone....arrghh!! 

I feel naked....eek!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Friday Fabulousness....

Blake Lively this week in Chanel Haute Couture at the premiere of "The Green Lantern"
(photos via JustJared)

Two of the splendid hats on display at Ascot this week....friends went yesterday and enjoyed a sunny (and winning!) was extremely wet!!
Fun seeing all the hats though :)


Yet another week seems to have flown by....I should know by now that these summer-term weeks are always so busy that before you know it, it is July and school is finishing!

I think I need an adventure, something new and fun this week-end, so I feel a trip into town with my two explorers coming on....fingers crossed for sunshine.

Congratulations to lovely Jane for winning my Book Giveaway, a very popular winner I know!Jane has followed my blog for some time now and writes a great blog of her own, please go and visit her.

Have a wonderful week-end!!

(I have another great Dr Perricone giveaway coming up next week.)

Book Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you very much to everyone who entered my Summer Reading Book Giveaway and for all the lovely comments.

The winner of all 16 books on my list is:

Runners up of 4 books each are
Cindy Swanson of Notes in the Key of Life

Please email me with your addresses - and for Cindy & Caroline, your choice of books :)

Happy Summer Reading!!

Summer Reading List & Giveaway....

Still time to enter my Book Giveaway....enter here
winner to be announced tomorrow :)  

Happy Wednesday!!

Colour Me Happy....

Monday started dark and rainy here in London and is finishing with blue skies and sunshine....

Tonight I am heading for the gym where I will run it all out of my system and maybe sweat it out in the steam room too.....aaahhhhh :)

Happy Monday!!


It's Saturday and I'm Just Chillin'.....

I have to tell you that my gorgeous friend F was at the ARK fundraising dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Thursday night....apart from being an amazing evening, she said (after I had grilled her for information!) that the couple were wonderful, Catherine looked stunning and William very handsome.
I think that William does indeed seem even more handsome since he got married and I think the Jenny Packham dress that Catherine wore looked sensational.

It's been another hectic week, I've been running back and forth across town seeing my father and making arrangements for him to move to a nursing home....nothing has gone to plan, it's been a challenge. Hopefully it will all be sorted out next week....although, based on what has gone on this week, I am not holding my breath.

I have learned that the best antidote to these stressful days is a calm week-end, full of the things I love, the things that nourish and ground me....

good food, a little reading, coffee and cake, music and time to re-connect with myself and others....

I am listening to Sade's beautiful voice as I write....I heard her on the radio this morning and had forgotten how much I loved her "Diamond Life" album when it came out.

Thanks for all the great comments on my 500th post....don't forget to take a look at my Summer Reading List and to enter my book giveaway here .

Happy Week-end!!

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