Friday Fabulousness....

....seriously, would you ever leave this place?

....a daughter, a sister, a North London girl like amazing voice that can't fail to move you....
only 27 years old....RIP Amy.

Happy's to the week-end!!

The White Company


Thursday Smiles....

I never watch scary movies ever ever ever....
just to give you an idea, the most frightening movie I've seen is "The Silence of the Lambs"....
and I only saw that because I was on a date!!
I was absolutely terrified :)
This quote did make me laugh though!!

It's been a busy week so far, I actually had to double-check it was Thursday today, time flies!
Lots of tennis.....
Tuesday was spent in town, along the river and London's South Bank then via Trafalgar to the new M&M store to Chinatown for fabulous food....

And today, blue skies and sunshine are back.....happy, happy, happy!!!

Having one of my favourite kind of days today....
a hotchpotch mix of a bit of this and bit of that....
decluttering, reading, lots of cups of tea and music all day long
the kind of day you can only have when time is no issue at all.... true, I love this quote!!

....this made me laugh!

I saw "Horrible Bosses" last night and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I might, I thought it might end up too slapstick....some very funny moments in it!

In my last full time job I had a horrible boss -
I worked through both my pregnancies there and now wonder how I did it!!
However, I lasted longer than any of his previous assistants, apparently because I stood up to him and he (in a very weird way) respected that.
Not that it stopped him behaving like an a*se though!!
Go my American friends say ;)
I don't miss those days at one bit....

Happy Thursday!!

My and My Hair

....a few days ago I had my hair cut.
it's just too short....
not really short, just - apparently - too short for me to be able to do anything with it!

today I am wondering how - with my age, (relative) wisdom and having been to hairdressers SO many times over the years - i let that happen??!!
i guess it looked fine in the salon and of course the hairstylist worked his magic and i was blissfully unaware - and quite satisfied.
the problem began when the next day when i washed it and hated it!

i live in an area where hair salons are plentiful and over the years I have tried most of them.
i have now returned to the salon i first started with when i moved to the area around 16 years ago.

i know it is normal practice in cities such New York to visit the hair salon for a blow-dry (or blow-out) but i used to go only when i needed a hair-cut.

this last year however i have discovered the restorative powers and the sheer bliss that a blow-dry can bring ....
so much so that my friends now joke that it is my happy place ;)

it must be said that my hairdresser A is indeed a genius with a hairdryer, i barely have to look up from my magazine....
he knows exactly what to do to perform the perfect transformation.
he does the opposite of what i used to request on my salon visits - ignoring my instructions to straighten my wavy hair - and he's right, it's perfect for me, dead straight does not suit my face shape.

another girl at the salon colours and highlights my hair the perfect golden brown and has finally found the perfect shade for me.

on my last visit though A suggested that he add a few more layers and "trim" my hair - to which i happily agreed....and now, somehow, it's just too short.
it's not Emma Watson short, i can still put it in a ponytail and i know that it's summer and my hair grows two weeks time it will probably be perfect
and i'm sensible enough to realise that it's just hair and it's not the end of the world :)

i'm not precious about my hair at all
(as a mother of two who usually only has 5 mins, if i'm lucky, to dry her hair each morning, I can't afford to be!)
 - but this event did get me wondering how it is that this happened - and what a strange place the hairsalon can be - you are totally at the mercy of the stylist!

get your hair right and you feel fabulous all day long...get it wrong and a bad hair day is no fun at all....what is a girl to do?!

i honestly don't think i have ever had the perfect hairstyle, not one i have been able to maintain myself anyway....
i'm certainly not unrealistic and i don't march into the hairsalon clutching a photo of Penelope Cruz or Jennifer Aniston whilst thinking that I want their hair (even if secretly I am coveting it!)
but why is my perfect hairstyle so unattainable?

i love a good hair product and have certainly tried enough of them over the years....altho i know products can only achieve so much

....are shiny, glossy, long and healthy locks too much to ask for?

....and will it ever happen to me?!

my journey will - no doubt - continue!!

Happy Wednesday!!

And Exhale....

The Summer Hols Have Begun....
I can't even tell you how fabulous that feels!!

The freedom of having no real routine and not having to prepare for school every morning is quite intoxicating....

 Add to that that the weather is absolutely glorious today....
sunshine and the most beautiful blue skies in London.....
life is good :)

My children are lucky enough to be having tennis lessons (all day) this week, it was quite lovely to see them in their tennis whites this morning, excited for the day son has never played before.

I used to regularly play tennis when I was younger and there is something very rewarding - and comforting - as a parent when you see your child loving something that you also love.

You never know - and of course they don't have to enjoy the same things - but it is absolutely precious seeing my daughter burying herself in the same books that I read as a 10 year old.

My son is blessed with bucketloads of enthusiam and joie de far he has never met an activity he didn't like....I am making the most of that!!

My daughter wants to practise her cooking skills this summer and she made these delicious salted caramel cupcakes this week-end....for the recipe see here .....

I have plenty to do today whilst my children are occupied but this afternoon I plan to go to the tennis courts early, buy a coffee and sit and read my book ("When God Was a Rabbit") for a whole hour....
there's something very relaxing about the thwack of a tennis ball going to and fro....

Happy Monday!!

Friday Fabulousness....

Summer perfection....

....give me a mug of tea and a book and I could sit here all day long.... true, even though sometimes the responsibility - and the potential to mess it up -  seems enormous....

Friday, full of freedom and's out!!

The first day of the hols always feels like a brand new page of a book....
full of endless possibilities....
time to do whatever we want....bliss :)

Hopefully the London rain will stop tomorrow and we can head to the market to buy ingredients for my daughter who has recently discovered the joys of cooking and has vowed to cook a new dish each week this holiday.
We will stop at the library and pick up a pile of books each and then we will stop for coffee/hot chocolate and just sit.
And chat.
Because we can.

One of my favourite moments this week involved my son.
Unlike my daughter who happily drifts through life, my son is a total planner and a strategist.
He has birthday and Christmas lists planned for the next few years, he (thinks he) knows what he will be doing when he is 10 and what being a teenager will mean for him.
For him, 5 (his current age) means this and being 10 will mean that.
Life is pretty busy when you're a growing boy (I so can't wait to see what he grows up to be!!)

Anyway....he has been practising for a very long time both his whistling and clicking his fingers, dreaming of the day when sounds would magically be produced....
it's been a lo-o-o-ng time happening.
Would you believe that suddenly this week, he can do both.
I could have cried - in fact I might have done so, it's been an emotional week - when he burst in one morning clicking and whistling at the same time.

How fabulous to be so happy at such simple - but wonderful - achievements....

That same evening he is on the phone to my brother demonstrating his new found musical abilities and I overhear him saying....
"So when"....(love that he said not if but WHEN!)....."I'm in a band and they need a clicker, I'll be THE ONE"!!

Absolutely precious....I do love that little man :)

Have a wonderful week-end!!
(PS If you would to write a guestpost for me for the month of August, please email me!)

The White Company



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