Friday Fabulousness....

....bought this from H&M last weekend and have been living it in this week!

It's been a great week...
halfterm holiday for the children and we've been super-busy :)
Tennis camp on the sunny days....
cooking/reading/shopping on the rainy days,
Leogland Windsor yesterday (fantastic!)
And tomorrow (insert drumroll)....a Scalextric launch with cupcakes....woo hoo!!
It's been a lot of fun....we have a Halloween party to plan and decorate for this weekend...but I think a pyjama day may be called for too!

I have decided that my November blogposts will have a theme....
"Wellness and Wellbeing".
I have been really busy working on it this week - some fabulous giveaways coming up plus some really great interviews, information and thoughts.
I'm excited!!

I'm off to ask my husband to hide today's shopping - what should be Halloween candy is about to become "Thursday night candy"...
I knew I should have waited til Monday ;)

Have a great week-end!! win VIP Rugby League tickets enter the prize draw here

Fab Competition - VIP Rugby League tickets!!

Lighterlife are currently hosting a fantastic competition with a chance to win
'2 VIP Complimentary Corporate Hospitality invitations to
Wales V New Zealand & England v Australia double header
at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 5th November 2011'.

The prize also includes Champagne Reception, Executive Match Tickets, a Souvenir Programme & a Souvenir Gift, with Guest Speakers.
There will also be a buffet provided with both wine & coffee.

To enter go to their Facebook page here and simply enter the prize draw....
competition closes on Monday 31 October!!

Good luck!!

Review : Ship My Shades

(photo provided by me, glasses not from ShipMyShades)

I recently discovered  Ship My Shades  .....a really excellent selection of designer sunglasses retailing at discounts of up to 40%.
All their sunglasses are 100% authentic. 
Every pair of glasses sold is brand new and comes with original packaging and Certificate of Authenticity.
It is a US website and delivery is free within the US but they do deliver worldwide.

Like many people, I have owned, more than my fair share of sunglasses over the years....
I currently have three pairs....
a moderately expensive designer pair and 2 pairs which cost me under £10 each bought on the High Street probably just because I liked the shape.
And also because my children might just borrow my sunglasses and I have learned the hard way that just occasionally having cheap sunglasses can be a good thing!

The Ship My Shades website features a very helpful "Fitting Guide" which takes into
 account both face shape and skin tone and so I decided to use this to help me find that elusive perfect pair of sunnies....

There is a huge choice.....Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, Gucci, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Prada....the list goes on.

Eventually I chose the Chloe 2125 oversized sunglasses in black, as seen here and I love them...they go with everything, they're comfortable and are just a very classic style....perfect :)

Another pair that caught my eye - and currently the topseller on Ship My Shades - is the Tom Ford Alissa TF119

I did my research and found the prices to be very competitive...go take a look for yourself!

(George Clooney does not accompany purchase)

Va Va Voom

The beautiful Monica Bellucci appeared in the press this morning in the above shots -
she's currently filming the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign in Portofino, Italy.

The actress has a close relationship with D&G having worked with them many times...
she's sexy and Italian, what more do you want?!

Depending on which newpaper you read, there were various comments about how Ms Bellucci is a "real woman" with "curves"....the usual description applied to anyone who isn't a size 4/6 stick insect.
The other female model - who is also very beautiful - is 20 years younger.

What is wrong with the world when someone as sexy, sensual, confident, experienced and beautiful as Ms Bellucci is in some way criticised - for being too old/curvy/irrelevant/not what she was.

It's absolutely ridiculous!! And it that's what "losing your looks" looks like.....please??!!
I could only dream of looking that stunning.

I would much rather see someone like her modelling than some emaciated and colourless waif -
thank goodness that Dolce & Gabbana have a genuine appreciation of the female body in all its shapes and sizes.

Oh yes, and she's 47 years old. Get over it!!

To many more....

this made me smile....

It's my wedding anniversary today....
13 years ago today I was married....
It rained all day long....I think that's supposed to be good luck :)

Today has been beautifully sunny which has been lovely....
no idea where those 13 years went though ;)

Here's to the future....

(none of these photos are of my wedding!)

Friday Fabulousness....


It's been a great week, the daily London sunshine has been an unexpected bonus....
my energy levels feel totally topped up....
which is a good thing since we now have a week's school holiday. Half-term already!

My son had his class assembly this morning....
I sat there thinking about what someone once said about wearing your heart outside your body when you have a child (or something like that)'s so true....
when you see your child in a situation like that,
remembering their one line  and beaming with pride,
it is so overwhelming, you can literally feel your heart filling with love and pride....
it's a lovely lovely thing and nothing else in the world matters :)

My soup, dancing class, cookery magazines to read, hopefully a long Sunday walk, childrens tennis tomorrow, finishing "Private Practice" season 2 and some TV catching up.

Thanks for all the lovely comments this week, have a brilliant week-end!

....such a gorgeous room....
 to see more of this post, see here at Dustjacket....


Another gorgeously sunny day in London Town today....but, oh my goodness, it is cold!
It's definitely a scarf-hats-gloves-winter boots and steaming hot mug of tea kind of day....brrrrr!!

Off to school to inspect my children's work at afternoon and then a quick stop at the local coffee shop with my daughter while my son plays football....
tea, cake and catching up.

Happy Thursday!!

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