Friday Fabulousness....

....bought this from H&M last weekend and have been living it in this week!

It's been a great week...
halfterm holiday for the children and we've been super-busy :)
Tennis camp on the sunny days....
cooking/reading/shopping on the rainy days,
Leogland Windsor yesterday (fantastic!)
And tomorrow (insert drumroll)....a Scalextric launch with cupcakes....woo hoo!!
It's been a lot of fun....we have a Halloween party to plan and decorate for this weekend...but I think a pyjama day may be called for too!

I have decided that my November blogposts will have a theme....
"Wellness and Wellbeing".
I have been really busy working on it this week - some fabulous giveaways coming up plus some really great interviews, information and thoughts.
I'm excited!!

I'm off to ask my husband to hide today's shopping - what should be Halloween candy is about to become "Thursday night candy"...
I knew I should have waited til Monday ;)

Have a great week-end!! win VIP Rugby League tickets enter the prize draw here

Va Va Voom

The beautiful Monica Bellucci appeared in the press this morning in the above shots -
she's currently filming the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign in Portofino, Italy.

The actress has a close relationship with D&G having worked with them many times...
she's sexy and Italian, what more do you want?!

Depending on which newpaper you read, there were various comments about how Ms Bellucci is a "real woman" with "curves"....the usual description applied to anyone who isn't a size 4/6 stick insect.
The other female model - who is also very beautiful - is 20 years younger.

What is wrong with the world when someone as sexy, sensual, confident, experienced and beautiful as Ms Bellucci is in some way criticised - for being too old/curvy/irrelevant/not what she was.

It's absolutely ridiculous!! And it that's what "losing your looks" looks like.....please??!!
I could only dream of looking that stunning.

I would much rather see someone like her modelling than some emaciated and colourless waif -
thank goodness that Dolce & Gabbana have a genuine appreciation of the female body in all its shapes and sizes.

Oh yes, and she's 47 years old. Get over it!!

To many more....

this made me smile....

It's my wedding anniversary today....
13 years ago today I was married....
It rained all day long....I think that's supposed to be good luck :)

Today has been beautifully sunny which has been lovely....
no idea where those 13 years went though ;)

Here's to the future....

(none of these photos are of my wedding!)

Friday Fabulousness....


It's been a great week, the daily London sunshine has been an unexpected bonus....
my energy levels feel totally topped up....
which is a good thing since we now have a week's school holiday. Half-term already!

My son had his class assembly this morning....
I sat there thinking about what someone once said about wearing your heart outside your body when you have a child (or something like that)'s so true....
when you see your child in a situation like that,
remembering their one line  and beaming with pride,
it is so overwhelming, you can literally feel your heart filling with love and pride....
it's a lovely lovely thing and nothing else in the world matters :)

My soup, dancing class, cookery magazines to read, hopefully a long Sunday walk, childrens tennis tomorrow, finishing "Private Practice" season 2 and some TV catching up.

Thanks for all the lovely comments this week, have a brilliant week-end!

....such a gorgeous room....
 to see more of this post, see here at Dustjacket....


Another gorgeously sunny day in London Town today....but, oh my goodness, it is cold!
It's definitely a scarf-hats-gloves-winter boots and steaming hot mug of tea kind of day....brrrrr!!

Off to school to inspect my children's work at afternoon and then a quick stop at the local coffee shop with my daughter while my son plays football....
tea, cake and catching up.

Happy Thursday!!

Product Review : Philips Robust Collection Food Processor

My plan to do some new activities all began initially when I was approached by Philips to review their fabulous new PerfectCare iron. 
This prompted me to think what I could do with the "ironing time" that I would be saving each week.

I wrote earlier today here about the wonderful new cookery courses that I am taking part in....

The lovely and very generous people at Philips were very keen to support my new plans and so they sent me the MOST FABULOUS gift of a Philips Food Processor!!

My husband works in the catering business so it is fair to say we have a kitchen gadget/appliance or two....but this item absolutely now occupies pride of place in the kitchen.

It's a beauty, part of the Robust Collection - you can read about it on the Philips website here and see more details on Amazon here .....

The technical details are that it has :

 a powerful 1200W machine and clever accessoriesto handle the most demanding ingredients with ease

an innovative kneading hook for up to two kg of heavy dough & double-balloon beater for perfect whisking

three metal discs to slice, grate and julienne plus durable stainless steel chopping knife

extra-wide feeding tube to take large ingredients easily

a five-year product guarantee and 15-year guarantee on the motor

It's solid, extremely easy to use, take apart and change the attachments around - all essentials in my book.

I've never "julienned" anything in my life but I spent this afternoon searching for items in my fridge that I could test out, it's quite fantastic!

It is equipped with :
1 x Balloon beater: For whipping, whisking, mixing, battering and emulsifying

1 x Kneading tool: For kneading, heavy kneading and mixing dough
1 x Stainless steel chopping knife: For chopping, cutting, crumbling, mashing and mincing
1 x Julienne/French fry disk: For julienne strips or French fries
1 x Double-sided shredding disc: For medium and small shredding
1 x Double-sided slicing disc: For medium and small slicing
3 x Inserts/discs

Who needs anything else??!!

My husband is seriously impressed - always a good thing - and so far it is the only kitchen item my daughter has asked if she can have when she leaves home! I think that's pretty good seal of approval :)

A huge thank you to Philips for their generosity and support, it is much appreciated.
I am now so excited to get cooking - and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

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