Wellness & Wellbeing : The Beauty PRs

1. What are your own essentials for your personal wellness and wellbeing, what do you need on a daily basis? If you only manage one of them during the day, which one can't you do without? 

I couldn’t live without my bath.....my week days are all so different and I’m kept very busy so I don’t get much time for thinking about wellness, but I do treat myself to Cowshed and Decleor spa treatments whenever I can find the time, but the only stress relieving calming ritual I can guarantee myself is my bath!  
2. What are your favourite wellbeing treatments/routines - exercise or beauty? What are your quick-fixes?
My two favourite treatments are the Cowshed Massage and Decleor Aroma Expert Facial.  
I try to have these as often as possible as I really do leave the spas feeling like a different person, taking that time to relax is essential, I absolutely always fall asleep during my treatments!

3. When we work as well, it can be a huge challenge to find any time during the day to focus on ourselves - how do you juggle work/health/family commitments/sanity?
I have a 20-30 minute bath every evening where I am not to be disturbed, that is my time to relax, think about the day, what I have got to do the following day, but most importantly to chill out. 
I am currently 6 months pregnant so know this may be a luxury I will have to give up, but for now I am making the most of it! 
4. What makes you feel good about yourself? 
Being there for my friends and family, doing the best job I possibly can for my clients, achieving great results for them, making people happy. 
5. Does working in the beauty industry mean added pressure to look/feel good or is it simply an incentive to really be aware of how you present and care for yourself?
I guess there is an added pressure to look good, when you work in beauty PR you are representing each of your clients, so have to look presentable, but to be honest I would have always taken care of myself whatever profession I ended up in as I am completely obsessed with beauty products. 

Jo Tutchener Sharp
Founding Partner of Beauty Seen PR

For me, it's all about balance.  
Beauty should be about fun and confidence, and wellbeing should be about ensuring that you take care of your self - both physically and mentally.  

We know that modern living can take its toll but if you take a few small steps you can keep on top of it and ensure that your day is more up than down.  
There's no secret:  plenty of sleep, exercise two or three times a week (even if that's just a brisk walk around the block if you can't always get to the zumba class), a balanced diet (and by balanced I mean a wide variety of all types of food, not just fruit and veg - yawn!) and that will help to give you a positive outlook on all that comes your way.

What couldn't I do without during the day?  
Well there's two things.  Water.  Everyone says it and it works.  I personally think 2 litres a day is too much (where did that figure come from?) but a good few glasses a day keeps you more alert and helps to stop you looking tired and drawn.  
It also helps immensely if you partook in a few too many mojitos the night before!  

Always remove make up at night, no matter what time you stagger home from a press launch or awards event and always, always moisturise day and night.  

In your free time, find a creative activity that absorbs you and calms your mind from the days work.  
I love to cook (and you get to eat your work afterwards. Perfect) but I know people who draw, write or listen to music - anything that takes you to your happy place will do! 

Above all, work hard and go easy on yourself!

Kate Robson

My own definition of ‘wellness’ : 
a happy heart, a calm mind, an influence (be it work, partner, hobby) in your life that stretches your boundaries and a long, hot, bubble bath.

Robyn Upton
Senior Account Director

I have been helped enormously in my Wellness & Wellbeing project by some fabulous beauty PRs....Jo, Kate, Dominic, Georgie, Sophie and Robyn amongst them. 
They have been fabulously generous with their time, advice, answering my questions and sending me some wonderful products to try out and to give away.
I asked and they all said yes....I couldn't have done it without them....they couldn't have been nicer....
A huge thank you to all of them.

Finally, when I asked lovely Dom at Gleam Digital for a quote, he replied
 "I love a cup of tea and having 20 minutes to sit down and read a paper" 
and actually, some days....that's all it takes isn't it? 
Perfect :)

Twisted Sista Hair Products Giveaway

I have been testing products from Twisted Sista for the last month, the pricepoint is very good (£1.99) for most products.

I have been using the de-frizz shampoo and conditioner, the blow-drying creme and the different strokes serum and would give all of them a thumbs up. 
I tend to avoid putting product in my hair after I've washed it - mainly because I never seem to be able to get it right - but these have worked perfectly for me and I have noticed a difference.

I have a set of de-frizz shampoo/conditioner + curl activator and 30 curl spray to give away....

To win, just leave me a comment today, tell me which products you would like and please go over and "like" their Facebook page here 

All competition winners will be announced tomorrow....

The $100 Shopbop giftcard is still open here 

The Masqueliers French Pine Bark Extract is still open here

Good luck!   

Reverie-Daydream : A Blogger's View on Wellness

Wellness is being balanced in every aspect of your life.  

Eating healthy, working smart, playing hard, loving deeply, and taking time to just simply be.

Balancing acts are not just for the yogis or ballerinas of this world.

Our lives run smoother, our health is better, our souls are happier, and our spirits are higher when day-to-day living falls into harmony.

An easy task?  No, but it is something to strive for.

Small steps are the way to GIANT change.

For me, it is vital to eat healthy 24/7.  Filling my body with goodness offered directly from mother nature keeps me healthy, focused and fit.

My adopted mantra is “you are what you eat”.  Eat healthy, be healthy.

A regular practice of yoga {even if only 15 minutes of vinyasa flow} centers me, stretches my muscles, and helps me live through my core.

Laughter, Love, Family and Friends is what your soul needs most...give it plenty {and then a little more}.

Learn to say no.  It’s a simple word we all forget to use when it needs to be said more often.

Time is precious.  Fill it with moments, dreams and events that enrich you rather than deplete you.

Remember every day will not be a perfect balancing act, tomorrow is another day…make it worthwhile.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to be healthy. well. balanced. whole.

Melissa lives in a gorgeous part of California and writes the beautiful blog 

go visit her, you will fall in love with her style - and her life too!

Giveaway : Masquelier's French Pine Bark Extract....

Masquelier’s French Pine Bark Extract is a food supplement which contains OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanins), highly potent antioxidants found in red wine and apples, that help neutralise free radicals and toxins. They also help keep blood vessels strong and supple to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow to vital organs effectively, helping you look and feel like a French belle!

The ingredients Masquelier’s French Pine Bark Extract is naturally derived from the French Maritime pine tree. Research supports that Masquelier’s unique three-way action provides:

* a powerful antioxidant protection, fighting the free radicals that exacerbate

* improves circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells

* powerful collagen support, improving skin firmness and diminishing visible
signs of ageing

Over 40 years ago, Professor Dr. Masquelier, a ground-breaking French scientist in the field of nutrition and health, was famously the first to discover how to produce an extract from the bark tree and maximise its health benefits. 
Dr. Masquelier’s lifetime of research resulted in the discovery of OPCs and earned him a position as official expert for the French Ministry of Health. 
The extract continues to be produced under
the inspection of the French Ministry of Health today for its remarkable health benefits.

I have been trying out the Masquelier's French Pine Bark Extract during my Wellness and Wellbeing month and all I can say is that I feel very well!

A pack of 30 tablets (one month's supply) costs £19.95 but I have some to give away. 
Leave me a comment, follow my blog and this Thursday I will pick three winners.

Wellness.....in quotes

"I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace".
Dalai Lama

"Health, contentment, and trust are your greatest possessions. And freedom your greatest joy".

"I promise myself…to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind; to talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet; to make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them; to look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true; to think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best; to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own; to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future; to wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet; to give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others; to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble; to think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud word, but in great deeds; to live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me".
Christian D. Larson

"To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life".
William Louden

These quotes were sent to me by Cathi who writes the blog Everyday Adventures of A Curious Gal and I love them....thanks Cathi!

Happy Monday!

Happy Friday....

This has been one of my favourite weeks ever on my blog...
due mostly to the wonderful guestposts I have had from some fabulous girls willing to share their thoughts on their own "wellness & wellbeing".....
if you haven't read them yet, please go back and take a look....
there is a real wealth of experience and inspiration there.

My weekend ....

time spent away from my laptop
coffee with an-old-but-not-yet-met-friend
painting & decorating
a little bit of organisation
hunting for 4 old wooden kitchen chairs that I can paint myself
a Starbucks red cup....eggnog latte....
getting those Christmas wishlists finished
Saturday night TV
a beauty treatment or two
recipe hunting for some Christmas party dishes 
time alone with my six year old ie, treats,snuggles and apparently a midnight feast - how I can refuse?!
reading at least one of the stack of untouched magazines currently sitting next to my bed

and hopefully....
....music, dancing, good food, cake, a sunny day and some smiles....

Have a wonderful weekend!

The White Company


Donna Ida: get £50 off when you spend £200

Signed by Ange : A Blogger's View of Wellness....

Thanks so much Simone for asking me to contribute to your Wellness month.
It’s been a really enriching experience trying to articulate what Wellness means to me.
Here it is in a nutshell… mmm, tome.

Wellness = Harmony

Finding a balance between family committments, quiet time for my art and building up associated projects, time with friends and squeezing in a relatively regular physical routine.
Ideally that means paying equal attention to body, mind and spirit.
And what does that require other than super human doses of self-discipline and time management skills ? Good friends. Coffee. Faith. Healthy diet. Sufficient sleep
(thankfully you can’t see the hour I’m up writing this ;) and an ingrained sense of humour.

For my own peace of mind, and the subsequent sanity of those who inhabit the same house, I do strive to create and maintain that harmony on an on-going basis.
Bugger it's hard!
Going out for that run when it’s been raining for so long I wouldn’t be surprised to see Noah sailing past, takes a will power I have to wrench from the soles of my Asics most days.
But the glorious feeling of having exorcised my inner demons after an hour's jog (even 40 minutes sometimes), and forced my body to breathe, makes me a much sweeter person to live with.
I can feel it in the kids' reactions.
You know, a bit like ' Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!'

I find that I deal with our internal family dynamics (read: screaming children) much more calmly and wisely when I've allowed myself 'me' time, and pushed myself out the door to exercise, meditate or paint.
I also find that taking some time out every day for exercise and meditation means I focus better and become more efficient, rather than dispersing myself in a panicked flurry of activity that best resembles a blowfly trying to get out of a bottle.

Something I’ve found really helpful when I inevitably slip out of the groove is trying not to beat myself up about it, but being kind to myself and making a firm resolve to get myself back on track as quickly as possible.
Most times… Most… I do.
It's important to me.
It also goes hand in hand with the ideals I try to instill in my messmonsters : being kind to and tolerant of ourselves and others when we slip up.
It’s all part of the equilibrium…

What role does food play in wellness ?
Arrgghhh ! I LOVE food.
Too much. I'm an epicurean and a glutton by nature.
I love a good party and for a long time my social calendar would fill up sometimes 6 months in advance, almost every weekend.
My nickname when I started working was ‘Foodie’

This was never a problem when I had no children, no committments other than work and I could train all the excess off.
Three kids and 13 years later it finally sunk in that time was no longer on my side, and that my body was going to change just like my mother's and grandmother's.
I had to wake up and smell the coffee (without the pancakes and maple syrup)!
What wellness really embodies for me then is moderating the amount I eat and generally watching what type of food I eat.
Let me be clear about this, declining rich food goes ENTIRELY against my gluttonous character.
But preparing healthy, organic meals is right in line with my taste buds, the way I like my body to feel and the values I want to teach those little beings who spend all their time observing my every move.

Fortunately, I am a sucker for crispy chicken skin, roast potatoes and confit de canard, which FORTUNATELY only make me feel dull and heavy.
It takes great personal sacrifice for me to refuse that extra roast potato or 5 that I really don't need!
Problem is, I also live in a country where most meals have an entrée, main and dessert.
I find it painfully unfair that my gorgeous French friends manage to restrain themselves systematically to a portion half the size of mine.
The jury's not out yet for me on whether it's due to ‘rigeur’ or lack of appetite!
In any case no other French woman I know is capable of eating a whole tin of condensed milk in one day like I am.
So in the name of ‘Wellness’ I've had to develop some cunning strategies to steer clear of the traps ;-)
One is just not buying the temptations. The other is sport. Again.
Not for burning the extra kilos off, but for helping to ward off the sugar cravings.

Luckily also, nature is sometimes on my side.
Since I've turned 40 I feel particularly uncomfortable with an overfull stomach.
I have to admit I’ve made friends with the surprisingly satisfying notion of ‘moderation’ and practically ousted the instant pleasure inherent in succumbing to temptation.
Wellness : trusting and respecting the sensations my poor body goes through – whatever the immediate sacrifice!
Sigh : No pain. NO Gain, as they say !

All this waffling has led me to another realisation.
Wellness to my mind is essentially about knowing myself, being crystal clear about what I really want for myself and my family, and taking the appropriate actions to achieve that.
It took me a long time to stop deluding myself that my body was going to look like my pre-child, 28 year old body again without considerable time (that I don’t have) and effort.
It's also taken till now for me to accept that I will never be able to get the multitude of projects I want to set up achieved in one lifetime.
That realisation allows me to redefine what is most important and concentrate all my energy on one or two worthwhile aims.
Accepting myself as I am (warts 'n' all as they say ;-), as well as my external constraints, has gone a long way to cultivating an inner calm that I associate with wellness.
While I haven’t exactly resigned myself to a life of rollers, hair nets and muffin tops, I have accepted the different stages of life so I can make them work for me instead of against me.

By now you may be asking yourself if I am some demoniac weirdo who single-handedly represses her inner cravings for fine wines and roast spuds and forces an organic diet of grated carrot and lemon juice on her children, while simultaneously running a marathon and deftly folding the week’s washing in the blink of an eye.
Don’t be fooled ! I couldn’t do it all on my own.

Come hell or high water I go on a meditation retreat two times a year in Wales after which, regular, ongoing contact with the participants helps me keep on the straight and narrow when weakness threatens to settle in! There’s a gentle reminder in there that I'm responsible for my own happiness - another cornerstone in the ol’ homeschooling curriculum à la Ange – and need to take appropriate measures to ensure it.
The sooner we see we're responsible for our own happiness, bodies and actions the sooner we're free to become who we really are.
To get there though, we all need a cunning plan, fool proof strategies, a helping hand and some external motivation from time to time.
Lord knows I do anyhow.
I’d be a quivering mess without my fabulous girlfriends and various ‘mentors’ who’ve popped up at the right moments in my life.

All in all it's a bit like tending to a garden I guess.

There are days when I'd say I can't be bothered to go out and weed my garden because it’s too much effort. In some areas of my life, particularly ones I love, like sport, meditation or even calligraphy, I'll talk myself out of making the effort required to start.
Paradoxically, these are the very actions I most associate with wellness and feeling great ‘in my skin’ as the French say.
My grandest intentions are easy prey for flimsy excuses like : 'I only have an hour and there's still the dinner to cook, the kids' work to mark, a mountain of washing invading the laundry …’ etc.

However, if I don't take the time needed to look after my own garden; it rapidly becomes over over-run with weeds (bad attitude, bad habits, bad hair days, bad breath !) running completely wild.
Although there is beauty in a wild garden, all the potential it has to really blossom can be strangled under those weeds.
ellness to me means frequently tending to our own garden so we can make the most of the harvest and share it with those around us.

Ange lives in France and writes the blog Signed by Ange ....

Giveaways and WINNERS!!

Lots of lovely "Wellness & Wellbeing" giveaways this month....

....here are the winners so far!!

Please email me with your name and address! Congratulations!!

The Shopbop $100 giftcard giveaway is still open until next week and you can enter here ....

....more giveaways next week :)

pureDKNY....One Drop At A Time

I recently discovered the beautiful fragrance pureDKNY and have been wearing it for the past few weeks....
I've been a fan of Donna Karan and her perfumes for years now....
light, gentle and refreshing, they suit me perfectly. 

Sensuous and tender, pureDKNY is the epitome of simple luxury - a drop of Vanilla in water as its signature note. The soft floral scent also features a Dew-drop Petal Accord, Lotus Flower, and Bulgarian Rose, which harmonize with the floral heart of Transparent Jasmine, Freesia and Lush Orchid. The finish is a cradle of warmth - White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood and a drop of Vanilla in water.

Because pureDKNY strives to be responsible, conscious and environmentally aware, it features authentic good will as its signature ingredient. The drop of Vanilla in water in each fragrance is sourced from vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women.

pureDKNY is partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, to help these women who are playing an integral role in the creation of the fragrance. It will help make a little difference in the world.

One drop at a time.

The packaging communicates its message in style and in substance. The clear glass bottle is inspired by a raindrop – all curves and no hard edges. The glass is 100% recyclable. The carton is printed with lower VOC inks and made from Certified Forest paper.

Donna Karan is passionate about empowering women and for pureDKNY worked with Care International and female vanilla farmers in Uganda to source one of the main ingredients. 

In keeping with designer Donna Karan’s commitment to the empowerment of
women, pureDKNY, the new fragrance for women, is partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty. A portion of pureDKNY’s funding will support CARE’s work in Uganda to train women in the practice of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), a proven approach to empowering women through increased income generating opportunities.

Uganda is a country greatly affected by significant levels of poverty. As in many developing world countries, women and girls tend to be the most affected by extreme poverty. They have fewer opportunities to gain an education or earn money, and carry a heavy burden of household responsibilities. Self-managed Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA) offer these women the rare chance to save money – some for the first time in their lives – and take out loans from the group that they can invest in household needs, health care, their children’s education or income-generating activities.

By partnering with CARE on this initiative, pureDKNY aims to help expand CARE’s VSLA work, particularly focusing on vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women. A drop of vanilla from crops grown in Uganda, is the signature ingredient in each pureDKNY fragrance. Therefore, it was only natural that pureDKNY support the women there who are playing an integral role in the creation of this fragrance. According to Diane Kim, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Donna Karan Cosmetics, “Donna Karan has a long history of philanthropy and charity efforts, many specific to women’s causes. That is why we felt so strongly about uniting with CARE’s VSLA project in Uganda. There is credibility and authenticity to this partnership.”

“CARE is excited to work with pureDKNY on an initiative that will support women in Uganda, while also informing people around the world of the important role women play in breaking the cycle of poverty. The nearly 1,000 women that CARE will work with through pureDKNY’s support, will have the opportunity to create change for themselves, their families and their communities through increased income generating opportunities afforded them with the VSLA programs,” said Judith Aguga Acon, Team Leader for Economic Rights and Livelihoods, CARE Uganda.

In Uganda, CARE expects to help more than 135,000 women establish new VSLAs y 2012. VSLA members consistently report increased incomes and livelihood security, sustained investment in their children’s education and health, greater self-confidence and increased respect from others. This work will not only impact the lives of participating women, but it will contribute to, and advance, the objectives of CARE’s continent-wide ACCESS AFRICA signature program.

The following clip features Donna Karan and spokesperson Angela Lindvall talking about the pureDKNY project.

Live Responsibly.

Women Helping Women.

One Drop At A Time

Space for Inspiration : A Blogger's View on Wellness

Hello lovely readers!
I am Charlotta from Space For Inspiration and I am delighted to be here at Simone's gorgeous ‘Ironing Basket’ to share my personal quest for ‘WELLNESS’.

Once upon a time I would have defined ‘wellness’ with having the energy and ability to ‘do it all’. To live life in the fast lane, whilst looking fab, feeling great, and holding down a blossoming career.
And I did. All of that....until one day my body said ‘STOP!’

I was on the brink of burn-out and it was ugly. I was only 20 something (!)..
and I was as invincible as certain that I was supposed to live this way.
Wasn’t I..?!?

Inexplicably and to my horror my weight plummeted alarmingly. It was like anorexia in reverse - I wanted to eat but my body couldn’t retain the food. My hair started falling out and my skin lost its glow. I was so dizzy and weak I had to sit on the floor in the shower to avoid falling over. Then came the memory blackouts....and the crying. I was a shadow of my former self and I was terrified!

Of course I was in denial.
Like most Swedes I had been raised to dust myself off each time I fell, and simply carry on.
Surely health and wellness were a 'state of mind' - the result of determination..!?
Or were they..?

I had to stop, stare reality in its tired face and start piecing my life back together in a way that taught me to never take myself for granted again.

So life changed.. for the better. And over the years I learned to live by a set strategies that ensured BALANCE, and long term (!) health and happiness.

I realised that 'health' was only one aspect of 'wellbeing' and that really it had to encompass an equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit! In equal measures.

I also learned that STRESS IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL – financial stress, social stress, professional stress, emotional stress, physical stress, parental stress.
Any kind of stress really can zap the best of us and it does!
The antidote is of course to TAKE CONTROL and to learn to PLAN ahead.

I was surprised to learn how much more spontaneous I could be by planning ahead, and how much more free I felt by taking control.
Sounds contradicting?
Not to me and as soon as I applied this to my life, stress started to fade.

Based on my experiences, I now try to be kinder to myself, and more importantly I don’t take myself or my well-being for granted anymore.
To ensure I stay on track, here are some of the things I do:

Slow Down
I make a point of slowing down and doing only one thing at a time. ‘One-thing-at-a-time’ has become my daily mantra (even my kids say it!) And it works!
I breathe, I focus, and I get a lot more done whilst actually being present and enjoying the process!
I also make an conscious effort to acknowledge and tackle stress as and when it appears. Delaying or  ignoring stressful issues drains me of energy and knocks me off my core. I need to solve them early (one at a time of course..) otherwise they seem to grow in size and complexity.

Sleep More
It is well known that most people don’t get enough sleep, and that used to be me too. Actually it still is sometimes, not regularly and certainly not over long periods of time. Most of the time I make sure I go to bed early (before 10) three times a week, semi-early (before 11) two times a week, and then ‘whenever I want’ those last two days of the week (be that a Monday or Friday).


Appreciate your body
It may have taken me until I had children to fully appreciate & understand my body. The mind-blowing journey of pregnancy proved to me what an amazing creation each physical being is and what magic they can perform.
I have come to understand that a 'fit' body doesn't mean it is 'healthy' (I was a living example of this), and that the body is a direct mirror of our mind and spirit. Health and beauty truly do come from within!

Eat Well
Because I now respect and appreciate my physical self I eat well and really NOURISH my body.
Most people today ‘over-at but under-nourish’ themselves which often results in weight problems, lethargy, emotional imbalanc, as well as physical illness. I am no longer stick thin - in fact I have a few kilos too many, but having been so sick before, I prefer it this way because I know I am healthy and well.
I (and by default also my family) eat a diet of 80% organic foods, and I ensure I (we) eat a lot of that food in its original state to maximize the nutritional value.
3-4 times a year I do a total ‘body cleanse’ ('detox'). I eliminate key toxins and congestants (meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, salt, yeast, wheat etc) for 4-8 weeks in order to give my body & spirit a chance to detox, heal and recover. It makes me feel fantastic and my energy levels soar!

Maximize Happiness
I also came to realize that happiness didn’t just appear out of thin air. I learned I had to work at it and make necessary changes and sacrifices. I learned to not only follow my intellect, but also to listen to my heart and spiritual self. Not as easy as it sounds people (!) but really why carry on with something or someone if it doesn't make you happy through and through!?

This is key to me. I don't feel well or in balance if I don't give back.
Doing good deeds, nice things for people & the world, and being a good role-model or person makes me feel good about me. I feel proud of my achievements and happy within, knowing I am living my life with compassion and kindness. And that is very important in my quest for wellness.

Strive forward spiritually
Everyone needs spiritual balance and evolution to feel good. It doesn't mean we have to follow a religious path or even adhere to New Age philosophies.
To me spirituality means being in tune with my inner self, feeling connected to an infinite and all-loving greater energy (source), and to never stagnate in my quest to understand and explore.
To sense and have faith in a higher purpose or cause makes me feel safe and guided on my life journey. All of these are key ingredients for wellness.

Nurture True Friendships
Connecting with people (including oneself) in an open and real way is very important to me. In fact I feel uncomfortable & sad when a friendship lacks authenticity and trust. This has led me to re-evaluate and eliminate those friendships that don't enrich my life.
In my mind, good friends accept, enhance and appreciate us for who we are, whilst also encouraging us to develop and reach higher levels - all of which make us feel loved, nurtured, and inspired.

Be grateful
Last but not least, I count my blessings and am always incredibly grateful for what I have (including the not so happy times). Because there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and LIFE IS A GIFT!

So there it is darlings – snippets of my personal guide to wellness.
I’d love to know yours!
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