Friday Fabulousness....

The best parts of my week....

making an incredible french onion soup in my french cookery class on monday

finishing the brilliant "Unbroken" - an absolutely extraordinary book of a true life story

not gaining one.single.ounce so far post Detox  .....and continuing to juice

finally moving my Dad to a new and so-far-very-lovely nursing home after seemingly encountering every single obstacle and hurdle possible over the last few months....hoorah!

listening to my son's life plan - professional football player until he's 47 (apparently they ask you to stop playing then)....
then Rock Star.
(oh, I cannot wait to see what this little man becomes!)

booking summer flights....woo hoo!

A busy week-end lies ahead...
off now to make some Italian meatballs and take my daughter out for lunch.

Have a wonderful week-end!

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Donna Ida


  1. That sounds like a pretty great week! Loved that book too, and I'm also researching flights for this year's trips. It's so fun to have them to look forward to!

  2. So true, why complicate life! Love that one.
    Have a great weekend xx

  3. Hello!! I love the sound of your week and these images are so beautiful. I especially like the first one and the laptop on the beach. Ohh the beach - my goodness it feels like a long time since I saw the sun.

    I meant to comment on your juice post - I am so impressed with your resolve. It does completely change your relationship with food doesn't it? I need to do that - I am having an unhealthy relationship with cakes and chocolate at the moment! A friend of mine does motivational speeches and has met Jason Vale - he is apparently as driven and hyper in real life as his books suggest! Does he ever have a down day? There is no such word as 'can't'!!

    Your son and my son sound similarly quirky - some of things he comes out with are precious. God bless little boys.
    Lou x

  4. You got me at hello with that first picture!
    Why complicate life? picture couldn't be more true!
    I am back from Uruguay where the beach is amazing, can't wait for french summer!
    If you come to Villefranche, this time we have to meet!
    BIG HUGS, Eliana

  5. Love everything about this post- the photo of the beach with laptop, why complicate things quote is fabulous , and kids do say some pretty amazing things! A lunch with your daughter sounds wonderful. Glad you have your dad all sorted out, that must be a load off of your mind! Thanks for your help with my juice detox - starting tomorrow! Happy weekend! xxoo :)

  6. Your posts always remind me that I really need to go on a vacation. And soon! :)

  7. Hi Simone...sounds like a wonderful pleased you've found your Dad a so-far-very-lovely nursing home, they do exist...your son sounds so sweet...and on a shallow the off-the-shoulder sweater :)
    You too have a fabulous weekend.

  8. LOVE that quote and SO wish i could set up my home office ON the beach - can we say DREAM!!!!!!!

  9. What a great week Simone ~ the best news about getting your Dad to a new place! I have not yet made that french onion soup but that picture spoke to me when I found it on Pinterest ~ will have to get the ingredients and do it this week while I am off! Laughing at your little man's life plan ~ he does have a great imagination and that my sweet girl is a good thing. Have a fabulous week-end. xo

  10. Hey there Simone - what a couple of weeks you've had! So super-productive, healthy & purposeful. You've inspired me to throw off the layers of Lindt ball wrappers & haul my rear end around the veggie market buying anything and everything green. I also bought quinoa. Cause that's how I roll when I'm inspired. Lemongrass is sitting on my kitchen bench waiting to be bashed into submission & once I work out what I'm meant to do with it I'll let you know:).

    Great, great news about your Dad. What a relief for you. Hope lunch was gorgeous with your baby girl....did you see Clive? Big hugs, Meredy xo

  11. What a fab and productive week you've had Sim. Wow! your little boy sounds divine. If only we saw life like that as adults-that anything is possible.
    So pleased to hear the news about your Dad too.
    Have a lovely weekend Sweets xx

  12. Your Friday randomness is awesome, haven't told you this year how much I adore you, consider it done.
    Millie xx

  13. My, you've been such a busy girl, Simone! I'm so pleased to hear the news about your darling Dad. You're often in my thoughts. J x


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