Friday Fabulousness....

My husband left this morning for his annual five day "Boys Skiing Trip" to Austria and so, in amongst the various childrens activities that regularly feature in our week-end, I have also lined up for myself....
four mini-projects, three books, two movies and one boxset....bliss!!

Since I began taking Cookery classes last autumn, my enjoyment of the art of cooking has increased enormously....
I am taking a French Cookery this term which I am absolutely loving.

Last Monday I made a Gratin Dauphinoise and then on Tuesday, as suggested by the teacher, I tried it with spinach - both were delicious.
Tomorrow I am planning a Navarin a la Printaniere aka French Lamb Stew for dinner, possibly a French Onion Soup on Saturday and for my class on Monday we will be creating a Ratatouille and a Fennel, Tomato and Garlic Gratin. 
Vive La France!!

Happy Week-end!!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful few days, Simone...enjoy!
    You are one talented the sound of the Gratin Dauphinoise with spinach, I will try it :)
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully satisfying and delicious weekend! Enjoy each moment, sweet lady! xxoo :)

  3. Hello sweet - I do feel like I am only just getting the cooking thing. For years I paid no interest, but now, well I am slightly obsessed. I always thinking about meals and food and ingredients. I think the dishes you describe sound divine. I will not overlap with your husband - we are off to Austria next weekend. Where has he gone? He is regular with his boy's trips! I remember when I first started blogging and I read your blog saying he was away and it was this time of year. I like traditions like that; everyone needs them. Now I have been at the computer all day so off to chill...Lou x

  4. Sounds like a deliciously fab weekend Sim. I'll be round shortly for dinner ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend Sweets (can't believe you'll get through 3 books during the weekend!)

  5. Enjoy your lovely weekend! Girl's Night Out tonight for me!! :)

  6. Happy Friday! It sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. How can you fit all that in? I am lucky if I get in one movie and a few pages of my book read! LOL Enjoy every minute. ox

  7. these pics certainly are fabulous! i am impressed by your cooking inspiration and prowess! what is your ig user name? thanks xxx

  8. YUM! Can I come over for dinner this week-end ~ yours sounds like bliss Simone ~ enjoy ever single minute of it. xo

  9. You have the perfect weekend planned. Lots of variety and fun. Your cooking course sounds fabulous.


  10. Oh sounds wonderful! Love the gorgeous photos,

  11. what a beautiful post! and gratin dauphinoise is one of my ultimate favorites.

  12. Hello beautiful friend...

    I feel like I am just getting my blogging balance back- the kiddos started school this week- I was feeling sooo many emotions about this....I am now very settled and happy because that's exactly how they are!

    I need a weekend at yours- movies, french food, friendship...I am loving being home cooking with all the doors open and a glass of wine in hand watching the sun set...but I could also do a night in front of the fire with a french stew and you...

    M xxxx


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