Instagram Photo A Day Challenge....Days 11-20

Day 11 : "Where You Sleep" 

Day 12 : "Close Up"

Day 13 : "In Your Bag"
New ASOS oversized clutch contains - book, pens, keys, handcream, lipbalm, money, mittens, mints, DKNY Pure perfume, photos of my children, shopping list for French lamb stew.... 

Day 14 : "Something You're Reading"

Day 15 : "Happiness"
Planning a trip & dreaming of holidays....

Day 16 : "Morning"
Sunday morning, 8am....Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath

Day 17 : "Water"

Day 18 : "Something You bought"
We know him as Mr Bird....bought for my son when he was born....
well chewed and snuggled, slightly faded, his constant and much loved night-time companion....

Day 19 : "Sweet"
Cookies....Chocolate Chilli & Orange and Cranberry

Day 20 : "Someone You Love"
My children - through the years.... 

See here for Days 1-10....

There are Barnes & Noble coupons available for "something you're reading".


  1. Lovely Sim. That shot of Kenwood at 8am Sunday morning is wonderful.I also love your little boys Mr Bird. You can see how well loved Mr Bird is ;-)

  2. Ohhhhh, your children. Just beautiful. Love you....

  3. Beautiful photos, Simone...we have the same perfume in our bags and you know nothing makes me happier than getting my passport out too! Lovely project, my friend! xxoo :)

  4. Loved seeing all your shots and look forward to the next batch! I am thinking of taking on the one for February!

  5. All the photos are lovely! The cookies look delish and I am sure if Mr bird could talk he would have some great stories to tell:)

  6. You have such a creative yet genuine eye, love it x

  7. great challenge I think! It helps me beeing more creative every day - I like :-)
    greetings from sunny germany, geisslein


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