The JuiceMaster Detox....

In December the lovely people at Philips asked me if I would like to participate in the
a "7lbs in 7 days" juice detox starting in January.
I've never done a detox - or a diet - before but January seemed like the perfect time for it.

I was right.....
I did the 7lbs in 7 days Juice Detox last week....
I lost 10lbs - and 6 inches!!!
I'm thrilled!

Over 14,000 people worldwide took part in the Detox and being part of a very large group of people doing it most definitely made a difference -
I tweeted about it, commented on FB on the Philips homepage and in doing so felt not only accountable, but totally supported throughout the week. 

Jason Vale, aka The JuiceMaster, has a great and very comprehensive website here....
He was on Twitter all week and also posted live videos every day which I found very inspiring and helped to keep me focused.
He's super-enthusiastic, down to earth and practical - with an inspirational energy of the kind that would probably have you climbing Everest if he asked you to do so!

The Juice Detox consisted of 6 juices & smoothies each day, at three intervals plus water and mint, lemon or fennel tea.
I love fruit and veggies so actually really enjoyed the juices.
They are also very satisfying, I don't think I actually had 6 juices on any day of the detox, I was just too full.
You are told which juices to drink but the book is full of alternative recipes so you can easily find an alternative. 

It wasn't easy every day....
I have little or no willpower and can easily talk myself into eating/buying anything with all kinds of justification, but reading the JuiceMaster books during the week helped me really think about what I was doing and why I was doing it....

Days 2 & 5 were most probably my most challenging days.
I don't drink a lot of tea and coffee though so didn't experience any withdrawal headaches during the programme.

From Day 3 onwards - as the website had said - I did feel a noticeable increase in my energy levels and my skin was noticeably softer and moisturised.

I exercised most days during the Detox....I walked more than usual (10K+ steps each day), I worked out with Wii Just Dance and I power-walked - my 8am Sunday power-walk turned into a run, that's how energised I felt by the end of it!

Philips very kindly provided me with the most fantastic juicer in order to do the Detox and I can't recommend it enough....really easy to take apart, clean and put back together.

I used the Philips Avance - you can literally put whole fruits in, no real chopping required - I juiced whole apples in seconds, the juicing process could not have been easier.
It's a centrifugal juicer which removes every drop of juice from the fruit, when you empty it out the residual pulp is totally dry.
See here for the Amazon reviews.

I needed a lot of fruit but the "7lbs in 7 Day" book gives you a shopping list - preparation is key.
The book comes with a wallchart/planner so you know just what juices and ingredients you need at any given time.

Strangely, I am already missing the detox programmme and since Monday morning I can honestly say that I have thought about everysingle thing that I have eaten. I didn't crave anything in particular last week but thought how much I would enjoy certain things post-detox - but in fact, I have only wanted to eat very healthily and didn't have my first cup of coffee until today!

I would recommend it 100%, right now I am doing the Turbo Charge programme which follows the 7 Day Detox - having juices during the day and a light and healthy dinner at night.
I will definitely be doing the 7 Day Detox again very soon - I'm already thinking of doing it next month, not only did I lose weight but - most importantly - I felt really good - cleansed and detoxed.

Although my children eat more than their share of fruit and vegetables, an added bonus was they wanted to make juices too.....
my daughter was able to use the juicer herself and had fun creating her own juices. 

Thanks so much to Philips and to Danni & Luke at Ketchum for their invaluable and constant support.


  1. this sounds amazing simone! i am now dying to do it! i love juices and smoothies. xx

  2. Dearest Simone,

    Very valuable info in this post. People should use in general far more fresh fruits as they are also a natural diuretic.
    Love to you,


  3. CONGRATULATIONS Sim!!! What an achievement. Detoxing is not for the faint-hearted especially in the midst of winter. I do juice and only have juice or smoothies for breakfast. But really "toying" with the idea of doing your 7 day detox (I have the will-power of a gnat though;-)
    10lbs and 6 inches is so impressive xx

  4. Go Simone! That is awesome, and sounds healthy! I bet you feel great!

  5. This sounds amazing. I have always been tempted to want to try something like this. Maybe I just need to get me a juicer and jump in!

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  7. I have decided to do this too. My daughter and I were just discussing this and she is so excited that I am doing it. I will shop for my fruit and veggies tomorrow and get going with it. You and my daughter have inspired me! xxoo :)

  8. You go girl! So proud of you! And that juicer looks amazing. And how wonderful that the kids got into it as well. :))

  9. So interesting. I just started juicing in December (just to get more vitamins and greens- I can't juice fast because I am breastfeeding and need more calories than that...) and I honestly feel so much better. It's amazing how simple, good foods can nourish our bodies so much more efficiently. Thanks for posting!

  10. And now I am in the market for a juicer! Maybe this could even help with infertility too. Oh I would be grateful. ;)Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well done must feel and look great...
    fab post, as always :)

  12. i could drink juices all day after that heart felt honesty simone...

    the photos made me want to join you- berries...moisturised all sounds great...

    with our fave fruit mangoes on tap here at the moment- this is the perfect time to feel inspired by you...

    bet you look even more beautiful & i'd not even tempt you with coffee and cake ;-)

    Melissa xxx

  13. I can only imagine how much better you felt last week while doing this. This is a great review on both the juicer and the program you participated in ~ bravo to you! xo

  14. Hey! I want to do this too!! Did you have to buy the 7 lbs in 7 days book to do this, or did you find the program free online? just curious!


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