Friday Thoughts.....

Burberry Prorsum AW 2012

Oscar de la Renta AW 2012

Hints of spring in London this week....
milder weather, sunshine, snowdrops and daffodil buds peeking through....
my kitchen windows were wide open this morning letting the fresh air and rays of sun enter for the first time for a while.

My week should have been full of nice things but instead I've been sick. All week long.
My children went back to school last Monday & the germs invaded my home.
Nothing got done. 
But of course, the world didn't end and there's always tomorrow :)  
Finally feeling more like myself today and am just so thankful to be feeling normal again.
I cannot wait for Monday, I have so many things I want to get on with.

So excited for the Oscars on Sunday night....
partly for the Red Carpet and partly because there are so many great nominees this year....

Best Actor : George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Demian Bichir
Best Actress : Meryl Streep, Rooney Mara, Michelle Williams, Viola Davis, Glenn Close.

I thought George Clooney was so good in "The Descendants" and Michelle Williams fabulous in "My Week With Marilyn".....we'll see :) 
"The Artist" is my favourite movie from recent months though, it will be interesting to see if it wins as many awards as it did at the London BAFTAs a couple of weeks ago.

Happy Week-end!



  1. Oh sorry you have been sick :( I am also anxious to see the Oscars. Probably not all of them, seeing as we all return to work/school the next morning. Enjoy.

  2. I am so glad that you are feeling better! I too am looking forward to the Oscars - it's always fun to see what everyone is wearing and who the winners are! I have only seen a few of the movies, but am definitely looking forward to watching them in the future. Have a feel good weekend, my friend! xxoo :)

  3. Good you are feeling better and so nice that a hint of Spring is happening there for you!


  4. I'm so sorry you've been husband is still recovering from a vicious bug!

    I've never really thought of Michelle Williams as "gorgeous" until I saw that picture.

    Get better, and enjoy the Oscars!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  5. Oh poor you, Simone...enjoy the weekend ready for Monday ;)
    I think The Artist is going to run away with the awards although I'd like to see George pick one up...he deserves it.
    Love that view...simply breathtaking...

  6. I have a picture that I saved a week or two ago that I have been meaning to send you and I will take the time tonight to actually do it! So sorry that you have been feeling crappy all week ~ hope this week-end finds you with a spring back in your step. Cannot wait for your Oscar dress extravaganza. Hugs. xo

  7. Love that picture on the water. The gorgeous blue!

    And sorry you were under the weather. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  8. This post really makes my day and uplifts my aesthetic sense. Hoping for you to regain you health.
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  9. I hope that you are feeling like yourself again going into the new week!

    As for the Oscars, always so fun to watch–I so enjoy the outfits just as much as the awards and reflections on the amazing works...

    And lastly, such pretty photographs :)



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