Thoughts for a Friday....

I appear to have spent an extremely large part of this week daydreaming....
I intended to write and blog more this week....
but, somehow, I've wandered and wondered....
it's been blissful!

My thoughts....
the weather, good hair days, food, cooking, friendship (long distance and local), reading, cinema....
and life in general :)

The fact that I have been wearing around 8 layers this week
London is SO cold right now....snow is due on Sunday.

My children have both had particularly good weeks at school and been rewarded for excellent homework....
they always work hard but, like all of us, it's lovely to have some recognition - 
my son was called up in front of the school to receive a certificate and said he was 
"so happy i thought i was going to cry"!!

My daughter is studying Shakespeare's "Macbeth" right now and suddenly my son is reading to me the books that it seems, only 5 minutes ago, I was reading to him!
Lots of progress at the moment....all good.

I went to a blog event today - it took place in a lovely hotel in a very cool part of London.
Apart from being very interesting and enabling me to spend time with some very nice people and learn a lot, we also had a lovely lunch. With cake.
I love a good blog event.
(I have some fabulous events coming up which I can't wait to blog about....) 

I have no real plans for this week-end....apart from keeping very warm!

Happy Week-end!

definitely how I am feeling right now.... 

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  1. Oh Simone,
    I love that your son said 'he was so happy that I thought I could cry' !! Your children are obviously both thriving at school so gold stars all round I think ( ...and one each to Mum and Dad too !!)
    Oh my goodness....isn't it freezing today ? We are meant to be going out on Sunday with the family to celebrate my birthday .... I think that we shall have to wear lots of layers !!
    Many, many thanks for your kind birthday wishes ..... you are a lovely blogging friend. Much love. XXXX

  2. Macbeth?? Wow! Out damn spot! I studied that when I started high school; it did make an impression. I know what you mean about daydreaming; I am utterly unfocused at the moment. It's ridiculous. I am thinking it's because there are so many unknowns in my little life that it's my way of coping... :-)

    And as for that lovely son of yours; success breeds success. It's a particular kind of wonderful when they do well isn't it? Lou x

  3. Oh I just love that second quote...your week sounds blissful!

    What a gorgeous inspiration board in the office pic.

    Hope you have a cozy weekend xxx

  4. You are such a good Mama! Love that last quote Simone ~ I just may have to steal that one! I cannot believe she is studying Macbeth ~ we read that in high school! You will have to tell me more about your blog event ~ I need some distractions. Happy week-end sweet girl. xo

  5. Just looking at the first photo makes me want to curl up on the sofa in a big blanket.

    Happy Weekend

  6. Smiley stamps for all! Love how you "wandered & wondered"....Your week sounds blissful lovely friend. Actually it sounds like everyone in your family has had a corker of a week - bravo to the A family!

    It's finally stopped raining in Sydney. We are having the lamest summer ever. I can't begin to tell you what havoc the humidity is wreaking on our hair. GHD's are doing a roaring trade! If only I could carry off braids in manner of Bo Derek in "10".

    Have you read "extremely Close & Incredibly Loud"? I've just finished it....*gulp*. It was really special. I dont know if I want to see the movie....will it ruin it??

    Hope you are as warm as that hot chocolate:)

    Meredy xo

  7. Ooh, Gorgeous! Like Meredy, I was captivated by 'wandered and wondered'. Oh for more time to do both! Rug up, Sweetheart. J x

  8. Sounds like a completely lovely week, Simone. Everyone is saying how cold Europe & UK is right now. Of course, WE never have weather like this unless we fly away to go skiing. :)'s

  9. Wow! Macbeth! I read that at school when I was a lot older than your little lady ;-) You are definitely the "proud mamma".
    Sounds like the perfect week Sim. Hope next week, is that, plus more xx

  10. Love your son's reaction to his award - too precious! Your week sounded wonderful! Proud mommy moments and dreaming = bliss! xxoo

  11. Great photos! Love the quotes! Thanks for sharing!


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