Monday, Monday....

It's the most gorgeous day in London today....
beautiful blue cloudless skies, blossom everywhere, birds singing.

After literally weeks of having a cough/cold/headache/sore throat on and off and dealing with my children having the same thing, I finally went to the doctor today.

He's been our family doctor for some years now and as soon as he saw me he cheerfully informed me that according to his records the last time he saw me was two years ago and so he knew it must be serious if I was actually coming to see him!!

I don't need reminding that I am a mother....but there's something about sitting in the waiting room for the dentist/doctor that always brings it home to me.

It might sound ridiculous but I never feel as "grown up" as when I go for a medical appointment by myself, in particular the dentist actually.
I guess maybe it's that association of being at the doctor's, being unwell, feeling vulnerable and subconsciously wanting someone to look after you....

The cook, the nurse and the cleaning squad are clearly taking their time arriving at my home....
so in the meantime it's lots of hot tea, antibiotics (even the doctor said "ouch" when he saw my poorly throat!) and some calming and peaceful white images....

And if I'm not better by Thursday, you may have to send soup ;)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Poor you Simone! I hate going to the Doctor, also haven't been for about two years, unless it's with the children and even that (fingers crossed) is rare. I can't seem to let go of the feeling that I'm wasting everyone's time. I have to stop myself from getting up and saying "Oh it's nothing really - not to worry" before I've even been seen, so I share your pain (although not literally - ouch!)
    Hope that you're feeling better soon - otherwise, forget the soup - it's cupcakes and roses and a little something from net-a-porter delivered by hand I say!

  2. Hope you are soon feeling better Simone. I adore your images, so soothing and restful.
    Take Care.

  3. Amazing blog, would you mind take a look at mine and maybe follow if you like it ? i follow everyone back!

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hi Simone, oh your poor thing. As you know I sympathise...hope the antibiotics get it sorted. You really have had a run of bad luck. I love these images - especially those lace backed wedding dresses. Oh if only I could choose again, I would so go for something like that! I was seduced instead by the meringue!

    Today was glorious and I am not quite ready for this spring/summer weather! I need to get my summer wardrobe out! Off for a pedi this week so atleast I can bare my toes! Lou x

  6. Oh Simone I do hope you are better soon! I am hungry right now so that cupcake is actually sounding better than soup.

    I hope you will come and see the feature I have on an amazing sculptor.

    Art by Karena
    The 2012 Artist Series

  7. I hope you are feeling better soon Simone. Alex has been sick over and over with the same cold/sore throat thing (and he normally never gets sick) and he is actually home sick right now.

    That sofa and bathtub photo are ones that I wish I could hop into right now. I had a wonderful few days with girlfriends and Stephanies birhtday, but I am exhausted now.

    Sending you love,hugs and well wishes that you are in tip top shape in no time! xxoo

  8. Oh poor you. How awful to be so poorly just as the weather gets so nice. Get well soon x x x

  9. Good to hear that you are feeling slightly better. I seem to have had one week of feeling good then the next feeling terrible with coughs and colds for weeks on end now. Seeing the sunshine and getting fresh air in the house seems to be making a difference this weekend and I love the thought of warmer days. Love the photographs you chose today. Happy Monday to you too.

  10. Oh Simone, feel better soon! I too feel like a grown-up when I go to the doctor/dentist alone. For me it's the fact that I made the conscious decision and brought myself in without anyone forcing me, haha! I heard the weather is gorgeous in London. Be sure to get some fresh air now and then! I love love the photo of the bathtub here. I can feel the calm soothing my body just from seeing it! :)

    Get well my friend!

  11. Poor Simone - and on lovely spring days too. Look after yourself, and thank you so much for the pillow. Can't wait to try it!

  12. You poor thing ~ I will grab Kim and we will be right over ~ she will make you some fabulous soup and I will make you laugh ~ wish it was that easy. Hope you are feeling better sweet girl ~ hugs & love to you. xo

  13. Oh Sweetheart, I hope you're feeling chipper again very soon so you can fully enjoy that divine spring weather. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥. J x

  14. Ah, poor you Simone...get better soon.
    Lots of love

  15. Oh my friend, feel better!! It's so hard for us as mothers to be sick. We are always taking care of everyone else! I was sick the day after Christmas and spent the day in bed...hubby came in around mid-day and said he wasn't feeling well either. My first thought was...Good Lord, can't I just have ONE DAY. LOL Your photos were lovely as always. ox

  16. Hope you are feeling better now Simone and that you are able to enjoy this gorgeous weather.

  17. How "funny" (not really HA HA) that I should read this post on the exact morning when I woke up wondering...maybe I should get myself to the doctor today???? I think I have a sinus infection. A baddddd one. And I almost always try to put off and put off going to the doctor, well, because I DREAD going. So maybe it was a sign that I read your post today??? LOL
    Hope you are feeling better!!

  18. Sweet London gal- I would be soo happy to jump on a plane & to bring you soup from our beaches...and maybe a good Sydney muffin & coffee or two- both of which I know you have on your doorstep in London- but both of which taste better when someone has just surprised you with them....

    Maybe as the weather is shining for you all over there- you will start to mend and move into a lovely warm spring...

    Flower markets & the cheese shop at Borough Markets is what you need- along with whatever the doctor ordered ;) sure he knows better than me! :)

    It's nearly Friday...a weekend of good weather and husband & kiddos to watch over you...and you'll be smiling I said- I can always head over!

    Beautiful spring images- the lace dress with the lovely big winged sleeves and the table setting outside are both perfectly in tune with me...divine!

    Take care...M xxx

  19. Can't send you soup, maybe a
    boullion cube. Did you laugh?
    This post is so gorgeous, every thing was soooo beautiful. feel better yvonne

  20. Get well soon Sweets. Wish I was nearer to bring you some homemade soup, or even better CAKE xx

  21. I hope you feel better soon. Sick days just aren't the same once you have children. They make it very hard to wallow.


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