Spring is here....

first day of spring

lighter mornings and brighter evenings

less layers, no coats

i'm tempted to pack away all our scarves/hats/woollens but perhaps that would be tempting fate?

the birds seem noisier and the wasps and the bees have arrived

salads and not soups suddenly seem like the food of choice

summer holidays & the beach suddenly don't seem quite so far away

neither does swimsuit season, gulp!

life does seem a little easier and more joyful

much easier to get out of bed when sunshine greets you the minute you open your eyes

the day seems to contain more possibilities, I always feel more productive this time of year

today I opened every single window in my house, it felt wonderful

spring birthdays, spring weddings

blue skies, sunshine, apple and cherry blossom

daffodils and snowdrops

the time for dresses and sandals is getting nearer

pedicures and pretty toes

spring is sprung

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  1. You do have that impeccable taste Simone - these Spring pictures are so perfect for my day! I have just been for a late afternoon run - unheard of, I know!! The sun was out still at 4.30pm! WOW. It does something to the soul when the weather turns for the better. As I look out I can daffodils!! Yey. Lou x

  2. Gorgeous images, it has been a glorious day here in Devon. This time of year makes one think that anything is possible.


  3. HURRAH for Springtime! I'm doing a little Spring jig for everything you've said - EXCEPT - the swimsuits! That's more than just a gulp from me Simone - it's a slightly strangled scream... Luckily your beautiful and inspiring images more than make up for the 'bare fear' (as in baring one's flesh) and I can't help but smile at seeing those gorgeous fluffy ducklings. x

  4. It definitely has sprung here too! Loving the lighter days and being able to take my walks in the evenings. Swimsuit weather? Yikes! haha....Have a wonderful week, Simone! Lovely photos! xxoo

  5. Great collection of photographs today. Not quite spring here but daffodiles have popped out so hope the chilly weather still predicted for the coming days doesn't put an end to them too soon Enjoy your sunshine.

  6. utterly gorgeous am inspired......oh for sunny daze!!

  7. Every single one of these pictures made me smile.
    And now I've decided that, as if my converse collection wasn't big enough already, I really need a yellow pair!

  8. Can feel the Spring from your gorgeous photo choices!

  9. These photos are so lovely...hooray for Spring!



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